Downtown Racoon City in Resident Evil 3 Remake;Guide

We tell you how to survive in the Center of Racoon City in Resident Evil 3 Remake. With our help and a little luck, you can survive the zombie apocalypse.We had a good laugh in Resident Evil 3 Remake in the Northern District , right? The game has taken everything you knew about the original title, squeezed it out, cracked your face with it, and then walked away, laughing. However, we are by no means safe . After the brutal encounter in the prologue, it’s time to escape from the city center .

Follow Carlos

Go up the stairs behind you and among the newspaper vendors , you will find the first Mr. Charlie .


Now follow your savior. He’s a handsome guy, handsome guys are the ones who save the afternoon in zombie movies. Except for the cheerleader. The cheerleader always teases her. You go behind him until you reach the wagon and you will see a sequence.

Come to the surface

As soon as you leave the car, on the bench opposite, you have the UBCS Ammunition Manual , which teaches you how to create ammunition by combining gunpowder. Go up the stairs and, in the kiosk on the left, take the first page of the newspaper . After the call, at the top of the stairs, you should find Green Grass x2, Gunpowder x2 and, breaking the box with the knife to get a Red Grass . On the left, before passing the turnstiles, you will see a briefcase with a yellow lock. Stay with your position (it will appear on the map as “Padlock”). Right next to it you have the first safe zone of the game.

On the left you have a “Monument” (we will come back later), there is a trunk where you should keep at least one Green Herb (combine the other two, the red and the green one) and there is also the document UBCS Herb Manual on the desk. You know, Green grass = cure, Green grass + Green grass = cure x2, Green grass + Red grass = cure x3. Nothing new. Cross under the metal fence at the back of the room.

Reactivate the substation

After the sequence you will see the first real zombie . If you have knack, you can make the perfect dodge with the equipped knife and slice it like a cod. Personally, we recommend that, at least for now, the tonic is perfect dodge with a pistol, headshot, knife finish if the ground falls, repeat the headshot if still alive.

Go down the alley and get the Pistol Ammo from the barrel next to the bloodstain. Around the corner two zombies will attack you, get them out of the way. Then walk down the street until you see a sequence and, after it, stay calm. Try to get the zombies to group near the red barrel, then shoot to blow it up . This way you will kill them directly. Next to the barrel was a box that will have exploded and that contained Gunpowder .

Now, we are going to go down the stairs behind the fence that the zombies have thrown down. Before you go down, check out the sizzling machine . If you shoot him, all nearby zombies will be shocked, giving you time to get close. To the left of the door , before entering, there is Gunpowder .

In here we have several things: Pistol ammo on the table to your right, Gunpowder on the table of the two corpses, a locker with a padlock, a secure room behind the bar with a Green Grass and an ornate Chest and a trunk. We recommend that you combine two canisters of gunpowder to make some more ammunition. Now examine the Ornate Chest and opening it will find the Red Jewel . Leave it in the trunk for now. Finally, before exiting through the back door, break another Mr. Charlie .

When exiting, you should see four zombies and a red barrel . You should already know what to do to get them out of the way. Go left, watch out for the one who gets out of the patrol car, break the box and get Gunpowder . In the alley, just to the right as you go, there will be some Pistol Ammo . Now continue to the bottom, leaving on your left the door closed with a padlock and Kite Bros Railway . Go on a little longer and kill the two zombies next to the red barrel. On your right, in a gap, there is a wooden box with Gunpowder (watch out for the zombie that comes out under the car). You should combine the two Gunpowders you have or store them in the trunk.

Go to the store next to you, Redstone Pharmacy , watch out for the zombie at the door , it is not a corpse. On the counter is a Green Grass , and on one of the shelves on the wall, Quality Gunpowder . If you go to the bottom, next to the corpse, there is Pistol Ammo . However, what interests us is this poster .

Go back to the trunk and leave what you don’t need , we have to pick up a few things. We’re going to go up the alley fire escape, the one in front of the Kite Bros Railway . In the hallway you come to, grab the Pistol Ammo and OPEN the door, DON’T PUSH IT . In this way, you will catch the zombie off guard and can blow his head off. If it doesn’t fall, back off and wait for it to try to follow you.

Once inside, first of all, there is a Mr. Charlie on a shelf .

