Duck Farming: Organic farming can also be done with the help of ducks,

While organic farming is being promoted in today’s time, this farming is being done in a very interesting way in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal. Some farming women produce rice cultivation in a unique way. To say that these women also grow paddy like any other people without any chemical or pesticide, but their method is slightly different. These women resort to ducks in their farming. Yes, women farmers have taken this jugaad to wipe out the pests that damage crops.

Along with paddy cultivation, duck farming
these women use ducks for this organic farming of paddy. In such a situation, she also follows duck. Due to this, they are getting profit for organic farming of rice, while they are also earning money from duck farming.

This is how ducks are
, according to women who are helpful in farming, these ducks eat unnecessary pests and weed from paddy fields. Along with this, when these ducks are released in the fields, their beats also spread as an organic fertilizer. This also creates soil fertility. In this way, these women farmers do not have to use any kind of chemical fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides. This also saves their money.

Keep this in mind in
Duck Farming . The thing to note in this ‘Duck Farming’ technique is that ducks should not be left in the field for about 20 to 25 days after planting paddy, otherwise there is a risk of crop failure. Women say that unless the roots of the paddy are completely caught in the soil, the ducks should be kept away from them.

This technique is suitable for small scale farmers.
This organic farming of paddy is for those farmers who cultivate at small level. In this, not only does the crop benefit, but the ducks also get their food in the form of pests and weeds in the paddy fields. In this way, these women increase their paddy yield by about 20 percent.

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