Do we all agree on all this?

We all have heard the word “money is all” numerous times. The culture around us gives us different messages about money. This message is the most famous of them. We have to remember that money matters very much in the field of living.

Happiness can never be bought with money. Although there are many harmful effects of money, here we will discuss the importance of money only. That is, I will discuss in detail why money is important.

১. Money is very important Because having money means you’re not alone. Having money does not mean you are dependent on anyone. If you do not have the money, you will have to leave behind work, calculate the money for the month. Besides, the boss may have to listen to the screams.

2. Money gives you control over your life If you have the money, you can create your own way independently. You can prioritize your choices as well.

Although many of us hate our work life, we have to stick to the work life itself. Because if we lose action we will not be able to support our family. Read more – Sleeping Money vs. Living Money

For example a story could be told. Suppose your father was a very good student. He got admission with a scholarship to a good university. But his parents were very poor.

Therefore, she had to cancel admission and take care of the world. And he got into a karma to get hold of it. He is still continuing that action. But if he could finish his university studies, he would remain in the established Qatari society today.

৩. Money If you have your children in any based best, give the can With the money, it is possible to give children good education, good treatment, good clothing.

On the other hand, if you do not have money, you can not imagine giving them good. Rather, it will be difficult to meet their basic needs. Read on – Probably 5 reasons why you are not rich yet

৪. Money is an economic no worries , work is not Rather, the thinking patterns are much improved. Those who have money don’t worry about losing their fortunes. On the other hand, if there is no money, then there are various economic concerns.

৫. Money to your community to the popular and make that With the money, you can create charities for your community and help them in many ways. This will allow you to easily gain their trust.

2. If you have money you can live a comfortable life. Money can make your life comfortable and luxurious. On the other hand, if there is no money, you have to fight and live.

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