Doing it first is better than doing it later

There is nothing as strenuous as bearing the eternal weight of an unfinished task.

William James

Stopping procrastinating sometimes seems really difficult, it’s so simple and pleasant to put off until tomorrow and gives you an immediate sense of relaxation.

Here, wrong: this feeling is only temporary, 10 seconds after deciding to procrastinate, you will be crushed with guilt and remorse for not having a pipe.

The secret to stop procrastinating is to try to experience the pleasure of doing duties first, and being free afterwards, to take all the remaining time for yourself.

How many times have you said to yourself:

  • I’ll do it later
  • 5 more minutes
  • I leave tomorrow
  • Starts Monday
  • In January I begin

Our brain is incredibly good at finding excuses to postpone a little immediate pain, but it is less good at imagining what consequences this choice entails in the long run.

The first step to stop putting off until tomorrow is to realize that procrastination has a strong influence on your happiness.

Doing it first is better than procrastinating

You may have never realized that often, in episodes where you prioritized duty, you felt much better than the times when you chose to play first and act later.

To become aware of this, try making a memory effort for a moment and going back to when you were a kid going to school.

Do you remember the famous homework?

We were always told first the duty and then the pleasure, do your homework and then go to play, at least once, you will have happened to disobey and choose to play first and do your homework in the evening or worse in the morning before going to school .

Now try to think for a moment about your mood at the time, I bet that while you were playing you were not completely free and absorbed in fun, inside you you always had that little voice that stressed you and did not leave you alone, you continued to be aware that you should have done your homework later.

Today it is the same thing, if you think first of having fun instead of making the bed or washing the dishes, you will never be completely free to have fun and have fun , in your head there will always be the awareness that once you get home, you will have to do all those chores you put off once again.

Stopping postponing until tomorrow does not mean being submerged in stressful work, but rather, it means being finally free to fully enjoy your free time .

To start doing earlier, you must first clean up, especially technological, of the probable distractions that you already know will tempt you, then stop procrastinating and become aware that it is better to do it sooner rather than too late .

Technological cleaning

  1. Whatsapp groups– In how many and which groups are you actually active? If you are constantly getting notifications from old groups or groups you no longer have an interest in, it’s time to leave them. Whenever you are doing something important and you receive an unnecessary message, you are unnecessarily distracted and will be led to read it.
  2. Facebook & C.– The Facebook population is continuously increasing, it will be more and more likely to find people you know who will subscribe to the social network with the consequent increased probability of receiving messages and notifications. If you can’t control yourself when you get a notification, try uninstalling the application from your phone, so if you want to check your status you will have to switch to the browser, this should discourage you enough to stop you from compulsively watching notifications. If you use your PC a lot, delete the history so you will have to re-enter your credentials every time.
  3. Email– Unsubscribe from all newsletters you don’t need and just distract you and waste time. Forget the notorious chains of St. Anthony and if you have people in your contacts who send them to you with a certain consistency, ask them explicitly to stop, maybe they have time to waste, you don’t. Remember to subscribe to the Individual Growth newsletter by clicking here .
  4. Other contacts– Delete all your subscriptions to services and sites that you do not need, but which cyclically require your attention, all those services you dedicate time to but which in return do not give you anything useful or stimulating.
  5. Media Diet– Consider eliminating time-consuming technology altogether, especially television.

How to stop procrastinating

After realizing that you won’t be free to truly enjoy procrastinating and after cleaning up the distractions, start taking action.

  • Get in the habit of making a to-do list
  • Focus on every little step you need to take instead of the full commitment
  • Start with the business you procrastinated the most
  • Use the Pomodoro techniqueto segment your time
  • Stop thinking and acting, thinking you will continue to find valid reasons to procrastinate
  • Writing a journalcan be of great help
  • Increase your productivity to work lessand get more results

In summary

  1. Be aware that doing it first is better than doing it later, or worse too late
  2. Get out of the unnecessary cycles that steal your time and attention
  3. Stop procrastinating once and for all

Stop procrastinating is the key to finally carrying out those activities that you have been postponing for some time, enter the order of ideas that if you do your duty first, then you will be truly free and relaxed and you can fully enjoy your free time.


by Abdullah Sam
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