Duck breeds are known and the best ducks for the farm

Earlier, we got 5 reasons why we would do duck farm business . Now let’s talk about duck breeds. Commercial poultry farming business must select advanced breeds of poultry. Because the native duck lays 5 to 5 eggs a year. However, a duck of advanced varieties lays up to 5 eggs a year.

A particularly useful duck breed for Bangladesh

Khaki Campbell and Indian runner advanced breed duck. This type of poultry is especially effective in the weather and climate of Bangladesh. Both types of ducks lay between 25 and 5 eggs a year. So you can choose both of these as the best ducks for your farm.

Khaki Campbell

This type of duck is a popular breed of ducks popular for producing more eggs. They are also beautiful to look at. The female breed of this kind is khaki, but the male breed duck neck is not khaki. Bright green with a slight black bong. Among the turned khaki campbell ducks, the eyes of the ducks are yellow, the outer body feathers are more famous than the white ducks.

Mrs. Campbell in England created this Campbell Duck by combining Indian runner duck with other native Mahira breed ducks. There are two species of this Campbell breed. Such as khaki and white. However, khaki species are more common than whites.

Khaki Campbell Body Weight – Male Campbell 2 to 2.5 kg and Female or Laughter Campbell 3 to 1.5 kg. Khaki Campbell lays 25 to 5 eggs a year. An ideal breed of khaki campbell for farming because eggs give more and eat less than other varieties.

Indian Runner

Indian runner is one of the best duck breeds for egg production. Besides Bangladesh, poultry is widely available in China, India, Vietnam. It is easy and profitable to establish a farm by cultivating this poultry commercially.

They can easily adapt to small and varied climates. Indian runner varieties from duck legs to head are almost taller, feathers and females are white in color. Penguins are called ducks in many places because they do not move straight like other jets.

The Indian runner lays more than 20 eggs a year. Ducks or male ducks weigh about one and a half to two and a half kg. Duck or female varieties of duck are from 1 to 1.5 kg.

You can start farms with these two varieties to adapt to the weather and environment of our country. Both are good breeds. Good luck with your business!


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