Domestic plants are dying? Some long-lasting strategies

Who doesn’t love to see strangely beautiful trees in ceramics, wood or terracotta containers? Many people buy them at great prices and decorate them in important corners of the house. Many times, due to lack of proper care, the tree can not survive for long. If you want to keep your domestic plants alive, there are some important things to know. Each of the plants depends on three factors for survival. These are –

১. The sun

  1. Water

৩. Food

If you want to keep your indigenous plants alive you must somehow make the right combination of these three things. Although it sounds straightforward to hear, it is very important.

How much sunlight does domestic plants need?

You know that sunlight is very important for your tree. But determining how much sunlight is important to a tree is a complex matter.


Basically, the tree is divided into high light (full sunlight), medium light (bright but not direct sunlight) or low sunlight absorbing plants depending on the sunlight requirements. Low light absorbing plants cannot be placed too close to the window. Another thing that is easy to forget is that not all windows are created equal. If there is a window where the shadow is coming from outside (the shadow of anything) then your tree will never get enough sunlight in that place.


So all you have to do-

  • Place trees that absorb high sunlight directly in front of a shade window.
  • Trees that absorb the light in the middle can be more comfortable in front of a shaded window or they can be placed directly in front of a window that receives direct sunlight.
  • Trees that absorb less sunlight are comfortable in shaded areas of the house, but also keep them in a room where natural light enters.


The last thing about sunlight, is that plants that need a little sunlight keep them near a light source. Do not put it in a dark room or a room with no windows. To me, the Poths tree (Maniplant) looks wonderful as a sun-absorbing tree.


They are the only trees that can survive on the walls around the windows. But they also require a certain amount of sunlight.

How many times should water be given to domestic plants?

How much water to give to a tree it seems very mysterious to me from the beginning. I did not last my first few home plants because I did not understand then that tree care was dependent on one another. Before learning about the relationship between sunlight absorption and water intake, I used to think that a tree is weak because it requires a lot of water. That’s how I killed my previous plants. How much water your tree needs depends on the soil environment at the base of that tree and how much sunlight it absorbs. Some trees prefer dry, some trees almost dry, some trees prefer moist or wet soil.


If your tree prefers dry soil, you will have to wait until the soil is completely dry and water your plant once or twice a month. If your tree absorbs too much sunlight, it will dry up very quickly. Then you have to give more water. During this time, sunlight penetrates longer than winter.


Domestic plants that prefer almost dry soil need to be watered only when the top of the soil is dry and those plants that prefer wet soil need to give more water daily.


Depending on the water absorption capacity and soil dryness, I have compiled a list of watering plants for my plants weekly, biweekly and monthly.


Since you know your tree well, it is only natural to know how much water to give. The leaves of the tree will show the right path. Usually if the leaves are brown and start to crumble, then your plant needs more water.


Most plants require an appropriate method for draining excess water so that the herb is not decomposed. I like to keep my tree pots in baskets – so I use small plastic peaches. When I re-plant the plants in containers, I lay down stones to drain the excess water.

Do domestic plants need food?

The third way to keep your indoor plants healthy is to put them on suitable soil. Depending on how much water and soil it can hold, different types of plants prefer different types of soil. Potting soil is the type of soil that will meet your plant’s nutritional needs. Although over time it will be washed with water. So you have to give it to the ground again every day. Every year or two, potting should be done at intervals.


Most people advise to fertilize once or twice a month during the summer. The tree naturally grows in it.


It is very important to use pots with drainage holes. If the container does not have drainage holes, the roots will rot for which your tree will die.

Things to keep in mind about tree care

  • Domestic plants do not adapt to the startup when they are exposed to a new environment. So whenever you bring a new tree home, try not to move too much space. Leave the tree in place for one month. Unless you think there is light in that place. This way the tree will adapt to your home with temperature, humidity and other factors.
  • Succulents receive full sunlight so I prefer to stay outdoors in the roof during summer. They get more sunlight and the roots of the tree get stronger and stronger.
  • If you want to keep your indoor plants out in the summer, do not bring them down under the sunlight, but if brought under sunlight, the plants will shine.

Here are some home plants known to those who are new to the world

  • Snake plant

They are a few types. They are very strong, they do not need a lot of light, even if you do not give them water, they will forgive you. I love the smoothness of their colors. The Fox Snack Plant is my most favorite.

Snack Plant

  • Pothos plant

They are very nice plants for open, or anywhere you don’t want to keep this plant. It is the only plant that can survive against windows. Very nice little sunlight absorbing plant.

  • Aloe

They need to be re-potted so they can grow bigger. Ghatakumari is always ready to solve many of your beauty and herbal problems. They grow even after getting a small amount of water. They do not have to take much care.


  • Jade plant

They grow up very fast. So I would advise newcomers to keep these trees.

Z Plant

So far today. Extreme love for my domestic plants is becoming more and more addictive. Of course, good addiction is always beneficial!

by Abdullah Sam
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