Divinity Original Sin 2: Unique Items on Reaper’s Coast

Where to look for various unique items, weapons and armor on the territory of the first game location, Fort Joy – their purpose, location and much more

Where can I find the Viper Tongue sword?

Location : At the beginning of Reaper’s Coast.

Viper Tongue Sword

When you have the teleportation skill (and it doesn’t matter if you get it through the book or use the teleportation gloves), then go to the beginning of the Reaper’s Coast. If you received the gloves of teleportation, then you can do it upon arrival there. There should be a destroyed bridge near you. Teleport one of your companions there, run to the end and collect various items. After climbing the mountain, search the corpses and take the one-handed sword “Tongue of the Viper”.

Where to find the “Enlightener” mace?

Location : In the swamps of the Reaper’s Coast.

This one-handed mace will be obtained by you after completing the Flaming Pigs quest on the Reaper’s Coast. To save all the pigs, you will need to use the Blessing skill of the source on them. Source points can be collected both at the location with pigs (there are two or three puddles), and from a vessel located in the basement of the island’s ruins (there you are still helping Gareth).

But the point is that after the first application of the “Blessing” and the salvation of the pig, a lizard will appear. Persuade him or kill him to pick up the mace, as well as continue the task.

Where can I find the Abyssal Amulet?

Location : In the swamps of the Reaper’s Coast.

Abyssal amulet

From the place where you met the flaming pigs, go deep into the swamp and see the battle of skeletons against the Moloch of the Abyss. You will have to kill them all anyway. The same amulet falls from the corpse of Moloch. There is a statue on the hill that allows you to study the “Blessing”. This spell will come in handy for you along the storyline, so I recommend picking it up here and now.

Where can I find the Amulet of the Abyss?

Location : On the beach near the Reaper’s Coast swamp.

From those same flaming pigs, move down the map, kill the fiends of the Void and follow to the right side along the map. There will be a beach and three salamanders. After killing them, search the bodies to pick up the amulet.

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