Discover the 10 health benefits of swimming

Among water sports, one of the most sought after by both adults and children is swimming.

Little ones really want to improve their swimming techniques or even learn to swim through classes that can be a lot of fun, while adults and the elderly seek to maintain their health and fitness.

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Whether it’s health problems or a simple interest in learning to swim, the fact is that one way or another people end up looking for swimming schools.

Some parents even enroll their children as babies so that since they are young they have contact with water.

But do you know what benefits this sport brings to your health? Check out the 10 health benefits of swimming :

1. Strengthening the heart muscles

Who has problems with fat around the heart can bet on swimming to change that. Or even avoid the problem and simply strengthen the heart muscles.

This is because the movement made by the arms and legs together with the breathing work in the water makes the heart become stronger, as it eliminates the fat around the organ.

As a result, there is stimulation of blood circulation, improved heart rate, increased blood pumping to the body and a lower incidence of heart disease.

2. Increased longevity

Swimming provides the benefit of a reduced mortality rate and greater chances of you living longer.

The reason for this is related to several other benefits that the sport provides as the improvement of the reasoning, of the blood circulation, of the breathing and also of the increase of the physical resistance.

3. No pain during adaptation

If you have been recommended by your doctor to do some aerobic exercise and are concerned about the dreaded post-exercise pain, bet on swimming and avoid this.

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The reason? This is the only sport that does not cause pain during the phase when your body is adapting to the activity.

As it is carried out in the water your weight becomes lighter while you swim.

4. Reduction and prevention of respiratory problems

Anyone suffering from respiratory problems like bronchitis, asthma or even rhinitis can count on swimming to prevent and reduce the symptoms of these diseases.

As the exercise is practiced in a humid environment it makes breathing easier, as well as strengthens the chest muscles, increasing the elasticity and volume of the lungs, increasing the oxygen absorption capacity.

All of this occurs through breathing exercises practiced during swimming.

5. Increased flexibility

It is natural that over the years – and the number more at our age – we will lose our flexibility. It is even a very common complaint of adults and the elderly, to be feeling “hard”, with difficulty making the slightest movement that requires stretching.

So, if you want to have that flexibility back when you were younger, include swimming as one of your physical activities.

During swimming you work your arms and legs, which helps to keep your joints active, making your flexibility and elasticity improve a lot.

6. Weight control or loss

If the goal of looking for a sport to include in your daily activities involves weight loss or control, swimming can also help you do that.

As the exercise is performed in water, the resistance is much greater, requiring more effort, even if you do not feel or perceive it.

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Research shows that every 10 minutes swimming the chest you lose approximately 60 calories while on the back that number increases to 80.

However do not abuse, it is recommended that the sport be practiced between two to five times a week and for a maximum of one hour.

7. Increased self-esteem

Swimming allows you to feel free, not to mention that it also works on your independence and security in yourself.

After all, as much as you have a teacher guiding you, the results and efforts depend solely on yourself. Without realizing it, you are motivated to try and start to feel more confident and secure.

In addition, the sport also makes the person relax the mind and therefore covers less.

8. Improved reasoning ability

Swimming makes you move your entire body, as a result of which some discouraged parts of the brain are influenced.

So exercise – in the long run – improves your thinking ability and prevents diseases like Alzheimer’s.

This benefit is one of the reasons why doctors recommend sport to the elderly.

9. Decreases stress and anxiety levels

Very stressed or naturally anxious people are always on their mind, however, swimming can help solve the problem.

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The reason? Swimming requires that the person concentrate to reconcile body movements and breathing, causing the mind to disconnect from other activities and focus only on that, thinking only about his body and forgetting problems and other things that “haunt” his thoughts.

The sound of breathing together with the sound of water also works as a therapy, making you relax.

10. Control of diabetes

Those suffering from type 1 or 2 diabetes can count on swimming to help control the glycemic index.

As exercise causes calories to be lost, the body needs glucose to perform the activity, keeping the blood sugar level under control.


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