Drift DR275, Review

All of us who spend hours and hours in front of the PC (whether to play or to work) know how important it is to have a good chair, whose ergonomics allow us to sit for long periods of time without suffering fatigue, pain and discomfort. The gaming chairs have been around a while among us, and most provide this necessary boasts ergonomics that we seek, but fortunately or unfortunately most have that sometimes, does not fit with the environment colorful and aggressive design. The manufacturer Drift has put an end to this problem with the launch of its Drift DR275 chairs , made with an elegant fabric design and about which we are going to talk to you in thisreview .

Under the slogan “Maximum freedom of movement” due to its numerous ergonomic options, it was not long ago that Drift launched the new DR275 series of gaming chairs, with two models available. Both models are made with high quality fabric and velvet instead of the increasingly common synthetic leather, and they only differ in color: we have the CLOUD model , in an elegant gray, and the NIGHT model in black for the most puritanical of minimalist aesthetics.


  • Characteristics
  • Unboxing and external analysis
  • Mounting
  • Testing and ergonomics
  • Personal opinion

Technical characteristics of the Drift DR275

  Drift DR275
Reference DR275CLOUD – Gray
DR275NIGHT – Black
Overall dimensions 66 x 123-133 x 56 cm (W x H x D)
External material High quality fabric
Inner material 50 Kg / m3 foam
Armrests 4D with polyurethane padding
Base Star type, steel
Wheels 5 x 60mm diameter nylon wheels
Elevator 80mm Class 4 Gas Piston
Back Adjustable from 90 to 135º
Swingarm Double action (frog)
Features Swivel, reclining backrest, locking system, rocking, 4D armrest
Net weight 19 Kg
Maximum weight supported 150 Kg
PVPR € 229.90

Honoring the slogan that precedes the presentation of this new model of gaming chair, the Drift DR275 is a chair that stands out for its numerous ergonomic options , since it has a tilting seat with lock so that we can choose if we want to balance or not, it has a backrest reclining up to 135 degrees, a high quality Class 4 piston that will allow us to regulate the height of the seat (and that supports up to 150 Kg of weight), and of course the already characteristic 4D armrests that allow us to modify its position to our taste and that cannot be missing in a chair that intends to enter the high range.

In this case, and as we mentioned at the beginning, Drift has opted for a high-quality fabric cover instead of using synthetic leather, making the chair much more suitable for hot weather (since sweating is avoided when perspiring better) and warmer in cold weather. As you know, the fabric has the disadvantage that it is less comfortable to clean, but as for the rest, all are advantages and it has nothing to envy to synthetic leather, not even in terms of durability.

The Drift DR275 has a reinforced steel structure in both the seat and the backrest, covered by high-density foam (50 kilograms per cubic meter) to be very comfortable but not to deform easily, keeping in mind that whoever buys this chair you want it to last for many, many years. Drift hasn’t skimped in terms of quality of materials or ergonomic options, of course.

External analysis

The Drift DR275 is packed in a fairly heavy box (bear in mind that the chair itself already weighs 19 kg) and is large, so you have to be quite careful when handling it and, in fact, although the assembly is easy and can be done perfectly by one person, it is recommended that it be done by two.

As you can see in the images, the model that they have sent us for review is the CLOUD, in gray, which we personally consider the most elegant of the two.

Inside we have an abundant amount of protections so that even if the package is hit during the shipment of the product, it reaches us in perfect condition. Obviously, the chair comes disassembled and with each of its parts perfectly protected, so we will proceed to see the details of each of them before assembling it.

Here you have the seat, quite wide and with black velvet details on the sides that give it an appearance, if possible, even more elegant than if it were only gray. The seams are made of black thread, which also contrasts with the gray, and they look pretty good quality – generally nothing frayed at first.

In the seat we also have the reclining mechanism, since here we will have to screw the backrest later. Also, in the lower area, we find a quite hard area because here we must also anchor the support and lifting mechanism of the chair, so the holes made at the factory are already there. For this, the manufacturer has seen fit to put a couple of labels indicating which part is the front and which is the back, so that we can properly assemble this component that we will see shortly.

Here we can see the back, of considerable dimensions and with a contour reminiscent of sports car seats, “hugging” the user from the sides to force, in a certain way, a correct posture when supporting the back.

The material of the backrest is the same as that of the seat, also with the black velvet contour that repeats in this color combination for aesthetics and also nuanced by the brand’s logo sewn with good quality black thread.

The back, made of the same material, is almost smooth except for another logo on the back of the headrest and, of course, a zipper that would allow us to access the interior foam to be able to replace it if we want.

Having seen the seat and the backrest, it is the turn of the armrests, which are also disassembled. These armrests are 4D, which means that we can modify four of their positions, starting with the height (pulling a small lever on the outside), the rotation (in three positions, simply moving it), its length (with a small button in the area where you would place your thumb) and its width (with another small button in the inner area).

We also have the robust and heavy anchoring mechanism that will attach the chair seat to its base. In this mechanism, which we will later screw to the chair, we have two levers: one is used to modify the height of the chair, while the other has the function of blocking or allowing the rocking. We also find the usual wheel that is used to modify the hardness of the rocking mechanism of the chair.

