What should a duck habitat look like?

If you are interested in poultry farming, you should come to this business without doing extensive research on poultry. We have already learned about the 5 reasons for rearing poultry and the good variety of poultry . Let’s talk about duck habitat today.

Since the ducks are very calm, their habitat should be in a quiet, quiet environment. Even though the duck is cold and hot, it cannot withstand the extra cold and heat. The following are some of the things to look out for when building a duck house.

Choosing a place for a duck farm – duck habitat

  • Duck houses cannot be built with chicken farm houses.
  • The high, open playground is good for a duck farm.
  • Sandy soil and water so that it does not freeze is good for ducks. Water should be taken with the benefit of drainage.
  • A duck farm should not have large trees or shrubs.

How to Build a Duck Living – Duck Dwelling

  • If you keep a few ducks, the house will be smaller, if you have more ducks you will have to build a permanent home
  • The long, narrow and four-cornered house is good for a duck farm.
  • Depending on the weather and the environment, the room should be made.
  • You can also use bamboo doors and thin tin to reduce the cost, but considering the disaster and the surrounding conditions, the house will be monkey.
  • The floor of the house should be paved, and the floor or wood jar should be used.
  • For the sake of laying eggs, the duck has to make some room in the nest. And the laying of eggs should be provided with a fence


Duck room temperature is generally good at 12.5 degrees C (5 degrees F) to 20.5 degrees C (5 degrees F). On a duck farm, ducks can withstand 5% humidity. If the humidity is less than 20%, the duck’s wings will drop. This will reduce the egg laying. Therefore, the floor of the duck room should be kept dry and ventilation at all times. Paddy husk, wood powder can be used as a duck bed.

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