Dungeon abbreviation in WoW Classic and level

Although you have returned to WoW and are beginning your progress in Classic, this guide may help you to familiarize yourself with the terms that it unfolds. It is very likely that, despite being someone who speaks Spanish, you are playing on a server with another predominant language in most cases is English. Original language of this great game. Below we will share a list with the abbreviations and names of the dungeons in WoW. Also including the level necessary to start them.

Dungeon abbreviation in WoW Classic and level

Igneous Pit Ragefire Chasm RFC 13-18
Wailing Caves Wailing Caverns WC 17-24
Death Mines The deadmines TDM 17-26
Blackfathom Caverns Blackfathom Deeps BFD 24-32
Darkfang Castle Shadowfang keep SFK 22-30
The dungeons The Stockade Stockades 24-32
Razorfen Horado Razorfen Kraul RFK 29-38
Scarlet Monastery (Cemetery) Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard SM.GY 34-45
Gnomeregan Gnomeregan Gnomeregan 29-38
Scarlet Monastery (Library) Scarlet Monastery: Library SM Lib 34-45
Scarlet Monastery (Armeria) Scarlet Monastery: Amory SM Arm 34-45
Scarlet Monastery Cathedral Scarlet Monastery Cathedral SM Cath 34-45
Razorrow Zahúrda Razorfen Downs RFD 37-46
Uldaman Uldaman Ulda 41-51
Zul’Farrak Zul’Farrak ZF 42-46
Maraudon Maraudon Mara 46-55
The Temple of Atal’Hakkar Sunken temple ST 50-56
Blackrock Depths Blackrock Depths BRD 52-60
Lower Blackrock Peaks Lower Blackrock Spire LBRS 55-60
The Massacre Dire Maul East and West: DM E / W
North: Tribute Run
Stratholme Stratholme Scarlet Stratholme: Strath Scarlet
Undead Stratholme: Strat UD

Scholomance Scholo 58-60
Upper Blackrock Summit Upper Blackrock Spire UBRS 55-60


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