Discover the benefits that engage employees

Motivated professionals are 50% more productive, revealed a survey by Right Management . Thus, many companies have been betting on benefits that engage employees .

Today, with a market that is increasingly competitive, those who can find strategies that motivate employees are ahead of the competition . Not only that, it creates more effective ways to attract and retain new talent .

The salary was no longer enough to guarantee an employee for years at the company. Today’s generation wants to receive additions to their salaries to stay satisfied at work.

As a result, the benefits that engage employees have become a mandatory part of people management . Whether they refer to food, transportation or profit sharing.

According to a study by the CV-Library, more than 54% of workers wish to receive some type of benefit. But what are the best benefits that engage employees? In this article we list 6 options to help you motivate and engage your employees.

How important are professional benefits

Professional development is closely linked to results. Companies that manage to develop actions thinking about the well-being of their employees are more likely to reduce the turnover rate, increase the productivity of the team and retain talent.

And these so-called benefits that engage employees, which are nothing more than direct or indirect advantages, can contribute to employee satisfaction with their work.

The benefits that engage employees act as a motivational factor for employees to feel at home and to perform their happiest duties.

Among the main advantages that the benefits that engage employees can bring to the organization we can highlight:

  • Turnover reduction ;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Decreased absenteeism ;
  • Greater engagement of professionals;
  • Building a good image and reputation of the company in the market .

Now that we know the main advantages of putting together a benefit plan that engages employees, let’s get to know the main ones.

Key benefits that engage employees

From the largest to the smallest, every company can and should adopt benefits that engage employees in its strategy.

In fact, the benefits that engage employees should make up about 30% of a collaborator’s total compensation, according to a survey by Fast Company .

Therefore, we list some benefits that can make your company more competitive in the market. Check out!

  • PLR payment;
  • Career path;
  • Bonuses and commissions;
  • On-demand salary;
  • Development programs;
  • Organized work environment.

Know the details of each of these benefits.

PLR payment

Have you ever heard that story that the employee wants to feel an important part of the company? And one of the strategies that can contribute in this direction is the payment of profit sharing (PLR).

In this case, the company pays an amount to its employees, according to their income in a previously defined period.

With PLR, the company shows confidence in the work of its team and demonstrates its importance in achieving results.

For the professional this is extremely beneficial, as he will also win, financially speaking, if the company makes a profit.

Career path

55% of professionals who have a consolidated career plan say they are happy with their jobs, showed a survey by Consultoria ETALENT with Catho .

That is, employees who know exactly where they can get within the organization tend to be more engaged with the company’s goals. This is because a career plan works as a professional guide, with short, medium and long term goals.

For this reason, the career plan is one of the main benefits that engage employees. It is exactly through the career plan that companies have the opportunity to converge and align their goals and objectives with that of employees.

Creating this good perspective of where the employee can arrive means that he does not settle down and seeks to yield at a high level in order to improve himself and gradually climb steps within the organization.

Bonuses and commissions

A great stimulus within the possible benefits that engage employees are bonuses and commissions . Once the employee knows that the more he dedicates himself to the job, the more chances he has of increasing the amount he will receive at the end of the month.

To develop a good bonus and commission policy, the company necessarily needs to listen to its employees. Knowing what motivates them is the first step, as well as setting tangible goals and defining the value of the commission.

So, the strategy will be built effectively and the employee himself will have a direction to carry out his functions and achieve what was planned.

Not to mention that this extra amount in salary is a way for the company to show appreciation and thank the employee for the services provided .

Thus, the company establishes a bond of trust and prevents, for example, its professionals from wanting to leave the company for lack of appreciation.

On-demand salary

One of the newest and most effective alternatives among the benefits that engage employees is the so-called salary on demand . We know that the reality of the monthly salary is not easy for those who have several accounts payable throughout the month.

However, through this market innovation, the employee has access to his professional salary regardless of the time worked. That is, the company offers its employees access to the value corresponding to the days worked.

In this way, it is possible to reduce the financial stress of employees, allow a closer control of the employee in relation to his finances and empower him when managing his own salary.

Development programs

Well-prepared employees not only work more confidently but are more likely to deliver good results. Therefore, development programs appear as a good alternative within a benefit plan that engages employees.

Whether with internal training actions , within the company itself, as enabling external training so that the employee develops better and better in the job.

The development programs serve as a driver for the professional to grow and enhance his skills and competences.

And the consequence of this professional development has a direct impact on more assertive work executions and more satisfactory results.

Organized work environment

The good work environment can make all the difference for the employee to perform their tasks well on a daily basis. If the structure is terrible and the organizational climate is toxic , absenteeism and turnover rates will be high.

Therefore, one of the benefits that engage employees is mainly in the environment that the company offers . Since, he needs to have a good experience in the company for him to engage and wish to stay.

When it comes to the work environment, we can highlight the structural issue, where the organization must offer soft chairs, work stations with good equipment for the function to be performed, good lighting, etc.

In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the organizational climate that is linked to the good relations between the teams and their managers. This detail can make all the difference when it comes to attracting or retaining talent.

The benefits and professional enhancement

Currently, the salary is no longer sufficient to insure a collaborator in the company. Every organization needs to have a benefit plan that engages employees and values ​​the work they have been doing.

Regardless of the size of the company, it needs to look carefully at what it offers in relation to the quality of life and the physical and mental well-being of its employees.

Always thinking about strategies that encourage the professional to wear the organization’s shirt and motivate themselves with the goals set for him in a satisfactory way.

It is important to point out that within the implementation of a benefit plan that engages employees, the company needs to measure the investment and mainly to conduct a field survey with its employees.

For it to be assertive it is essential that the employees themselves direct the company about which benefits to choose and what will make them happy


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