Of course, a large and robust steel base is also included, in the shape of a five-pointed star, in which we will then insert the included piston as well as the wheels.

Finally, we have the rest of the components that include trims for the side backrest anchors, another trim to hide the piston, the five nylon wheels, the Class 4 piston that supports up to 150 Kg of weight, the hardware, an Allen key ( which is all we will need for the assembly) and a brief instruction manual to assemble the chair.

With this we have finished seeing all the components included, so it is time to follow the instruction manual and assemble the chair.


As in any other chair, the first assembly steps must be done at the base: the first thing is to insert the five wheels (they simply snap in).

After mounting the wheels, we turn the base and insert the piston, also under pressure. After inserting the piston we can place the trim on it.

Now that we have the base prepared, we focus on the seat, and the first thing is to mount the two armrests. We will only have to screw four screws in each one, leaving them well fixed (and it is important to tighten them as much as possible to prevent them from moving or loosening with use), and making sure that we are putting them on their correct side (for this, Drift has put some stickers on each of them, R for the right and L for the left).

With the armrests already mounted, we can now anchor the swingarm mechanism to the bottom of the seat, which will allow us to put the seat on the piston. In this case we also need only four screws, and we must pay special attention to the orientation, for which the manufacturer has also put some stickers.

At this point, it is time to mount the backrest; however, personally at this point we like to first mount the seat onto the base to seat it (as it snaps in). Simply put the piston in the hole in the swingarm and press down. It is advisable to put the chair in its position and sit down carefully, so that our weight finishes applying pressure and that the piston is already locked in place.

Now yes, we position the backrest to match the holes in the seat supports and screw it in with two screws on each side. It is advisable to first present the screws without screwing them completely on one side, and then do the same on the other to make it fit more easily; once we have the four screws presented, we screw tightly.

We already have the chair assembled, and all that remains is to place the trims on both sides. The bottom part of the trim fits under pressure, but we will also have to put a screw to fix it in place (trim is also included to cover the screw hole, so that it is perfect).

Now we have the Drift DR275 fully assembled and ready for us to enjoy it.

Testing the Drift DR275

The Drift DR275 is a saddle that, from the moment you have finished assembling it, already denotes quality on all four sides. It is robust, one of which you can sit down suddenly and neither sound nor creak, and it also feels comfortable from the first moment. As this chair allows you to modify its height, recline, block the swing and place the armrests in any position, you will only have to spend a few minutes at the beginning to “configure” it as you want and you will always be comfortable in it.

In addition, as it allows a quite remarkable recline, it is ideal if you want to lie down to rest while watching multimedia content on the PC, providing you with that extra that fixed-back chairs are not capable of giving you.

In addition, and although this depends on the taste of each one, the aesthetics with which Drift has endowed this model of gaming chair makes it look good in any environment: whether you want to use it in an elegant office with a mahogany table or in a gaming room full of RGB lighting, the chair will look great.

This is a chair that stands out for its aesthetics, quality and ergonomics, but not everything can be good and it also has some weak points that we must comment, which in this case are two: to begin with, the wheels are somewhat rigid, something that can be ideal for hard floors (stoneware, ceramic …) but not so much for parquet or flooring, where they also make some noise when sliding.

The second weak point is that this chair lacks cervical and lumbar cushions, something that many people will not miss at all, but logically some users will. This is something that can be bought separately and does not cost a lot of money, and considering that this chair has a recommended retail price of 229.90 euros (not expensive at all considering its quality), it can be a plus that many will be able to allow themselves if they want to. We miss, in any case, a lumbar adjustment mechanism, something that many manufacturers already incorporate in their TOP models.

Conclusion and verdict

The DR275 is probably the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing chair in the entire Drift catalog of chairs, and yet they have managed to combine this with almost absolute functionality and excellent comfort, all with the best quality of materials available. the manufacturer has been able to integrate.

Thus, we are facing a gaming chair of the best quality, made of breathable, robust and durable fabric, ideal for those who want a durable and good quality product without having to spend too much money and who, at the same time, do not want a chair with garish colors and aggressive aesthetics but rather that it goes unnoticed and that harmonizes with any type of decoration or design in the room.

For this reason, the Drift DR275 is a gaming chair indicated not only for all types of users, but also for the most demanding who spend hours and hours in front of the PC and who are looking for a chair that accompanies them on their journey making it always comfortable, but with the versatility of being able to modify practically all the ergonomic parameters of the chair.

The Drift DR275 is now available for purchase in the manufacturer’s online store , as well as in Versus Gamers where you have it available both in its CLOUD model and in its NIGHT model , both at the same price.

For all these reasons, we consider that the Drift DR275 is worthy of our Platinum award, the highest that we grant, in addition to our recommendation both for its quality / price ratio and for its design.

Drift DR275

Dimensions 66 x 123-133 x 56 cm (W x H x D)
Materials Steel, fabric

The best

  • Sleek and minimalist aesthetics
  • Very comfortable and robust
  • Good quality of materials
  • Price (€ 229.90)
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Great ergonomic possibilities


  • No lumbar or cervical cushion or adjustment
  • Wheels a bit noisy


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