Download mods for “GTA 4” for Xbox 360 to your hard drive

In the crime action-adventure video game “Grand Theft Auto IV”, you play a character named “Niko”, a Russian immigrant who pursues the American dream. The game takes place in “Liberty City”, a fictional city that resembles New York. The game has many interactive sites to visit, such as comedy clubs, burlesque shows, and bowling alleys. While the game is great, you can modify (mod) more elements in the game, from clothing to extra game episodes, by downloading these mods to your hard drive.

Put the game on the tray and turn on the video game system. Wait for the system to load and select “Play GTA IV” from the menu. The game will load and you will return to the “Start Menu”. Select the “Downloadable Content” option to go to the menu that shows all the downloadable content available to add to the game.

Scroll through all the options and decide which mod you want to add to your game. When you make your choice, a message will appear asking you to confirm your selection. Confirm it and select the hard drive as the memory device to store the download. Once it starts, a progress bar will be displayed with the progress of the transfer.

Wait for the transfer to finish and restart the game system. Select the “Play GTA IV” option from the menu. When the game loads, start the game and enjoy the additional content.


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