What should be done to promote female entrepreneurship

Developing excluding half of the total population of any country is a very difficult thing to do. In line with the developed countries, the women of our country are dreaming of becoming entrepreneurs. In the backdrop of our country, the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs has been shown to be low.

  1. Selecting Entrepreneurs : –Identifying working, enthusiastic, interested and talented female entrepreneurs in creating work resources. This process involves conducting socio-economic work in addition to individual and team-level discussions. Moreover, selecting a female entrepreneur by working with a business organization or by discussing it with all concerned.
  2. Assistance in the establishment of the organization: –Discussion with the selected people according to their needs, conducting surveys, field demonstrations and implementing programs to improve their skills.
  3. Proposals of Profitable Business Organization: – To take the project by assessing the feasibility of the project for the economic self-reliance of women . Failure to take the project without checking its feasibility is likely to fail. In view of feasibility, the profitability of the project, the availability of capital, knowledge of the project and the benefits of marketing the product. In addition, analyze the technical competence and environmental justice and bring them into the institutional framework.
  4. Visiting the same national affiliated institute: –Information gathering, observation and inspection of Nibir are very effective in acquiring mutual experience and knowledge. The visit resulted in interaction and relationship development. Work speed increases. In addition, it takes courage to form new institutions.
  5. Communication and coordination with other non-governmental public institutions: –Establish policies and review policies to connect with other organizations at a larger stage, coordinate activities and take advantage of opportunities. In addition, regular meetings and meetings on the development of female entrepreneurs.
  6. Self-institutional connection: –Establish mutual exchange and communication at the institutional level. So that the area of ​​coordination is created in the self-fulfilling program.
  7. Establishment Capacity Building Assistance: – It isvery important to have competence in establishment management and management. Continuous training and training is essential to achieve this capability. In addition, through the evaluation during the work, the speed and the nature of the work and the advantages and disadvantages of good and bad, take the next step.
by Abdullah Sam
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