Divinity: Original Sin 2 – How To Make Money

A detailed guide to making gold in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Not enough gold to buy more advanced armor, weapons or items in Divinity: Original Sin 2 ? Unfortunately, although you will receive gold in the game, you do it in small amounts. As always, the cost of buying items will be several times higher than selling them. Fortunately, we managed to find four great ways to get gold in the game.

Method 1 – earnings at the beginning of the game (1000+ gold)

At the beginning of the passage, you will be addicted to gold. You will miss him sorely. To obtain gold in Fort Joy, find a high balcony with a raised staircase. This place is to the right of the closed gate that blocks access to the courtyard of the fortress and to the door to the prison. Teleport to this balcony, then lower the stairs down so you can easily reach the locked door. Open it with a lockpick to find yourself in the chambers of Orivand. Lockpicks, by the way, may not be taken at all if you have undead in your team (the characters of this race use their bone fingers instead of lockpicks).

Note . If you don’t have the teleportation skill, then get the teleportation gloves as part of Gavin’s Teleport side quest. We described it in a separate chapter.

These chambers, to which we have led you, are simply a huge amount of valuable items that you can steal, including paintings and a locked chest that can be opened with a lockpick (but with a good hacking skill). Take everything that is crooked and sell it to the merchant for gold. Be sure to look outside the chamber to find another locked chest.

It would be like this everywhere

Method 2 – Pickpocketing Thief (2000+ Gold)

If you invest your points in theft and stealth, you can earn serious money by robbing everyone in the fort and other locations. Stealth reduces the vision of other characters, allowing you to avoid detection by moving through the C key, while stealing increases the amount of gold you can get by this method and improves your pickpocketing and lockpick skills.

Note . You can throw all your points into stealing and stealth at any time. Also, certain armor will help to strengthen these skills, so pay attention to their characteristics. Upgrade theft to the fourth level, which will already allow you to achieve high results.

You can only try to loot the target ONCE. If you find a character with a lot of loot, then reset your points and increase the theft as much as you can to get the most out of this rich man. You can even completely rob the merchants, so always check to see if there is a way to sneak onto these characters.

After robbing a character, be careful – after a few seconds they will understand that they have been robbed. After completing pickpocketing, immediately leave the location so that the NPCs do not notice you. They will warn the others and attack you if they find your heroes nearby and there are stolen items in your inventory. It is best to accelerate and leave the area.

Before you pickpocket, send the rest of your team away from the city (or the place where your target is) so that you don’t have to control them even when they sneak or retreat. They can wait for you outside the city or in a place far from the victim. If the robbed character does not find you, then after a while he will calm down, and you can even talk to him about this incident. With theft of the fourth level, you can get more than 2000 gold from one rich character.

Method 3 – Riker’s shelter in the churchyard (3500+ gold)

Up from Driftwood on Reaper’s Coast, you can find the graveyard (cemetery), in which the Riker’s refuge is located. Knock on Riker’s door and talk to him, and then tell him the truth. He will allow you to enter his well-stocked home. This method is more dependent on your exchange skill, rather than stealth score.

Inside Riker’s Orphanage

Note . Talk to the masked servant near the dining table. He will turn his face in the direction in which the character who decided to speak to him will stand. Thus, using dialogue, you can avert his gaze to the side. Steal from the house what the servant does not pay attention to.

The building is full of items for you to get your hands on. The dining table is a real treasure trove of gold spoons, plates, forks, knives, jugs, and tons of other junk that can be sold for good money. Collect everything and sell to the nearest merchant to earn 3,500 gold. There are even more rooms at Riker’s Refuge that contain masked servants – inspect and clean the house. You don’t need a high stealth score to loot this estate.

Method 4 – Rob everyone on “Lady Revenge” (100,000 gold and above)

As with the second method, it involves pickpocketing. Instead of robbing random merchants, you can rob the ones you collect at the Lady Revenge gallery. This ship will be available after you leave Fort Joy. There are many random characters you can hire to help out on the ship, and many of them have massive amounts of gold.

Mistress Revenge

On “Mistress Revenge” you need to choose a team member who will have theft of at least the fifth level. Equip him with equipment that increases the amount of gold received during thefts. Then simply loot every merchant on the ship – one at a time. Each of your characters can try to do this once. You can rob a merchant up to four times using four characters in your squad. Of course, if you wish, you can kick someone out and take one of two or three other companions.

Rob the following characters several times:

  • Fletcher Corbin Day (hire him at an abandoned sawmill in Driftwood – just kill the Lone Wolves to free him from his forced work).
  • Sergeant Zrilla.

Don’t worry about collecting some equipment – just steal gold. One character from all these NPCs can collect over 50,000 gold. Agree, this is an impressive amount, especially considering the fact that the mirror in the hold of “Lady Revenge” allows you to freely redistribute skills.

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