Doomsday Heist in GTA Online:Guide

We show you a complete guide with everything you need to successfully carry out The Doomsday Heist in GTA Online. Tips, better equipment, routes and strategies to follow and much more.


  1. Requirements to start The Doomsday Heist
  2. Characteristics, details and division by acts of The Last Judgment Blow
  3. Act 1 – Data breach: missions, tips and recommended strategies
  4. Act 2 – The Bogdan problem: missions, tips and recommended strategies
  5. Act 3 – The Doomsday scenario: missions, tips and recommended strategies
  6. Repetition of hits and rewards

The Doomsday Heist is one of the heists available in GTA Online , the Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer . This great heist in which we must save San Andreas from total annihilation was added to the game in a free update of the year 2017 and consists of three great acts with their respective final missions.

So that you do not have any kind of problem, here is a guide with all the details, tips and strategies to follow to successfully complete The Doomsday Heist in GTA Online.


Requirements to start The Doomsday Heist

The doomsday heist is one of the longest and most complex heists in GTA Online and for them you will need to meet a very specific requirement in order to carry it out. In contrast to many other hits, to perform such missions you do not need to have a luxury apartment , but a property much more stunning.

  • You must acquire:one of the facilities that are all over Los Santos.
  • This type of property can be purchased:from the Maze Bank Foreclosures Internet website and there are a total of 9 available.
  • The price of the Facilities:ranges from $ 1,250,000 to $ 2,950,000.

As you can see, they are quite an expensive property, however, you only need to buy one and it may be the cheapest . That is why we recommend that if you do not want to waste a lot of money, buy the Facility located in Paleto Bay for $ 1,250,000.

Regarding the improvements and additions that can be made to an Installation, it is not necessary that you leave the money in them because in its most basic state it will already serve you . Although we will tell you that two of them can be useful to you; the bedroom (from $ 150,000 to $ 290,000) to have a spawn point and the security room (for $ 775,000) where you will have plenty of gun ammunition on hand.

Be that as it may, once you have an Installation you can go to its Planning Room , from where the missions for The Doomsday Heist are carried out. Of course, important, to be able to activate them you will also have to meet one of these two prerequisites:

  • Be a VIP or Head of an organization(for which we will need an office ).
  • Being president of a biker club(for which we will need a headquarters ).

If we do not have either of these two businesses , we will have to buy them in order to start any of the heist missions.

Characteristics, details and division by acts of The Last Judgment Blow

The Doomsday Heist is characterized as one of the heists with the most missions in GTA Online. Basically we could summarize everything in that the coup is divided into 3 acts , each one more difficult than the previous one, and in each of these we will have to perform both preliminary missions and preparatory missions along with a final final mission.

The three available acts of the doomsday stroke are as follows:

  • Act 1 – Data Breach:Contains 3 Preliminary Missions and 3 Preparatory Missions.
  • Act 2 – The Bogdan Problem:Contains 5 Preliminary Missions and 4 Preparatory Missions.
  • Act 3 – The Doomsday Scenario:Contains 6 Preliminary Missions and 5 Preparatory Missions.

After purchasing a Facility Lester will call you to start each act. The first time you will have to do them in order , from 1 to 3, although after completing them you will be able to repeat them in the order you prefer.

What are Preliminary Missions and how do they work?

The preparatory missions can already imagine how they work if you have done other heists before, however, the preliminary missions are something to highlight of this doomsday heist. In order to carry out the preparatory missions, we will have to complete the corresponding preliminaries beforehand.

Preliminary missions are used to obtain the necessary equipment to carry out the blows. There are three ways to complete Preliminary Missions:

  • You can start preliminary missions in free mode(always in a public session).
  • You can steal thenecessary gear from other rival Biker Clubs or Organizations (provided Lester alerts you that a robbery is available).
  • You can buythe necessary equipment directly for $ 94,500.

These types of preliminary missions can be completed alone , although it is always recommended to do them with a minimum of 2 players . The preparatory and finals are obligatorily made with 2 or more players.

Act 1 – Data breach: missions, tips and recommended strategies

Data breach is the first act of the doomsday blow (hence the easiest of all and the fastest to complete); Its activation costs $ 65,000 and these are all its missions:

Preliminary missions

  • Steal the ambulance:you must get an ambulance. You can quickly do this by calling 911 from your phone and having a paramedic team dispatched.
  • Deluxos:you have to steal 4 Deluxos cars from the garage of a house defended by enemies (it is recommended to do it accompanied to make it easier and faster).
  • Akula:You must steal an Akula helicopter, it is recommended to have a Buzzard or Oppressor Mark II to make it easier.

Preparatory missions

  • Postal Corpse –The team splits in two to retrieve data on a murdered agent from a morgue and retrieve his stolen helicopter.
  • Intercept the Signal –The team splits up their stolen Deluxos to hack four target vehicles.
  • Server room: youhave to go to NOOSE headquarters to infiltrate and hack into it.

How to complete the final mission of the act: Data Breach

Once the preliminary and preparatory missions have been completed, you can now begin the final mission of Act 1; Data leakage. Here each member of the team will have a role. The objective is to infiltrate the IAA base , where there will be many enemies, so go well armed and prepared with ammunition and health.

