Discover the secret of female and male orgasm

Today is World Orgasm Day! This wonderful feeling that we experience at the height of good sex is celebrated on July 31 around the world. Of course, I couldn’t let this day go by! To celebrate this date that gives us so much pleasure, today I brought you a special post with the secret of male and female orgasm. Are you curious? Then read this text to the end and find out.

In today’s text we will cover the following topics:

  • What is an orgasm?
  • Men and orgasm
  • The Secret of Female and Male Orgasm
  • Celebrate and enjoy

What is an orgasm?

Orgasm is the culmination of a sexual relationship, a climax that produces a feeling of sudden and pleasurable release that builds up when the excitement begins.

Women experience orgasm in different ways, although it is usually characterized by an increase in heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. The clitoris, vagina, uterus, anus and pelvic muscles contract between five and ten times at intervals of less than a second. Our whole body is stimulated during this supreme pleasure that makes women go crazy. These feelings are normal because orgasm leads from endorphin production to the happiness molecule, which provides a unique feeling of well-being.

Men and orgasm

In the case of men, we must keep in mind that ejaculation and orgasm are not the same thing. It is possible for them to experience orgasm without ejaculating. As with women, heart rate, breathing and blood pressure are accelerated to the maximum and muscle contractions occur in the pelvic area, prostate and seminal vesicles, which expel semen.

The orgasm lasts only a few moments and then goes on to what is called the resolution phase, which is nothing more than general relaxation of the whole body and the normalization of blood circulation and breathing. At that moment, the man experiences a feeling of great placidity, tiredness and drowsiness.

The Secret of Female and Male Orgasm

How to achieve orgasm?

Generally, women and men reach orgasm when they stimulate sexual areas with foreplay, oral sex, masturbation or penetration. But the best way to reach orgasm is to get to know our own body. We have different erogenous zones that are capable of making us feel in the seventh heaven, but it is necessary to find them!

Start discovering your body, alone or with a partner, with or without sex toys to find new areas of pleasure.

Different types of orgasm

Vaginal orgasm: it is achieved by stimulating the “G-spot”, located about 4 cm from the entrance of the vagina. It has a ball shape, less than an inch and increases in size with stimulation. It is located next to the bladder, so it is not surprising that after a vaginal orgasm we feel like going to the bathroom. For some scientists, vaginal orgasm is a myth and there would only be clitoral orgasm, which we’ll talk about next.

Clitoral orgasm: it is achieved by stimulating the clitoris, this tiny button located between the lips, at the top of the vulva. It is accessed very easily and is very sensitive. With delicate touches it is possible to reach orgasm.

Multiple orgasms

Although for some it is just a fantasy, the truth is that multiple orgasms exist and it is easier to achieve than it seems. The key is to get to know your own body, to know that it is possible (and to work our mind to do it), to prolong the sexual climax (we often do not succeed because our partner reaches orgasm earlier than we would like), to change stimuli and zones erogenous and choose positions that really give us pleasure.

Some scientists believe that man can also achieve multiple orgasms, but it takes a lot of concentration and training, since it is necessary to have control over dry ejaculation.

Female orgasm lasts longer

Perhaps the female orgasm takes longer to arrive compared to the male. But it has a great advantage: it lasts longer. The average orgasm time in a woman is six to ten seconds, but it can last 20 seconds in some cases. While in men, orgasm lasts four to five seconds

La petit mort

The French term la petit mort or small death is used to refer to the refractory period that women experience after female orgasm. In some cases, women experience fainting or loss of consciousness. The word “death” also refers to the energy spent by men when they ejaculate, which could be equivalent to a small and very pleasant death, since it marks the end of the “sexual cycle”. Either way, it is a term that fits the situation perfectly.

Can be achieved without genital stimulation

Some women can achieve orgasm in everyday situations, doing gymnastics or getting a massage, for example. Strange, yes, but it happens and experts confirm it. They are called spontaneous orgasms. This happens when certain activities stimulate the flow of blood throughout the body (including the genitals) with a certain stimulus and vibration in the clitoris, and even more if we are relaxed, as in the case of massage.

Benefits of orgasm

According to some experts, orgasm is one of the best experiences that human beings can experience because of the pleasure generated. It also has some qualities that benefit health:

  1. Improves blood flow: the climax increases the heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure and blood circulation, which contributes to oxygenate body cells.
  2. Raise your spirits: orgasm releases endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin, hormones that help increase happiness and decrease depression.
  3. It favors sleep: thanks to the release of endorphins, it becomes a natural sedative because it promotes restful sleep and completely eliminates insomnia.
  4. Keeps the brain healthy: this organ is fed with oxygen generated during sexual intercourse.
  5. Natural pain reliever: climax relieves headaches and menstruation. Some studies show that women can tolerate up to 110% more pain after stimulation of the G-spot. In addition, the release of endorphins disconnects nerve endings for a few minutes.
  6. Reduces stress: hormones released during orgasm help to reduce anxiety and tension levels.
  7. It improves emotional health: enjoying a complete sexual relationship reflects on your mood, so your self-esteem grows and emotional confidence is strengthened.

How to achieve orgasm

In an ideal world we would reach orgasm every time we have sex, but this is not an ideal world, and many factors can prevent us from reaching a climax. Remember that the secret to orgasm, in addition to being relaxed, is determination. To help you achieve an orgasm, check out these tips.

1. Relax

If you keep thinking about what you have to do tomorrow, your bills and everyday problems, you will hardly be able to reach orgasm. Relax and enjoy the moment, this is a big secret of orgasm. It will be worth it.

 2. Change your position

If you feel that orgasm is not going to come to you tonight, don’t give up! When we stay in the same position for a long time, our body can “get used” to the movement and this prevents you from reaching a climax. So change your position! You can add a stimulus, a different touch, which can help you to recover the excitement of the moment.

3. Use your fingers

Remember that most women do not reach orgasm with penetration alone. So you and your partner can use your fingers to stimulate your clitoris. This will give you the boost you need to reach orgasm. In addition, you can also use your hands to caress your partner’s prostate and perineum.

4. Lubricant

The lubricant is one of the best inventions when it comes to pleasure for two. Even if you think you don’t need it, try it at least once. Use it to stimulate your own clitoris during sex or use on your partner’s penis. You will see how it will make a difference.

5. Preliminaries

Although men think that penetration is the highlight of the sexual act, we women place great importance on foreplay . They are essential for women, especially, to get in the mood, and help with intimate lubrication and arousal. When intercourse begins with foreplay, it is much easier for women to reach orgasm.

6. The vibrator

Many women do not dare to use a vibrator when they are in bed with their partner (or even alone). Want to know how to reach orgasm every time, without fail, without hesitation? Here’s another orgasm secret: touch your clitoris with a vibrator. It can help you on those days when you are uninspired and puts in your head that you will not be able to have an orgasm.

Celebrate and enjoy

Now that you know the secret of orgasm, why not take the day to practice with your partner? I’m sure that you will have fun in this task. And if you can’t, you can always try to reach orgasm again. The important thing is that you can have fun and enjoy the process.

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