Doomba, how to turn the house into a map of Doom

One of the unwritten rules of the gaming world is that Doom can work on anything with a screen. We have seen it running on the Apple Watch, on a printer and even inside an ATM. Doomba, however, is not a project that plans to make it work on robot vacuum cleaners, but uses them to create maps based on your home in which to play Doom .

The Roomba, as well as all the other more recent autonomous vacuum cleaners, are in fact equipped with a system called VSLAM, or “Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping”, which allows the device to detect walls, corners and other obstacles to move efficiently and not simply wandering around the house looking for dust to vacuum. Each Roomba has inside itself a map of our home, at which point it is enough to put in it some demons and some torches and here is a new level of the immortal title of Carmack and Romero .

The idea comes from Rich Whitehouse, a video game developer who has created a tool called Neosis , which aims to help developers and designers move graphic elements and assets between various platforms. Doomba is a module of Neosis, a sort of little Christmas present created in a moment of genius and madness that works on very similar principles: it takes the maps created by the Roomba sensors and automatically converts them into levels of Doom exploited Neosis.


And while the project is designed for Roomba, it could also work with other vacuum cleaners or your own designs. Obviously a minimum of experience is required to make everything work.

“I hope you enjoy this feature – wrote Whitehouse in a joking post explaining how Doomba works – Some will say it is nonsense, but in my heart I have faith that the Dark Lord will wipe these people off the face of the earth and imprison them. in a dimension of eternal hellfire. Their suffering will be legendary! ”.


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