Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? Use this toy

Dogs suffer from anxiety especially when they are forced to remain alone and inactive: there are educational toys on the market for every need

ogs forced to be alone at home for long periods of time tend to suffer from separation anxiety: something that makes them feel very bad and that leads them to make trouble at home. To combat this stress and make dogs commit time to spend alone constructively, there are a whole series of educational games : for many dogs, being alone without doing anything is a source of anxiety regardless.

There are many specific toys on the market designed to entertain the dog and meet his needs: the kong , for example, is a soft toy that contains some morsels and releases them only if put in a certain position. It is a perfect game for the dog who has to spend time at home alone because it engages him, distracts him, makes him move and stimulates his intelligence, lowering anxiety. On the same vein, the tic tac bowl, composed of a series of panels which, if touched in the right way, release the morsels.

Similar to the kong is the cube-ball : a cube in plastic (or in any case non-toxic) material that contains a ball or other toy and that the dog must handle with its muzzle and legs in order to obtain its content. It is suitable for overweight dogs because it forces them to move without eating.

Then there are toys that simulate the behavior of a living being and that are more suitable in the open air, for dogs that need to do a lot of movement.

If you are looking for games to play with your dog, then there is also a trio : very simply it is made with three identical glasses, to be placed upside down in front of the dog and with only one that hides the morsel. It will take a long time to figure out which glass the treat is in and how to get it!

Another very simple system to entertain your dog and make him have fun by stimulating his intelligence is training : 10-15 minutes a day to teach him to respond to simple commands (such as: give me the paw or doghouse), obviously with the help of positive reinforcements, they will make him an active and happy dog!


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