Discover the advantages of going to an accessible clinic

Everyone knows that public health in the country leaves much to be desired, especially due to the lengthy and often neglected care. For this reason, many seek private health plans. But, as many people are unable to pay for a plan but also do not want to depend on SUS , the accessible clinic appears as a new option.

This new concept of health care has been the lifeline for those who want quality medical care at a friendly price. Without delay in making appointments and offering complementary services, such as exams and a multidisciplinary team, this model has advantages even in relation to traditional private clinics.

If this concept is new to you, then read on and find out what are the advantages of accessible clinics!

Query value is less

All services of accessible clinics are offered at a much lower price, compared to what conventional private clinics charge. On average, it can be said that the value of consultations and exams costs only one third of what is charged in the private health system. The value, without a doubt, is one of the greatest attractions of this model of clinics.

The patient who attends these clinics also does not have to worry about the fluctuation of values, as there is a fixed price list for consultations, exams and any other procedure that the clinic offers. This table was created so that people with lower purchasing power have access to a private health service.

The service offered is of quality

Many people are suspicious of the quality of services provided by accessible clinics. How can a clinic offer the same quality of a private service for less than half the price? But make no mistake: although the price charged is much lower, the medical care of these clinics is not inferior, after all, the doctors who work there are the same ones who attend private clinics .

Furthermore, in order for an accessible clinic to be able to offer health services, it first needs to go through an entire evaluation process carried out by the Regional Councils of Medicine (CRM’s). This assessment analyzes both the capacity of the professionals who work at the site and the quality of the equipment present and the structure of the clinic.

Therefore, a clinic that undergoes this evaluation made by the CRM is able to offer health services. So you can, yes, trust her!

The accessible clinic offers consultations with specialists

It is common that people, when finding out about accessible clinics, think that, because of the low value, only routine exams, check-ups and attendance with general practitioners are offered. Believe me: in accessible clinics, you can also get an appointment with several specialists in different areas.

In addition to specialized treatment, the patient is also entitled to the monitoring of a multidisciplinary team when necessary. This type of treatment is possible because, in addition to specialist doctors, accessible clinics offer services with other health professionals, such as physiotherapists, psychologists, dentists and nutritionists .

But it is worth remembering that, in some cases, it may be that the clinic does not offer the care you need, after all, it is impossible for a single place to cover all types of existing health services. For example, most accessible clinics do not provide chemotherapy treatment. Therefore, the patient needs to look for another outpatient or hospital, private or public, that offers the service in question.

Service is fast

The biggest public health problem is undoubtedly delay. Patients have to face queues and wait a long time to get simple medical care. The situation gets even worse when the patient needs to make an appointment with the specialist or have surgery: the wait can last for months or even years.

This scenario does not happen within an accessible clinic . Thanks to the diversity of professionals available, the waiting time to carry out medical care or laboratory tests is very short. Depending on the case and the type of service that the patient needs, it is possible to get immediate care or make an appointment for the next few days.

Unlike SUS, doctors at accessible clinics earn by the number of consultations performed, and not by the total hours worked, which is an incentive for them to make a higher number of visits per day.

If you are going through an emergency or are in a hurry to get medical attention, affordable clinics are the best option for you!

There is no monthly fee in accessible clinics

Monthly fees or any type of monthly fee cannot exist within an accessible clinic; this is the rule. The company that does not follow this determination is subject to severe penalties.

Therefore, patients do not need any kind of registration or card to have access to the services provided by the clinic. There is also no waiting time, proof of income or any obstacle that prevents the patient from getting care. As long as the consultation fee is paid, anyone can get assistance. After all, as the name says, this is the goal of accessible clinics: easy access to quality health care.

This absence of bureaucracy makes the service even faster, as the patient does not have to wait for the grace period or the completion of his registration to schedule an appointment.

In view of all the advantages mentioned above, it is easy to understand why the number of people who left private health plans to attend an accessible clinic is constantly growing.

Thinking of attracting more and more clients, the companies of accessible clinics are investing in a larger number of specialists, in more complex and modern treatments and in the creation of consultation packages. This market only tends to grow and the winners are the Brazilians who will finally have access to quality healthcare.


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