Discover the main difference between a good man and a bad one in bed

Those who follow the blog saw that in my last post I talked about the different types of men in bed. In it I talked about some of the most frequent sexual dysfunctions that affect men. And today it is my turn to talk about the so-called “good and bad men in bed”. Does it exist? Can you dribble? What is the difference between a good man and a bad one in bed? Come with me, I will tell you everything I have learned about it over the years of work.

I already tell you that a good man in bed depends much more on his head than on his body. What defines someone’s performance in sex is not just the sexual organs, but mainly the way he deals with his body, how he relates to the other and how he sees sex. That is, it is much more psychological, which is great news, as it indicates that there is salvation. You can turn warm sex with your partner into a pleasant experience with a good man in bed (and without having to change him for another). At the end of the post I even share some tips with you.

The sexual profile of men

To start our conversation, I recorded a video where I explain to you a little more about the sexual profile of men. You may have noticed that while some men are more “naughty” and good in bed, others are more closed, which directly reflects in the way they have sex. The good in bed cares more about his partner, while the bad in bed is so focused on himself that sex can become frustrating.

Yes, the profile of the man is fully reflected in the way he behaves and in his performance at the time H. A good man in bed has no super power, he just allows himself more, knows what he wants and has no limits to reach there. The bad in bed, on the other hand, are usually those that are so stuck and worried about themselves that this directly reflects on their performance.

Is there a bad man in bed?

A good man in bed is not a different man from others, he has no magical attributes. Generally what he has is a willingness to make it happen, curiosity and a greater naturalness to deal with his body and his partner’s body. In other words, he is not born that way, he gets better in bed over time.

Likewise, there is no sentence that says someone is bad in bed and, therefore, needs to remain for the rest of their lives. This is something for those who are too lazy to try to improve and do things differently.

What will determine a man’s sexual behavior, and much of his performance, is his upbringing and his values. The problem is that there is a very distorted perception, and often even sexist in relation to the “values” of many men and women as well.

The result of that? That mechanical and bureaucratic sex that many of us, unfortunately, know well. But neither you nor anyone else has to settle for bad sex! And you don’t even have to change partners to find someone good in bed. Why not invest in whoever is with you? Why not dedicate yourself to making your sex life better and better? The two can only win.

Did you meet a wonderful man and the sex was frustrating? Does your husband insist on daddy and mommy shake? It doesn’t always have to be this way! Over time, testing new things, you will surely find out what you like best, how you feel more pleasure and what works best for both of you. It has no magic formula! It is work and creativity, without fear of daring and seeking new things.

What to do to turn someone bad in bed into good in bed?

It is not hypnosis, it is not magic, it is not a formula that is for sale … For your partner to become good in bed, it takes a lot of work and patience. But let’s agree that it won’t be a bad job, see ?! Check out some practical tips:

  • Talking is always a good start.

You are a couple, you are partners, you are together … Nothing is more natural than talking. It may seem difficult at first, but it’s all about practice. And it is not talking about work problems or the news from the newspaper. The idea here is to talk about intimacy, tell what they like most, what they like least, what fantasies they have …

  • Make yourself comfortable with each other.

Why would you and your partner have inhibitions with each other? You chose to be together, so why not invest in your intimacy to stay more connected and achieve much more pleasurable results together?

  • Be direct!

Incredible as it may seem, there are many men who do not even imagine that he is not good in bed. And you don’t have to say it that way, but you need to make it clear how much you see that you can improve. Talk about your discontent, your expectations and be prepared to hear what he wants to say.

  • Take action!

The situation will not heat up if there is no initiative. Buy some toys, invest in more daring lingerie, search for different positions … Test new things and encourage your partner to suggest new ones too.

  • Is ashamed? Take it easy, but go!

You don’t need to arrive, you can start slowly, the important thing is to start. Here on the blog I already gave some tips on how to prepare a surprise for your loved one .

  • Don’t be afraid to surprise.

The idea is to improve the situation, right ?! So don’t be afraid to dare. If it doesn’t work, it didn’t. Ball forward and let’s try other things!

  • Encourage your partner to let go.

You will not turn your partner into a good man in bed alone. He needs to participate in this process of sex transformation, so give him strength and encourage him to innovate too.

Why does culture influence so much?

I always say that what we do in bed does not influence anyone’s character, but many men still have a conservative outlook, especially when they think of their girlfriends and wives. They think daring is something for others!

Do you think I’m exaggerating? That it doesn’t exist anymore? Yes, there is! Amazingly, I still often get complaints from sexually frustrated women, because their partners don’t accept news in bed. Most of the time they claim that these “news” are not things of decent women … And they couldn’t be more wrong!

The woman who wants to surrender and fulfill her fantasies with her partner, is taking care of the quality of the sexual life of her relationship. When the man understands this he becomes happier and more fulfilled in sex and this is also reflected in his performance. The more he gives himself up to the news proposed by his partner, the better he gets in bed.

But I need to tell you that these conservative attitudes on the part of men are not always just a matter of thought. Another very common masculine posture is to use the moralistic and sexist speech, to disguise your weaknesses, and even to take the focus off some sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation and even sexual impotence, decreasing the partner when she tries to introduce something new sexual relationship. In other words, he places a greater responsibility on his partner to escape the problems and dysfunctions that he himself does not want to face.

Regardless of cultural issues, every woman has the right to want to try new things in sex and in no way will that influence her character, quite the contrary. This will only reinforce security and even the woman’s desire for her partner, since if she is working hard it is to make sex more pleasurable for both of them.

Do you have any tips for turning a bad man in bed into a good one?

In this text and video, I wanted to explain to you that the performance of a good man in bed is 100% linked to the way he thinks. A bad man in bed is not condemned to be like this forever. It is possible to work several aspects of life together to increase satisfaction in sex.

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