How to discover your talent and create the life you deserve in 3 steps

We all have an innate talent.

(If you don’t agree, close this window right now and take a walk around until it passes. ūüôā)

Your talent is that personal gift that makes you unique and that often translates into the passion of your life.

Many other times, it translates into what you like to do so much and, in addition, you are good at.

However, not so many exploit that talent for a living.

Most people have their talents in “quarantine” mode.¬†¬†They are still waiting for D-day to come, or for the lottery to play the life they want to live.

Most people have their talents in quarantine mode. They are still waiting for D-day to come, or for the lottery to play the life they want to live. #undertake


And they do this even though they don’t like the current one.

If you follow us for a long time, you will know that we do not play the lottery and that we do not bet on chance or chance.

We don’t because¬†we prefer to act and create the lifestyle we want, rather than waiting for it to appear magically.

Juanmi and I were project engineers in a consolidated company.

We had good working conditions, the project was stable and long-term, and we lived in a quite relaxed and pleasant place.

But it was not our passion. We did not feel fulfilled or full with our life.

So we decided to undertake.

Many of you tell us that you are in this same situation and that you do not know where to start.

You are probably one of them.

If you also have an idea that you are passionate about, you feel the entrepreneurial spark that we talk about in this blog and your current life does not satisfy or fill you, you are in luck.

Today we tell you 3 + 1 steps to start with your talent as a base , so that you validate your idea and advance with a firm step.

Forget about bumping away, saving the resources you find, reading them all without knowing where to start, and analysis paralysis stunting your initiative.

Make each day you get up not seem like another day, but a day in which you cultivate and work the life you really want to live.

Do you want to know how?

Stay, we will tell you in the post.¬†ūüėČ

The walk begins!

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    • # 1 What are you good at?
    • # 2 What do you like?
    • # 3 What does the world need?
    • # 4 Why are people willing to pay you?
    • # 1 Study your talent and skills
    • # 2 Find out who you can help and how
    • # 3 Create your Value Proposition


The first step to fill your day to day is to know WHAT FILLS YOU.

I give you an example.

Imagine that you like to make crafts.

Would you project yourself creating new designs for the next ten years? If the answer is yes, this idea could be yours.

I give you another example.

You are in your current job, where the hours pass slowly because you don’t like what you do or because you feel like you are wasting the time you spend there.

Would you spend 8, 10 or 12 hours a day working on the idea that just occurred to you?

If the answer is yes, your idea is supported.¬†If the answer is no … better find another.

It is important to locate what fills you, what drives you and, above all,  keeps you wanting to continue on the path.

How to get to this point?

A powerful formula is to combine in one sentence what you are passionate about  and what you are good at , and combine it with what the world needs  and what people are willing to pay you for.

Discover your ikigai. In one sentence, combine what you are passionate about with what you are good at. Combine it with what the world needs and ask yourself if people are willing to pay you for it. #undertake


This is what is known as ikigai in Japanese culture.

# 1 What are you good at?

Or what is the same: what is your vocation?

Find what you excel at.

Do you write, listen, paint? Do you design, manage, organize?

Pablo Picasso was a genius expressing himself with painting. Shakespeare thrilled with the words. Juanmi is a genius generating new business ideas.

In your case …¬†What is your best talent?

# 2 What do you like?

I love planning, ordering and keeping track of what I do to improve it. I like to achieve what I have set for myself, and I enjoy discovering control and organization methods to get closer and better to my goals.

Here the question would be: what is your passion? What is your time flying by?

Think about it and imagine doing it all your life.

You look?

If the answer is yes, bingo!

If the answer is no, keep thinking.¬†(If it doesn’t work out, let it sit and try again later.)

Remember that this answer is within you.¬†So don’t despair, and listen to yourself¬†.

The road has no loss.¬†ūüėČ

# 3 What does the world need?

Or, what is the same: what is your mission?

Although it sounds a bit mystical, we have all come into the world with explicit qualities to develop ourselves and to bring specific value to the world.

And you, although you may not believe it, too.

If the job you’re in doesn’t satisfy you because¬†you feel like you’re not contributing everything you know or because you’re not developing your potential¬†, then maybe it’s time to ask yourself what your potential is and squeeze it out.

Ask yourself what people around you value most about you.¬†In what situations you feel incredibly good about what you do.¬†Or in what situation does something inside you tell you: “I would do it that way, and I think it would help many people.”


A journalist writes because the world needs to know. An architect designs because people want comfortable and pleasant homes. A teacher teaches because students want to learn.

And you, what do you want to contribute to the world and why?

# 4 Why are people willing to pay you?

The last point to define your idea is how to exchange what you do in a monetary way.

If you want to live on what you are passionate about, you need to consider this question.

Would people be willing to pay you in exchange for your talent?

It is possible that the impostor syndrome is appearing right now, leaving a dent and saying: ‚Äúno, no.¬†Forget.¬†You are not good enough. ‚ÄĚ

I already tell you that the impostor syndrome is not invincible and that, in 90% of cases, it is not as right as it seems .