At the bottom, to the left, in a drawer, there will be Gunpowder and, next to the drawer, the document Diario de la Farmacia . Next to it you have a safe and the combination is the numbers marked on the pharmacy sign: 9 left, 1 right, 8 left . You will get the Scope (Pistol) , which you can combine with your Glock. Exit through the next door and cross the walkway, without going down the stairs on the right, until you reach the roof. You will have a box with a Red Herb upon arrival.

Go around the area and go all the way to the barrel, but turn around as soon as you reach it . There is a zombie around the corner, and the corpse you have passed over will rise: shoot the barrel and take both of them for sack. Then pick up the Gunpowder from the corpse the zombie was eating and head down the ladder, creating a shortcut to the main street.

Go back to the trunk, put down the gunpowder and go back to the Moon’s Donuts alley, to the Kite Bros Railway gate that we have ignored twice already. When you turn the corner, a zombie will appear in the background. Enter the first door and you will see a Mr. Charlie under the tables .

Next to the machine in front, on a chair, you will find the Kite Bros. Railway Manual . You will also find another briefcase with a padlock that you cannot open. Go to the corridor and get the Hose . In the last room of the corridor you will find the Station Employee Note and, in the lockers (except the closed one, of course), Gunpowder and a hand grenade . Now you must go back to Moon’s Donuts, enter the storage room, make sure you have the Hose on you, and go to the burning alley . Use the hose on the fire hydrant and you can pass.

You will reach a safe room. There is a locker with a padlock, a trunk, a machine, a door closed with a chain and the Chain Cutter .

Let’s take a little detour before moving on. Leave room for at least three items and go back to Redstone Street, to Main Street, and look for the building with the red Supermarket sign . Open the door with your shears. Inside you will find a Chest adorned with a Blue Jewel inside. There is also a First Aid Spray and a quality Gunpowder canister . Now, when you exit, the door of the patrol car on your right may open. If it does, kill the zombie and grab the Pistol Ammo from the seat. We’re heading towards Moon’s Donuts alley, leave the Blue Jewel and Spray in the trunk for now, along with the Gunpowder.

On the left side of the alley there is a closed door with a chain that you can now cut. Inside there are four zombies, be careful because the one at the beginning of the alley will get up when you run away. You can finish them all with the red barrel, if you can get them close. In the background, apart from Pistol Ammo , there is a box with Shotgun Shells . On the corpse that the zombies ate there is a hand grenade .

Now go to the Kite Bros Railway , in the back office, and use the Chain Cutter on the display to get the Shotgun . A zombie will open the door when you go out of the building, but you can easily dodge it. Go back to the room where you took the Chain Cutter, rearrange inventory, and open the red door. You will see a sequence when doing it. You can now discard the Chain Cutter . Take the Shotgun Shells and Training Log from the corpse. Exit through the door at the top of the stairs.

In the alley, turn right. You will see a corpse, next to it, Pistol Ammo and a Suicide Note from a UBCS. As you move to the other side, on the wall, you will see the Electrician’s Note . As you continue through the buildings, two dogs will attack you . You can shoot the sparking generator on the left side to stun both of them and blow their heads off. Two shots are enough on standard difficulty.

Go to the end of the street, past the substation door, and you will find a box with Gunpowder . Now yes, cross the metal fence and enter. There are two zombies that come towards you as soon as you enter, and another one that will come down the stairs. If you don’t like this space, go out and wait for the door to open. In the southeast corner you will find several lockers (one closed with a padlock), there is Gunpowder in one of them. Then of course go upstairs, grab the Red Grass, and enter the safe room.

Next to the trunk will be the first Fanny Pack (two more inventory slots). Also take the Fax from the head of the substation in front of the machine and the trunk. Before continuing, also shoot Charlie in the corner .

Go through the door, go down the stairs and grab the document Green Herbs: They Work! and Green Grass x2 (rearrange your inventory in the trunk if you see that you have too much). To the right you have a door closed with a padlock, and in the background, approach the corpse to see a sequence and get the Case .

When examining it, turn the box to the front and you can open it to get the Lock Pick . Turn the corner to get some Pistol Ammo . Okay, now before we open the door next to you , let’s take a good detour to the beginning of the game. We are going to go to the following places to open padlocks with our Lock Pick , and thus we will avoid doing it when everything is more dangerous:

  • Substation:ground floor. Open the locked locker and you will get Pistol Ammo .
  • Redstone Street:In the safe room where you got the padlock cutter. It is a locker with First Aid Spray .
  • Redstone Street:In the Donut Shop, open the box office next to the safe room. There is a hand grenade .
  • Redstone Street:at Kite Bros Railway (Subway Control). Here are two padlocks, one in the control room, a briefcase with shotgun shells ; and then the locker in the Shotgun room, which contains a First Aid Spray .
  • Redstone Street:on the tube, in the safe room. Open the briefcase and get Shotgun Shells .
  • Redstone Street: Infront of the Supermarket, on the main street, in the blue building, enter from the southeast corner (open the map and you will see an unopened door).