The objective when you arrive at the base is to enter and advance towards the lowest floor to prevent the servers from being hacked. Then you will have to get to the war room where you have to use the base turrets to defend the place , destroying all the enemies that arrive. There’s really not much to say here, just fire them up quickly with the machine gun and cannon to avoid damaging the turrets.

In this way you will finally make the enemies stop coming and the mission will be completed. Now we can move on to the next act of the coup.

Act 2 – The Bogdan Problem: Missions, Tips, and Recommended Strategies

The Bogdan problem is the second act of the doomsday stroke; Its activation costs $ 950,000 and these are all its missions:

Preliminary missions

  • Cards: Youhave to steal a Riot Control van and lose the police to deliver it to the premises.
  • ULP information:get a bag with the location of the ULP agent (with a Buzzard or Oppressor Mark II this can be done quite quickly).
  • Riot control: youhave to steal an RVC anti-riot truck causing a fight.
  • Strombergs:You must locate four Strombergs.
  • Torpedo ECU:A tanker must be raided to recover the ECU.

Preparatory missions

  • Avenger: youhave to get an Avenger plane. It’s quite a tough mission, so make sure you have plenty of snacks, good weapons, and ammo in abundance.
  • Rescue the ULP –Go to the Grand Banks Steel Mill to rescue the agent.
  • Recover Hard Drives:The team is divided into two to operate RVC truck and recover data from hard drives.
  • Underwater Investigation – Weuse the Strombergs and split up to scan a submarine and investigate a downed plane.

How to complete the final mission of the act: The Bogdan problem

Once the preliminary and preparatory missions have been completed, you can now begin the final mission of Act 2; The Bogdan problem. In this mission the team is divided into two roles, on the one hand those who will be in the air and on the other those who will assault the submarine under water (these must be well armed and with enough snacks).

The role of the aerial team is the simplest. The pilot must fly over the submarine and eliminate the helicopters that appear. It is recommended to fly high enough to avoid shots.

Meanwhile, those of the submarine will have to face several shootings in narrow passages . The route has no loss, but remember to go calmly and carefully calculating your movements. When you find the contact , point the gun at him to give you the information, but do not kill him. Then go back to the control room to connect Cliffford to the console.

Finally, the one with the submarine must swim to the surface and the Avenger member has to pick it up to go together to Devin Weston’s hangar , where the mission will end and we will move on to the third and last act of the coup.

Act 3 – The Doomsday Scenario: Missions, Tips, and Recommended Strategies

The Doomsday scene is the third act of the doomsday stroke; Its activation costs $ 120,000 and these are all its missions:

Preliminary missions

  • Marked money:collect a bag of money and escape a 4-star search level.
  • Recognition:Recognize the place of the exchange, the Pacific Allied shipyard, by taking pictures.
  • Chernobog –Steal a Chernobog missile launcher.
  • Flight path: youhave to go to a location given by Lester to identify a target.
  • Gather Information: Youhave to go to a house to collect information on where the Khanjali tank is located.
  • Onboard Module:Take down a Hydra prototype.

Preparatory missions

  • Rescue Agent 14:you must go to the shipyard and eliminate all the enemies in order to rescue Agent 14.
  • Escort the ULP: youhave to defend the Chernobog and drive it to a landing zone while many enemies attack us.
  • Barrage:you must shoot down a Cargobob and intercept a convoy carrying an ATV to get it.
  • Khanjali:you will have to steal the Khanjali tank and take it to the delivery point.
  • Air defenses:you must go to the Sandy Shores airfield and pilot the Vollatol on Mount Chilliad to destroy the SAM turrets.

How to complete the final mission of the act: The scene of the Last Judgment

Once the preliminary and preparatory missions have been completed, you can now begin the final mission of Act 3; The scene of the Last Judgment. This is without a doubt the most difficult of all and one of the longest missions in all of GTA Online. First of all, the team must go to Grapeseed and collect the tank or ATV (the latter is more recommended, because it provides better protection).

After the election you have to go to the secret entrance of the missile base . The team has to use the vehicle to break through and fight multiple enemies . Later we will have to continue on foot, so we hope you have good weapons and ammunition.

Eventually the team must split up to destroy supplies through the tunnels. There are 3 for the left tunnel and 2 for the right. After destroying them, more enemies will arrive and Cliffford will start with the launch protocols .

From here you have to hack four terminals . It is advisable to do it together , without separating, to join forces. The hacking procedure is straightforward, but the enemies won’t stop coming. When you finish with all four, go to the orbital cannon system to destroy the mobile servers. After the last steps are intuitive, so we will save ourselves spoilers so that you can see for yourself the grand finale of this hit.

Replay of hits and rewards

As with the rest of the heists in GTA Online, the missions of The Doomsday Heist can be repeated without interruption whenever we want.

These are the earnings we receive in each of the difficulties for completing each final mission of the coup successfully:

Winnings final blow of act 1

  • Money earned (in normal):$ 650,000.
  • Money won (hard):$ 812,500.

Final hit gains from Act 2

  • Money earned (in normal):$ 9,500,000.
  • Money won (hard):$ 1,187,500.

Winnings final blow of act 3

  • Money earned (in normal):$ 1,200,000.
  • Money won (hard):$ 1,500,000.
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