Discover the Power of Now

The power of now can be the solution to get rid of the mistakes of the past. It may still be the solution to avoid anxiety about future things. In his book “The power of now” Eckhard Tolle teaches us to combat these evils.

“Living in the NOW is the best path to happiness and enlightenment”.

So, if you want to live in high performance and have a full life, you need to understand the strength of the present. Discover the power of now. In this article, we will understand in practice how to live the present fully and thus find balance and happiness.

Our mind can be the root of our problems

All of humanity’s problems converge to something in common: the human mind. Our mind hides our true identity, creating a mask. This mask prevents us from achieving peace of mind, where calm lies, the balance necessary for stability.

Do you know why we don’t find peace of mind? Even though this is one of our biggest goals? There is no peace, if in our mind, we find a chaotic environment.

How many times have you found yourself brooding over a past problem? How many times have you spent time thinking too much about something that could happen? If you look at it coldly, you will realize that you could have spared the gift of all suffering.

So, what should we do? Silence our mind and just observe our thoughts. Are they helping or hindering us? Our thoughts are not our identity. They also don’t represent reality. The sooner we learn to separate from each other, the sooner we will find balance.

The problem of personality duality

We all suffer from the duality of our personalities. The person we present to the world is very different from the person we are inside. This duality creates conflicts and they are manifested in different ways such as depression, fear and anxiety.

The great truth is that these feelings would not exist if we did not have masks. If we were always in touch with our true personality.

Being aware of your true identity should be your goal. Because it helps you to understand that most of your problems are actually an illusion of your mind.

According to Tolle, when we become aware of our real identity, we enter an “enlightened state”, where our mind is freed. But how can we achieve this?

Use the power of now to destroy your mental chaos

A practical way to combat our mental chaos is to exercise the power of the now. Our mind has a habit of wandering from thought to thought. What can we do to prevent this?

When you find yourself on a constant mental journey, bring your mind to the present moment. Observe and try to focus on what is around you. Try to focus on the activity you are doing.

When we’re driving, for example. Many things can go through our mind. Even though we are attentive to traffic, signs, other cars, our minds fly away. At this time, focus all your senses on this activity. Listen to the noise of traffic, notice your hands touching the steering wheel and observe the road traveled. This is an example of how we can use the power of the now.

It may seem difficult at first, but with practice and you will find that by becoming fully aware of your current activity, you will save unnecessary feelings. In addition, you will live the moment fully.

Your emotions not your identity

It may be impossible to distance yourself from your emotions when you are focused on the present. However, just as with thoughts, if you watch your emotions with disinterest, they weaken and disappear. But if you associate your emotions with your identity, you make room to continue feeling them.

Disengaging from your emotions is a way of dealing with experiences of suffering. If you avoid being angry, then you can avoid taking actions that you regret.

When you keep your attention on the present moment instead of focusing on your emotions, it becomes possible. This is emotional intelligence.

Fear cannot stop you from living in the moment

Often, fear makes it impossible for us to live in the present. Suddenly, we are invaded by this feeling and we need to identify where it comes from. This is because we unconsciously think of our finitude as human beings.

The most effective way to achieve this is to practice self-observation. Notice how your fears unconsciously keep you from living in the present. You will soon learn to make choices that avoid negativity, paying attention to the present moment and consequently taking away your fears.

Learn from the past and use the power of now to live with purpose

If you already follow our portal, you know the importance of having a purpose in life.

We often focus so much on our goals that we don’t pay attention to what we’re doing to get there.

We must accept the lessons of the past and plan for the future. However, dwelling on the past and worrying too much about the future is unproductive and opens the door to negative thoughts.

What are you doing now that brings you closer to your goal? Focusing on the present can help you live a life with a goal, but without compromising your peace.

First, disconnect from the past, because it is already a part of you, it represents your experiences and attitudes. If you have a hard time detaching yourself from the past, forgive yourself and forgive everything related to what ties you to it. In this way, you can overcome it.

The next challenge is to live consciously in the now. And that, boils down to being intensely aware of the present moment. Thus, you are alert and free from chaotic thoughts that prevent you from making decisions.

The power of now in practice

Eckhard Tolle gives us some tips on how to put the power of now into practice, check it out below:

  • Bring your attention to your breath: Breathing helps to wake your cells, takes attention away from your mind to focus on your inner self
  • Participate in creative activities: you contact your hidden self when you are involved in these activities
  • Practice meditation: it disconnects you from your thoughts for a brief moment, and you leave chaos behind
  • When having chaotic thoughts bring your mind to a state of pause: it drives away negativity


  • Maintain your mental health regardless of the situation: even in times of tension, remember that emotions are not your identity


  • Give in to the present moment: this brings clarity of thought and you are able to take the appropriate action to transform the situation.

When you are successful in maintaining your focus in the present moment, your mental and emotional health benefits your physical health. One of the signs that you have started to live now is that the signs of aging are slowing down, your cells are revitalized and you feel younger.

This is how to use the true ‘Power of Now’ to transform your life.

When we live in the present, we discover our true identity and learn how to fully enjoy every moment of our lives.


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