In the latter case we have to clarify something else, because it is a new room and there are things to do. As soon as you enter, look to the right and you will see a Mr. Charlie .

Examine the cart and take Your Mr. Charlie doll . On the table you will find another chest, and by examining it you will get the Green Jewel . Okay, go back to the safe room in the subway . If you’ve been following the guide, you will already have the Red Jewel, Blue Jewel, and Green Jewel. Well, now you can use them in the Monument on the corner. By putting the green one, you will get a Hand Grenade , for the red one they will give you the Tactical Stock (Shotgun) , and with the blue one, a Fanny Pack . You won’t tell me that the trip wasn’t worth it, right? Come back to the Substation. Get a Green Herb (two, better) from the trunk and the Shotgun, and go open the locked door by going down the stairs to the safe room, where you got the Picklock. On your right you will see the Substation Circular .

After the sequence, immediately use a Green Grass to recover. Now go through the gate, prepare the shotgun and look at this map: there is the location of the four switches :

You must be careful, because the Deimos will attack you while you do it . If you get hit, you’ll have to flip the switch again. If you do get infected, remember to use an herb. They should go down with a single shotgun , at least in Standard. When you go up the ladder , you have on your left a box with Pistol Ammo and, on the ground, Chad’s Note . When you activate the room, when you turn around, the wall will “explode” and two Deimos will come out: a shotgun and a door both. Go back to the control room and you will see a sequence.

Go back to the metro station

Well that. We should go to the Kite Bros Railway, on Redstone Street, in the alley behind the donut shop , where you got the Hose. The problem is that as soon as you leave, Nemesis will appear . If you throw a grenade at it, it will immediately fall to the ground and you can grab the Supply Box . Examining it will get you the Extended Magazine (Pistol) . Do not stand there like an idiot, the bug will not give you anything else, run through the alley, beware of the two zombies at the crossroads to the Garage .

When you return to Nemesis street, it will appear follow the route you follow . We recommend you go up the stairs from the street, and not try to go through the roof, because there is less space. Keep in mind that you can shock the monster with the generator in front of the donut shop . In front of Kite Bros two zombies will have appeared, kill them and enter to get to the control room. Nemesis does not enter this building , do not worry if he is chasing you. Go through the first door and you will have to determine the route that the metro will follow. If you have problems, the solution is the following:

  • RE-01
  • FA-02
  • RA-03
  • SA-02
  • FO-01

Hit “Enter” at the bottom and you’re done. Now you have to go back to the subway . As soon as you get out, the zombie that has always been dead in the background will rise and a tentacle will pop out of its head . This is a Nemesis-infected variant that can hit you from a long distance, in any direction, and requires several pistol shots to “open” and hit its weak point . Outside, go straight to the right, dodge the zombie on the left and the zombie-tentacle on the right, enter Moon’s Donuts and go to the safe room to get ready. We recommend that you take a grenade and a loaded shotgun with you . You shouldn’t need spare ammo.

As soon as you walk out the door of Moon’s Donuts you will see a sequence . This is where you need to be quick, throw a grenade targeting Nemesis feet to eliminate the zombie-tentacle and make him fall to the ground. He will leave a Supply Box with the Silencer (Pistol) for the G19. Don’t waste a moment, run up the stairs with the shotgun at the ready : if a zombie crosses your path, shoot, before it turns into a zombie-tentacle

When going up you must turn right, cross the alley and reach the safe room , where the jewels puzzle was. Here you will be safe. If you stop, Nemesis will get up , and we warn you that he is extremely annoying in the alley. Be careful when you reach the bloodstain with the zombie on his back in the alley , another zombie will come out on the left. You just have to go down to the train to see a sequence.

After the sequence run , pay attention to the noises to dodge before taking a slap. You will soon pass a damaged generator , turn around and wait for it to approach it to shoot and stun it for a few seconds. Then, in the warehouse, look for the red barrels , wait for it to approach, shoot and then interact several times with the vents on the wall until you flee.

Keep running until you see a sequence. You have escaped from the center, yes … but now you have to get out of the sewers .

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