Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, where to find them and what wishes they grant

We explain in detail how to find the Dragon Balls and what wishes they grant in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, now available on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

The Dragon Balls are one of the most recognized elements of the Dragon Ball saga apart from Son Goku, since they are what gives the name to the mythical work of Akira Toriyama . Of course, they appear in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and we’ll be able to find and use them beyond as part of the game’s main storyline. Below and as part of this comprehensive guide we will detail where to find these mystical orbs and what wishes we can ask for once we summon Shenron .

How to find all the emblems in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Balls: where to find them and what wishes they grant

Once we get through the second saga (the Frieza one ) of the game’s main story, we will enter an Intermediate period in which the Dragon Balls will be unlocked to find them scattered throughout the world . As you know, there are 7 of them and their location is random , so we should look at the orange icons (shaped like these mystical orbs) that appear on the world map and later on the map of the specific area to find them.

All the wishes we can ask Shenron

It will be an important walk, but once we have gathered them all we can ask for our wish . Once we do, the balls will randomly spread around the world again and we can go back to find them and make a new wish. These are the wishes that we can ask for:

  • Relive a boss from the main story to fight him again
  • Get a huge amount of Z Orbs of all colors(in order to level up our super attacks)
  • Get a nice sum of Zeni(the currency in the Dragon Ball universe)
  • Get rare and hard to find items

We remember that in the main story the wishes will be limited but in the interim there will be no restrictions so we can ask for all the wishes we want. The actual time it takes for dragon balls to reappear after making a wish is 20 minutes, so patience is a key element in the search for mystical orbs.

How to Wish Shenron 3 Wishes

There is a trick to asking Shenron 3 wishes instead of one, something that will help us greatly save time searching for the Balls again and again. It simply consists of reaching the end of the Cell Saga . Once in the Intermediate towards the next Saga, we must carry out a mission of history (so it has no loss) based on collecting a Rainbow Crystal from the bow of a sunken ship, with the objective that Dende improves the power of the Dragon Balls. From now on, we can ask for 3 wishes instead of 1. 


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