Dog with diarrhea in summer

Like us, dogs are very sensitive to changes in diet and heat. When this mixture occurs, as in summer, health problems can arise that must be treated. One of them is diarrhea, typical of the summer, which, if not controlled, can lead to pancreatitis.

Why are diarrhea more typical of summer?

Heat affects animals in a very negative way . To alleviate this high thermal sensation, dogs drink more water, often from unsuitable places. Added to this is the fact that, with jet lag, we relax more with eating. We spend more time away from home and occasionally give our pet leftovers as part of the menu, which also influences his digestion. Diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, discomfort, lack of appetite and even constipation are the most obvious symptoms that something is wrong with our animal. Therefore, given these symptoms, we must go to the veterinarian to evaluate the dog and suggest the best treatment to follow to cure canine gastroenteritis.

How to prevent my dog ​​from having intestinal problems?

If the cause of gastroenteritis is related to food and excess heat, these will be the two aspects to which we will have to pay more attention.

With regard to food , we will have to put the dog on a soft diet so that his stomach recovers its normal rhythm. It will have to be fed with suitable ingredients, low in fat and rich in protein (such as cooked rice, chicken or fish), to treat diarrhea. As due to this problem, you will lose a lot of liquid, you must be careful that the animal does not become dehydrated. For this reason, there should always be fresh water in your bowl for you to drink; It is even convenient that we watch that he drinks from time to time so that, because of the heat, his gastroenteritis is not complicated. Some specialists even advise offering rice water to stop the animal’s continuous evacuation of liquid feces.

Of course, we will have to break the bad habit of giving him leftovers from our meals. Although we have less time to cook or we are hardly at home, the dog has to eat food appropriate to its condition. So you have to avoid resorting to leftovers.

As for excess heat, the high summer temperatures invite us to stay for longer in closed places with air conditioning or with a ventilation system that keeps the environment cool. In this way, if the animal is sick, nothing to go out with him when the heat is pressing.

If the dog does not improve with this care, we will take it back to the vet to examine if any complications have occurred or if the cause of the diarrhea is another.

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