Do you suffer from PMS? Try green anise for symptom relief

The PMS includes different symptoms, often very annoying, common in the majority of women of reproductive age.

In fact, almost all women have experienced abdominal swelling, back or head pain, breast tenderness and other more or less intense ailments at least once in their life, one or two weeks before the onset of menstrual flow.

Although the symptoms of PMS are very frequent, to date there is no single treatment capable of alleviating them and the search for effective methods is still ongoing.

A recent study investigated the possible positive effects of taking common anise , also known as green anise ( Pimpinella Anisum ) to evaluate its ability to alleviate the symptoms of PMS .

The fruits of anise are a drug used in herbal medicine and phytotherapy for the presence of essential oil with expectorant and spasmolytic properties, useful for counteracting excess phlegm and digestive disorders .

This new research involved 67 women between the ages of 18 and 35 who were given capsules containing 110 mg of aniseed three times a day, starting one week before the alleged start of the cycle and up to three days after onset. menstruation. The experiment was carried out for two consecutive months.

Thanks to the Premestrual Symptoms Screening Tool (PSST), during the experiment it was possible to evaluate the intensity of the symptoms and compare it with that of the group of women who were given the placebo.

The results of the study showed that, compared to placebo, anise is effective in reducing the symptoms of PMS and, therefore, the administration of this natural remedy could help the many women suffering from it.


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