Do you have financial discipline?

t takes discipline to carry out financial planning

We workers, teachers, civil servants, students, are often affected by financial crises. There is a lack of unpaid bills and needs. The money seems to be over before the month is over.

This is truly a very common evil. It is not just today that we are experiencing an economic crisis in Brazil, which is beginning to take steps very slowly. What is the role of men and women who have faith? How to manage your savings month by month? The Bible says that “a wise son loves discipline (Prov. 13: 1)”. Financial discipline is essential at that time. Here are some crucial factors to achieve financial discipline and organization.

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Personal budget

The Personal Budget is a task that originated from what companies do annually when budgeting their expenses, their Budget (in English, budget), their budget forecast. Such a tool, in a simplified way, means pricing your expenses in advance, setting a target for each item of your monthly and annual budget. How much can I spend each month on leisure? How much can I spend on fuel and other transportation costs? This question may be repetitive, but it is a trap that has hit many families . In order to respond, we cannot use our head, the accounts in our memory; we need numbers, figures and calculations. To reach them, let’s go ahead with the reasoning.

Application, spreadsheet or notebook

Which cell phone or spreadsheet application have you fueled your daily expenses? If you don’t, at least have a notebook, as it also works with a calculator on the side. Without these, say, it is almost impossible to maintain discipline, cut unnecessary spending or celebrate financial victories. God bless those who organize! Of course, God blesses everyone, but whoever does his part will have an even greater blessing, because he has done his homework.

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Moment of financial planning

The third and final step is perhaps the most difficult. Make your finances a light, stress-free time, no matter how difficult it is to pay the bills for finance, college , employees etc. It is necessary to have faith in God, to believe in the providence that nothing will be lacking, because the Lord has always taken care of his children. Believe me, God will not let you down. Consecrate all your goods to God today, as Jacob did with his flocks, lands, servants, etc. Also try, based on faith, to take financial difficulties lightly. You are not the only one who goes through this. You will win. If you can’t save anything, go back to steps one and two above, get organized and put a financial tool (notebook, cell phone app or spreadsheet) and dedicate your financial planning to God.

The wise son loves discipline. When entering a mall, know exactly how much you can spend. Don’t get carried away by emotions, because they can betray you. Promotions and marketing campaigns are made to “pluck out” your money the smallest distraction. Be strong, be true to your budget.

Share your financial goals with your faithful friend, your wife / husband, your parents and child. Ask for help. God takes care of you!


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