Discover continuous improvement with the wheel of life

Today I am going to tell you about the definitive tool to know exactly what objectives you must set yourself to feel that you are progressing on the right path towards the life you want.

Because there comes a time in life when you have to stop and reflect on what you are doing and where you are going.

There’s no point in being too busy doing things that don’t get you anywhere.

In fact, reflecting on your life should be a habit that you do at least once a year. Because it is essential for continuous improvement and to be more and better every day.

Well, to know how to do this self-analysis and identify possible improvements, I present the wheel of life.

Index of contents

  • What is it, what is it for and why is the wheel of life important? 
  • Wheel of Life Areas
  • 5 steps to define your own wheel of life
    • Draw your wheel
    • Give a score to each area
    • Connect the dots inside the wheel and analyze
    • It is time to reflect deeply and make decisions
    • Define an action plan based on the results obtained 

What is it, what is it for and why is the wheel of life important?

The wheel of life is one of the most effective tools for personal development that allows you to have a global vision of all the areas of your life, in order to find a balance between all of them.

It helps you become aware of your current situation by visually identifying the areas in your life in which you are satisfied as well as those in which you are not having the results you would like.

We owe this idea to Paul J. Meyer, expert in personal and professional development and creator of the Success Motivation Institute.

Of course, the graphic representation of the wheel of life is due to Buddhists.

Wheel of Life Areas

The first time I used this tool was back in 2012 and the truth is that it was very revealing, because it made me realize things that had to change in my life.

And it is that you may sometimes feel that you are not completely satisfied with your current life, but you do not know very well what the problem is.

Well, the wheel of life makes it easier for you to find specific points for improvement.

Because our life is made up of different areas to which we must pay attention and when you start to see them separately, it is easier to analyze where you are failing and what you must change.

Normally there are usually 8 areas and we propose the following:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Personal development
  • Love and couple
  • Paternity
  • Social life (Family and Friends)
  • Finance
  • Career and Business
  • Quality of Life (Home, Leisure and Travel)

Although obviously depending on your current situation, some may not apply to you, for example if you are not a father, because you will not have the paternity area.

5 steps to define your own wheel of life

Having explained the basic concepts, we will now look at 5 steps to define your own wheel of life and learn to use it to improve.

  1. Draw your wheel

The first thing you have to do is draw a circle and divide it, representing the different vital areas.

For you to get an idea, the circle has to be divided like the card with its “cheese” from the Trivial.

Then write on top of each cheese the name of each area.

Now draw 9 smaller concentric circles within the main circle.

These will represent the different scores of each area.

  1. Give a score to each area

Because the next step is just that, give a score to each of the areas on your wheel of life.

That score ranges from 1 to 10 depending on your degree of satisfaction, the lowest note should be placed in the center of the circumference

and the maximum towards the edge of it.

A 10 will be very satisfied in that area, and a 1 the opposite.

I propose some questions that will help you reflect on each area.

Health & Wellness

Do you have energy during the day or do you just run out? Do you eat healthy? Do you exercise regularly? Are you satisfied with your physique? Do you get sick often?

Personal development

Do you dedicate time to your personal development? Do you read every day? Are you continually learning new things? Do you feel that you improve as a person over time?

Love and couple

If you have a partner, are you comfortable with her? Are you cultivating the relationship? Do you do things together and do you have plans for the future?


Do you spend enough quality time with your children? Do you feel that you should change something in the way you relate to them? Do you think you are an example for them and are you transmitting good values ​​to them?

Social life 

Do you share and spend time with your family and friends? Do you want to change something in your relationship with them?


Do you earn enough to live how you want? Would you like to earn more? Do you have savings that give you peace of mind? Do you manage your finances or do you have no idea what happens to your money each month?

Career and Business

Do you feel satisfied and fulfilled in your work or business? Do you have an opportunity to grow? Do you have personal projects apart from your work?

Quality of Life (Home, Leisure and Travel)

Do you enjoy life? Do you have fun often? Do you have hobbies? Would you like to travel more? Do you like where you live or would you like to change your house or city?

As I say, reflect on these questions and score from 1 to 10 each area.

  1. Connect the dots inside the wheel and analyze

When you have placed those dots in each area, the next step is to unite them and observe the shape that your wheel of life has taken.

Now you have to see if the drawing you get from joining the dots has harmony.

It is said that if you tried to turn that imaginary wheel and it cannot turn because there are many spikes, your wheel of life indicates that there is an imbalance that you should correct.

If your wheel is like this, don’t worry.

Virtually everyone has an unbalanced wheel.

The best thing about all this is that you already know what you should focus on to improve and reach a vital balance that you need to be happier.

In general, in areas with a score above 8, you are very satisfied and for now you could keep them that way, although you can always improve.

Those with a 5 to a 7 are key areas for improvement.

And below 4, it is urgent to make a change there because it may be affecting everything else.

This is always very clear with the health area.

If your health is bad, it will affect everything else. If you get sick because you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to perform or perform at work, as a father, mother or partner, nor will you feel like doing things.

As the song says, 3 things are in life, Health, Money and Love.

And the truth, although it is a very simplified way of seeing the wheel of life, because there are more areas, it is not misguided in the order of priorities.

There are moments and vital stages, in which some areas have more prominence than others, and it is normal. When you are young and a student, social life is everything. When you have a child, the parenting area covers almost all of your time.

Or when you have stages where you turn to your work or your business.

As I say, it is normal, but we must pay attention that these imbalances do not last forever and do not negatively influence the rest of the areas.

  1. It is time to reflect deeply and make decisions

Now think and reflect:

Why did you evaluate yourself like this in each of the categories? 

What is the most important of each of them?

What are the big differences in your levels of satisfaction?

How could you improve in the next 3 months, 6 months, a year?

Decide which area you are going to start working on. It is time to change to improve.

Keep in mind that, depending on the moment you are going through, it is better to start with one area and not another, that is, you do not necessarily have to start with the one with the lowest score.

  1. Define an action plan based on the results obtained

Once your analysis is done, it’s time to take action.

It is time to set specific goals and draw a plan that will improve your life.

And for this it is essential to plan, set deadlines and be productive to make the changes you need come true.

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I assure you that anything you propose is possible if you know how to progress little by little, taking imperfect and fearless action.

And beware, this creates addiction 🙂

If you apply the wheel of life from time to time and you are committing yourself to improve in different areas, you will be amazed at how it can change your life in a short time.

And you will be prepared to be an ambassador of the Every Day More and Better.

Now I want you to tell me how this exercise has been doing for you and how you have seen your wheel of life. What conclusions have you drawn and what actions are you going to take?


by Abdullah Sam
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