Discover the 3 biggest mistakes within a relationship

You start dating a man who is everything you’ve always dreamed of. Everything seems fine, you start making plans, but suddenly, he loses interest and the beautiful love story is ruined. Several questions arise in your head and you start to think what you could have done wrong. Sometimes the two just didn’t match or else he wasn’t the right guy. However, in some situations, it may have been your fault. Due to some attitudes, you may simply have chased away the person you wanted to attract. Do you want to know if that was your case? So see what are the 3 biggest mistakes in a relationship!

In today’s text we will talk about:

  • Mistakes within a relationship are frequent
  • 1- Be sticky and needy
  • 2 – Be insecure
  • 3- Be tense and have no sense of humor
  • One last piece of advice
  • Don’t look for perfection

Mistakes within a relationship are frequent

There are millions of stories about ending relationships, but despite being played by different people, they end up being caused by the same mistakes. Sometimes, there are multiple problems that overlap. Therefore, recognizing these patterns of behavior helps women in current relationships or future relationships.

Being sticky and needy

This is one of the biggest mistakes within a relationship. If there is one thing that makes any man run, it is a sticky woman. There is nothing wrong with being affectionate or showing that you are thinking of him, but when you do this constantly and insistently, it can end up scaring you. When that happens, he will try to regain his independence by walking away.

Another even worse situation is when you make it known that you are falling in love with him very fast. Since men are looking for fun at the beginning of a relationship, letting them know that you are already planning your future together will scare you, if it is not already on the same page. Remember: if a man feels that a woman wants more from him in the relationship than he is prepared to give, he will walk away.

Don’t let him become the center of your world

If you give up on your dreams, hobbies and passions to spend more time with a man, you will truly regret it in the future. He will notice that his emotional world revolves around him – and that is too much responsibility for anyone. As for you, you may resent the choices you have made in the future and this will damage your relationship.

Never make a man your hobby, your dream or your goal. It will hurt you in ways you can’t even imagine right now. There is nothing more attractive than the way someone’s eyes light up when they are talking about their individual passions. Never compromise that for anyone.

Be insecure

It is normal for a woman to be a little insecure, to complain about her body, to think she could have a bigger breast, a thinner waist. However, when it comes to relationships, flooding a man with his insecurities is incredibly unattractive. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable enough with each other to talk about the challenges you have faced in your life or some of the obstacles you are dealing with, about your insecurities.

The problem is when you start to say phrases like “does this jeans make me fat?”, “I need to do a diet”, “do you think I’m beautiful?”. The worst thing is that, in addition to insecurity, you attack him whenever an attractive woman talks to him. All of this just makes him move further and further away from you.

Insecurity is a huge relationship killer, but for women, in a society that constantly says, “You are not good enough”, it is easy to feel that you are really not good enough. You are not elegant enough. It is not sweet enough. It is not pretty enough. Stop listening to this bullshit.

You are fantastic the way you are!

The problem is that, once your insecurities start to get in the way, there is hardly any return. If you leave them out of control, these insecurities can drain the life and love of a relationship. If you trust your partner, then you can believe that you are “good enough”, “beautiful enough” and “perfect enough” to deserve your love. Remember that he chose you because he likes your way, how you are, so there is no need for so much insecurity.

Be tense and have no sense of humor

There aren’t many men out there who want to deal with tense women – the ones who act like they’re royalty and who think they should be treated as a very expensive and fragile artifact. Men need to be extremely kind to them because they cannot be exposed to any strong or controversial opinions or inappropriate jokes. In fact, I don’t know any men, except for those guys who think that all women are naturally tense, who want to have a relationship with a woman like that.

A tense woman really is difficult to please and they are offended by things that would be silly, which are not a big problem for others. This type of woman is also generally very moody and unpredictable. The man never knows when she will be angry, slam the door or start screaming with or without a serious reason.

Many men, even the most confident, will find it difficult to relax and be around such a woman. They need to step on eggs because any word can offend. When they realize that the woman who seemed to be so interesting doesn’t have an ounce of humor and is tense at all times, they give up on the relationship.

Do not take life so seriously, enjoy the moments spent with your partner with joy and good humor. Don’t be so offended by silly games, there are things that are not worth discussing and that can be resolved without stress or discomfort. Show that you also know how to laugh and that you can lead life with lightness and good humor.

One last piece of advice

If you are looking for a man to “complete” you when this is your own job, you are making a big mistake! Whoever invests in himself and does some personal development work, has a great advantage when it comes to attracting and maintaining all the love he deserves. When you are self-confident and self-reliant, it is much more difficult to make mistakes. Before you can be happy with someone, you need to learn to be happy alone.

Don’t look for perfection

The goal of talking about the biggest mistakes in a relationship is not to seek perfection. I’m not saying that you have to be perfect to be lovable. It’s okay to make mistakes. However, some are easy to avoid simply by being a more secure, self-confident person  who believes that it really is worthwhile. So, instead of pushing him away with silly and childish attitudes, show him your full potential as a woman and as a person. He will fall for you.

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