Rarely does nature give us so much health and well-being in a single bite. The nuts are considered the healthiest nut that exists. Just five nuts a day are capable of providing more than 90% of the daily needs for fatty acids and omega 3. Surprising, right? So, write down the properties of the most important nuts to incorporate them into your day to day.

In Greek, the word nut means “Seed of God” and there are reasons, and many, to consider this food as a divine fruit.

  • In addition to Omega 3, walnuts are one of the fattiest nuts around. However, its proportion is so perfect that this makes it a very healthy food.
  • Walnuts must also be thanked for their remarkable protein contribution. Exactly 15%. But not only this, vitamin E, vitamins of Group B, minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc and iron.

Walnuts benefits

And now that you know the properties of walnuts, you are surely wondering what benefits they translate into, right? Well here you have them:

Good for the heart

This is one of the best known benefits of walnuts. The reason for this is because Omega 3 improves the ratio between good and bad cholesterol and, in addition, contributes to maintaining and / or reducing the possibility of clot formation in the arteries, which is good for preventing heart attacks.

…And the mind

But not only the heart is the main beneficiary of eating nuts. The brain also works better with Omega 3, since fatty acids enhance intellectual and cognitive performance.

Suitable for diabetics

In addition, walnuts are suitable for diabetics, due to their low glycemic index. But also as a way to prevent the disease, especially type 2 diabetes, or for those who are immune to insulin.

Bones and muscles in perfect condition

As we have said, walnuts are rich in minerals. One of them, potassium, responsible for muscle relaxation. They are powerful antioxidants and are also involved in the transmission of the nerve impulse.

But, in addition, they also have a high percentage of copper, essential in the formation of bones. Therefore, we can say that 4 or 5 walnuts a day can prevent the demineralization of the bones, which ends up leading to osteoporosis.

The best allies for constipation

As with other nuts, walnuts have a lot of fiber, which makes them a great remedy for episodes of constipation. However, an excess of nuts can lead to diarrhea.

Healthy on the inside, handsome on the outside

And it is that walnuts can also become an excellent nutricosmetic. Well, many of its nutritional properties cause well-being in the skin. Thus, vitamin E restores moisture, reduces wrinkles, balances oily skin. And it can even help us rejuvenate, due to its antioxidant properties.

Can one ask for more?

There are many ways you can enjoy the taste and benefits of walnuts; one of the most common is to serve it as a snack. However, this is not the only healthy snack out there. Discover them all!


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