Do you drink tea every day? This is what happens to your body

Sugar-free tea is rich in antioxidants, which prevent disease.It is then time to learn about the incredible benefits (and some risks) of drinking tea daily. The Reader’s Digest spoke with some experts and concluded that:

The risk of certain types of cancer decreases

The antioxidants and compounds found in tea have been linked to a lower risk of certain types of cancer.

Your skin will be healthier

Drinking black tea regularly can significantly reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Your risk of diabetes decreases

Drinking black tea every day can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by helping to control blood sugar after meals.

Your heart will thank you

The anti-inflammatory properties of tea can keep blood vessels clean, causing less stress on the heart.

Your sleep can improve

Drinking tea (without caffeine) can help improve sleep for people with mild to moderate insomnia.

You will be more focused

Caffeine in tea can contribute to your attention.

Metabolism accelerates

Caffeine in tea helps to improve mental acuity, in addition to speeding up metabolism and burning fat (up to 100 calories per day).

It may not absorb enough iron

The catechins tea can alter your body’s ability to absorb iron. This means that you may be at risk for anemia.

Your medicine may not work

Although the benefits of tea seem limitless, talk to your doctor and pharmacist about it.


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