Be realistic without self-sabotaging.

And, if you still cannot answer this question because you still do not know what your potential is or because you have not asked anyone, read on, there is more.


I know that sharing is human and that, for pleasure, you could do certain things for free.

However, and in case you need me to remind you, the man from the store in your neighborhood is not going to give you rice, lentils or loaves of bread.

To live on what you like and make your life take on another meaning, sharing is not enough.

To monetize it and charge for it, you need to give your idea a business form.

If you are at that point where the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčentrepreneurship has crossed your mind several times, but you doubt¬†because you cannot think of a human way to sell what you do¬†, it may be here that you have got stuck.

Because the idea is always there, but …¬†how do you monetize it?

Capitalizing on your talent right away is not so easy.

What can you do to get it?

We are going to gut it in the following three points.

# 1 Study your talent and skills

What use is what you do? Why is your talent useful to the world?

Be honest with yourself and realize what you can contribute, using your strengths and detecting your weaknesses.

It is important to remember that talent comes naturally to you, but that skills are worked and it is effort that makes talent shine by itself.

Talent comes naturally to you. Skills are worked. And it is the effort that makes the talent shine by itself. #undertake


With this I want to tell you to mentalize yourself and be aware that undertaking is a long-distance career. A marathon that requires perseverance and persistence.

If you are thinking about sprinting  and you are not willing to work for what you want to achieve, perhaps this undertaking is not your thing.

However, you may have already attempted a project and failed. I am afraid to tell you that you are not the only person to whom it has happened .

And you may not be the last.¬†But stay, because maybe at the end of this post the thing will change color.¬†ūüôā

After knowing what your strong point is and what it does for what you do, the next thing is to find where you can apply it.

# 2 Find out who you can help and how

Why do you want to be very good at something if no one can apply it to your daily life thanks to you?

To explain this, I like to travel to one of the best inventions that the world has invented: the washing machine.

If someone had discovered the power of electricity, but had not known how to take advantage of it, for example, saving time and work for women who went to wash clothes in the river, what use would the discovery have been?

We would continue going to the rivers to wash the clothes. (Disaster!)

Well, you work the same with your talent and your skills.

Who can you help with your super power?

Think about the problems you solve and how you can improve the lives of the people who have them thanks to what you know how to do.

Write a minimum of 3 possible solutions that you could contribute to the world.

And we go to the next step.

# 3 Create your Value Proposition

Once you are clear about your best asset and who can help you, you have the funniest part: creating the value proposition that expresses it directly, clearly and uniformly.

How can you combine in a single statement what you get for the people who need it?

This step may be a little more complex for you. However, I recommend that you work very well on the previous two before.

Once you have them, do a test with 2-3 value proposals and you will find the way to differentiate yourself and validate your idea.

Validating your idea is linked to that initial point that I was saying: are there people willing to pay for it?

Those people will be your target audience, your audience.

And getting to it successfully will depend on how you mount your value proposition.¬†ūüėČ


I told you that you were going to need effort, enthusiasm and desire. Perhaps you have already encountered the typical difficulties that arise when undertaking, you are in a moment of jam and discouragement or, simply, you no longer know where to pull.

The key is to ask yourself the right questions.

  • Where do¬†you¬†want to go?
  • What are your goals?
  • Do you have defined the lifestyle you would like to have?

State your goals judiciously and be realistic with your times.¬†Do it so that your project works without jumping into a void “to see if it works out” or “trying your luck”.


Specify the estimated time, possible financial resources and the training you will need (remember: everything can be learned) . Then, sign up the essential tools to materialize your action plan.

You already know that in M√°s y Mejor we love organizing, managing and planning.

We don’t like to leave things to chance.¬†And we do it that way because it works.

Banish that pile of information you’ve found out there, let go.¬†I know that you have read it a thousand times and, despite everything, it does not help you to advance further.

And that’s why I just gave you¬†the key so that, once it starts, your passion does not turn into a nightmare.

Get organized, and the project in which you have put your heart will take you by the hand to the life you want to achieve.


Johannes Wolfgang Von Goethe said that “great talent finds its happiness in execution.”

This is to say that if you don’t exploit your talent,¬†happiness won’t come looking for you.

You have to make your passion flourish for that part of the world that really makes you feel fulfilled.

You have to have a plan B¬†, because the A you have right now … does not convince you.

Only then can you leave where you are.

√Ālvaro L√≥pez, from Autorrealizarte, knows it well.

And, to help you achieve this, you have just started a free training  where you will discover everything you need to know to create a profitable project . Or what is the same: a real alternative to have the lifestyle you want.

If you liked the post, sign up now . Training is perfect for you.

√Ālvaro goes much deeper into the subject.¬†In addition, it tells you how to get to¬†the road map you need to make the jump without having to jump into the void.


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