Discover 9 main causes of urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection (UTI), popularly known as urinary tract infection, is one of the most prevalent infections in the Brazilian population, mainly women. According to data from Albert Einstein Hospital, there are approximately 2 million cases per year.

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Despite being an infection – usually caused by the E. Coli bacteria – the problem can be resolved within a few days after diagnosis. However, laboratory and imaging tests should be used as diagnostic methods.

For you to understand a little more about urinary tract infections, we have listed in our article today the 9 main causes of this type of infection, in addition to very clarifying content on the subject. This is relevant and essential information for an early diagnosis, along with specialized medium care. Look at that!

Clinical symptoms of urinary tract infection

The main symptoms related to urinary infection refer to local pain, mainly in the pelvic region. The bladder, lower abdomen, pelvis and genital area are the areas normally affected. In addition, discomfort when urinating (of the burning type) or during sexual intercourse can also be observed.

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Among the most common symptoms, we must highlight hematuria, which is the presence of blood in the urine; pain and burning at the time of urination; excessive desire to urinate, almost uncontrollably; feverish pictures; low back and pelvic pain; smelly urine or a mild but different smell than usual; vomiting and nausea.

Main causes of urinary tract infection

Now that you know what the main symptoms of urinary tract infection are, it is interesting to know the main causes of this problem – even to prevent and rule out the possibilities of acquiring this type of infection. We bring together the 9 main causes. Follow.

1. Kidney stones

Kidney stones are a major cause of urinary tract infection. It is not a general rule, but many of the cases of kidney stones, such stones are formed by components that can affect the acidity of the urine, allowing the installation of salts and allowing a picture of urinary infection. The problem also makes room for pyelonephritis, which is an infection that begins in the urethra or bladder and dissipates to the kidneys.

2. Obesity

When we talk about the relationship between obesity and urinary tract infection, it is an indirect, however, existing cause. When you are a little overweight, it becomes more difficult to perform hygiene of the private parts properly – due to abdominal fat and the famous “folds”.

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With the genital region dirty, there is a proliferation of bacteria responsible for the emergence of urinary tract infection. A hint? Keep a healthy diet and exercise routine so that obesity stays away and you guarantee your health!

3. Condoms

Most condoms contain spermicides in their formula, which are responsible for eliminating sperm during sexual intercourse. Despite being effective and indispensable, the spermicide can modify the vaginal flora, facilitating the installation of bacteria.

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The ideal, in this case, is not to eliminate the use of condoms, but to opt for a model that brings the substance only in its internal part – or that does not have it.

4. Diabetes

Another indirect but very possible cause for the appearance of urinary tract infection. Diabetic people tend to have a harder time fighting bacteria, including those that cause urinary tract infection. In addition to this situation, the excessive practice of physical exercises, as well as drugs used in the treatment, can influence the drop in immunity.

5. “Catch” the urine

From an early age, women have heard that holding pee is bad. It is true and we will explain to you the reason: when the urine remains stopped for a long time in the bladder wall, it results in the proliferation of bacteria, since there is no continuous washing of your wall. The accumulation of these microorganisms results in urinary infection.

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6. Constipation

Constipation is another frequent cause of urinary tract infection. And you can understand why: when there is a situation of constipation, bacteria such as ” Escherichia Coli ”, which naturally live in the gastrointestinal tract, can be directed to the urethra, where they cause contamination and, consequently, infection. urinary.

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According to doctors and experts in the field, women who suffer from constipation are the ones with the most intestinal bacteria in the vaginal region. When in doubt, it is worth eating very well and keeping your intestines working properly.

7. Minimum water intake

Doctors always tell us that in order to have a healthy life we ​​need to drink at least 2 liters of water. And it is a fact, even to prevent urinary infection. When fluids are not ingested sufficiently, there is no filtration of blood through the kidneys and consequently, there is no urine. Without urine, there is no cleaning of the walls of the bladder, ureters and urethra – full plate for the appearance of a urinary infection.

8. Do not replace absorbents properly

It is known that during the menstrual period the body eliminates dozens of substances that can influence the appearance of bacteria. When the woman stays with the absorbent full of these substances for long periods, it ends up facilitating the process of culture of these bacteria, which can move to the urethra.

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To keep yourself safe and free from possible urinary tract infection, the ideal is to change the intimate pad at maximum intervals of 4 hours – or, whenever you notice that the flow has “decreased”.

9. Wear very tight clothing

It may seem strange to say that you shouldn’t wear tight underwear, but there is a scientific reason for that. Especially on underwear: very tight pieces in direct contact with the skin increase the temperature of the genital region, causing the appearance of fungi – resulting in a possible urinary infection.

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In any case, the best thing is to use comfortable pieces and avoid the most porous lace and fabrics, giving space for the cotton pieces. In addition, whenever possible, choose to sleep without panties – so that the region is ventilated and ventilated.

Even though it is a common problem, there is little care when it comes to urinary tract infection. It is worth noting all the tips and taking care. Have you ever had this type of infection? Leave your comment and tell us how you went through this picture. Who knows, you may not help other readers?

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