Discover the health benefits of kale juice

Cabbage juice is widely adopted by those who want to lose weight, yet weight loss is not the only benefit of this drink.

Rich in minerals such as iron, phosphorus and calcium, and vitamin A, this vegetable provides a series of health benefits.

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The cabbage is also considered detoxifying and anti – oxidant and has a low calorie content. Those who choose to drink cabbage juice usually choose it as a detox juice to be part of their diet.

So if you want to include kale juice in your diet, find out some of its benefits and recipes:

Positive and negative points of cabbage juice

Because it is full of vitamins and other nutrients, kale juice is almost worth a meal, mainly because many people prefer to mix it with other ingredients such as lemon, orange and other fruits and vegetables.

After all, kale tastes very strong, which does not please everyone, which leads to the inclusion of other foods in the preparation of the juice.

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However, it is worth mentioning that the juice is not a substitute for a meal and should be consumed to complement the food, in the morning, afternoon or after lunch.

As a negative point is the taste of the juice, which is not sweet and usually does not please all palates. But this can be easily resolved by adding fruit to the recipe.

8 benefits of cabbage juice :

1. Antioxidant action

Cabbage juice fights cell oxidation, helping brain cells to function properly, preventing skin diseases, fighting aging, heart disease and even cancer.

2. Better functioning of the digestive system

In addition to leaving the liver less overloaded, kale also contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive system.

B-fiber and vitamins make the intestinal mucosa more hydrated and prevent discomfort such as swelling or constipation.

3. Increased willingness

Due to its detoxifying action, kale juice allows your metabolism to work better and consequently you feel more ready for your daily activities.

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The nutrients present in cabbage also fight anemia and thus improve its disposition.

4. Weight loss

Weight loss is often one of the reasons why people look for cabbage or the detox juices that contain it.

And do you know why this juice contributes to weight loss? In addition to detoxifying your body, causing you to absorb only what is necessary, kale is also a low-calorie food.

In addition, the presence of fibers makes your intestines work properly and increases the feeling of satiety.

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5. Stronger bones

Calcium and magnesium are essential for the proper functioning of bones and also to prevent osteoporosis.

It is not just milk that can help you keep your bones strong and healthy, because kale is rich in these nutrients and kale juice can be a good ally to keep calcium and magnesium levels stable.

6. Fight anemia

Anyone who is suffering from anemia caused by iron deficiency in the blood can count on cabbage juice to reverse this situation.

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In addition to the iron itself, cabbage has vitamin C that helps the metabolism absorb the nutrient.

7. Prevents aging

Not just the skin but also the brain cells. The cells age naturally over time, however an unhealthy diet contributes to the premature aging of the cells.

The antioxidant action of kale juice helps prevent cell aging by combating the action of so-called free radicals.

8. Other benefits

Other benefits of cabbage juice are in the anti-inflammatory and healing action, improvement of ulcers and gastritis, help in the treatment of kidney stones because it is diuretic, regulates hormones, fights cellulite and improves mood.

Cabbage juice recipes to include in your diet :

• Cabbage Juice with Lemon

– To make this recipe you will need half a lemon and a kale leaf for every 200ml of water.

– Just beat the lemon and the cabbage leaf together in a blender and add water little by little.

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• Cabbage juice with orange

– To make kale juice with orange, you only need two kale leaves and a glass of orange juice.

– Beat in the blender until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. If you want to make the juice a little weaker, add a 200ml glass of water.

• Cabbage juice with orange and ginger

– Similar to the preparation of cabbage juice with orange.

– Add two to three kale leaves with a glass of orange juice – and a glass of water for those who prefer a more liquid mixture – along with a piece of shelled ginger.

– Beat the blender and sweeten if necessary.

• Cabbage juice with apple, carrot, orange and honey

– Separate two or three cabbage leaves, two apples, two carrots and an orange.

– Beat these ingredients in a blender until you get a homogeneous mixture and then add a tablespoon of honey.

• Cabbage juice with pineapple and mint

– If the goal is to increase the diuretic power of kale juice, add pineapple and mint to the recipe.

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– To prepare, just beat a cabbage leaf in the blender, two thick slices of pineapple and a small amount of mint leaves.

– It is best to drink without sweetening and you can add a few drops of lemon to improve the taste.

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