Did you discover a betrayal? Know what to do:

Did you discover a betrayal? Know what to do:


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Experiencing a loving betrayal is not one of the easiest things in this world. Especially when the betrayal is caused by a person we love intensely. We always want relationships to be lasting and eternal while they last, but unfortunately, the reality is different.

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When a woman finds out she has been betrayed, usually her first action is to chase after her partner, the lover and get satisfaction, either with verbal or physical attacks. But we know that this is not the right path.

So that you know exactly how to act if you discovered a betrayal, we brought some valuable tips in our post today. To understand the situation, we will also address some of the main reasons why men cheat.

Ready to write down the tips and get back on top? Good reading!

Why do men cheat?

The word betrayal should not even enter the dictionary of the relationship. There is nothing more dishonest and saddening than betraying your life and feeling partner. However, we know that there are some triggers, especially for men, that make them accept any new adventure and betray their wives or girlfriends.

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We list some of these issues below:

1. Routine

After a certain period of relationship, couples need to innovate. Keeping the relationship spicy and always renewed does not allow for adventures outside the relationship. Many men, due to the boredom and “normality” of relationships, cheat on their girlfriends and wives for looking for news and emotion. To resolve the issue, it is up to the two to seek new ways to innovate and rejuvenate the relationship.

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2. Dissatisfaction

Many men blame their cheating on their wives, especially when there is (on their part) dissatisfaction about something. Vulnerable relationships are the most prone to betrayal. After all, with each new discussion and disagreement there is the possibility that the husband will “discount” his dissatisfaction with another woman. In this case, dialogue is always the best solution.

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3. Changes

We know how life changes. What is good today may not be good tomorrow. The man you married at age 20 is not the same man at age 50. There is no way to predict how people will change. And these changes cannot be predicted or prevented by you. What happens is that many men, already in middle age, find themselves unhappy with what they have and continue looking for other options, such as a second partner.

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4. Shortage of love

The human being needs to feel loved, cared for and important. When the man understands that love in the relationship is already scarce, he usually prefers to seek love in a second person. And it happens to women too. The big mistake, in fact, is to make this exchange without putting an end to the current relationship. Especially when many years have passed, men end up finding it more comfortable to have a second relationship together with the first.

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5. Lack of romanticism

When women start a relationship, they expect a lot from men. Romanticism is the number one quality. But some of them forget that romanticism should not be left to the man alone, it is the woman’s duty as well. Over the years, man tends to tire of this individual responsibility and goes hunting for a new love – especially if that new love offers the same romanticism that he receives.

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6. Shaken intimacy

Most men have an imaginary fantasy that intimate life with their wife will be like that in the movies, beautiful and perfect. But that is not always the case, after all, we know that the rush of everyday life does not allow us long nights of love every day.

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When they are disappointed with this situation, many look to other women for these cinematic nights. From the first meeting, they end up mending the second, the third and when they see it, they are already involved in a second relationship.

What to do after a betrayal?

Now that you know some of the reasons that drive male betrayal, find out how to act if it happens to you:

1. Accept the circumstances

You have discovered a betrayal and of course it has moved you. As they say, it is completely normal to experience a period of “mourning”. There is no point in blaming others and finding excuses. It happened and that’s it. What remains is to live the pain.

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Some psychologists advise to determine a period for this pain, either 1 week or 15 days. It looks a little too “dry”, but it works. Accepting and experiencing the pain at once will bring you more relief. If you feel better, it is worth sharing the moment with a great friend. Besides, without prolonged martyrdoms, huh?

2. Find out the reason for the betrayal

After reflecting on what happened, try to understand the reason for the betrayal. Analyze the facts and find out why your partner looked for another. Did he pick up something you couldn’t offer? Or was he looking for something you could live with, but ended up staying in the background?

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Betrayal can be a tool capable of pointing out the mistakes made in the relationship. It is up to you to find the answers and assess whether the situation really had to do with you or exclusively with your partner.

3. Renew your energies

Get up, shake off the dust and turn it over! Be sure of what you want for yourself and your future relationship. Things will only go well if you reflect on the mistakes – yours and the ex – analyze what was right or wrong and take the teachings to life. There are evils that come for good. Betrayal can even strengthen you. Renew your mind and heart and go for it!

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4. Give chance for new love

Did you resolve the pending issues with your heart and want to move on to a new love? Wonderful! But you need to pay attention: remember not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Also, do not see the shadows of the previous relationship in the new relationship. Give yourself body and soul and always be very transparent with your new partner and with yourself!

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It is not easy to experience a loving betrayal. However, it is useless to regret. It is up to you to wisely take advantage of what was positive about this experience and continue living your life!

We hope you enjoyed our post! How about sharing it with friends? Maybe someone is going through a time like this and needs help? See you!

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