Discord Crashes When Sharing Screen: What to Do?

Dealing with Discord crashes when sharing screen? Learn how to troubleshoot this issue quickly and effectively to get back to seamless communication and collaboration on Discord.

Discord crashes when sharing a screen when certain errors occur. The good news is that you can fix the problem yourself, quickly and easily! Let’s try: together we will learn the necessary actions and return to full-fledged work in the messenger.

Discord Crashes When Sharing Screen: What to Do

If Discord crashes when you enable the demo, there is a clear problem that needs to be fixed. It is impossible to use the messenger normally if there is no way to share the contents of the screen. We can fix the error together – you need to remember a few simple tips. Do not despair, this can happen to anyone – with our help, functionality will soon be restored!

First, a few simple steps. When Discord crashes when you start screen sharing, you need to take basic measures – in most cases, they help to cope with the situation.

Reboot and run as administrator

First, reboot your device – exit the application completely and restart your computer. Then you can try running as administrator:

  • Right-click on the program shortcut;
  • Click on the line “Properties”;
  • Go to the Compatibilitytab ;
  • Check the box next to “Run as administrator”;
  • Click “OK”to save your changes.

Sometimes Discord crashes when sharing a screen because the computer is overloaded – you need to clean it from unnecessary content. A special program CC Cleaner will help – faster and better than manually. Just install (free), open and run the cleaning.

If simple actions do not help, let’s move on to more serious measures – there are different ways to solve the problem, let’s discuss everything! You will definitely find a working option.

Updating drivers

Sometimes the reason for the error when Discord crashes when you enable screen sharing is in the drivers. Without the necessary updates, unpleasant consequences may occur!

  • Right- click on the Start icon;
  • Open Device Manager;
  • Find the “Video adapters”section in the list and expand it;
  • Right-click and select “Update”;
  • Click on the line “Automatic driver search”.

The system will find the official update and install it by its own means. Now you can restart the messenger and get back to work.

We move on to the next possible cause and solution – sometimes Discord crashes when enabling a demo due to incorrect settings.

Setting the correct settings

Difficulties can be found in unexpected places – let’s be glad that the developer has provided the messenger with simple and clear settings that can be adjusted. Let’s see what can be done if the program crashes when you turn on screen sharing in Discord!

  • Log in to the app;
  • Click on the gear icon – it is located on the bottom panel on the right;
  • Go to the Voice & Videosection on the left panel;
  • Make sure that the Input Deviceand Output Device blocks contain the correct devices – change the value if necessary;
  • Disable or enable (depending on the initial position) the following options – “Hardware acceleration”“Serving high priority packets” .

Now restart the program and try again to show the required information on the screen to your interlocutor!

Removing the load from the operating system

Sometimes our computer can’t cope with the number of tasks that have fallen on it – this is especially true for old and weak devices. That’s why Discord crashes when we turn on the demo! We need to help the hardware, remove unnecessary processes:

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Deletekeys simultaneously to open Task Manager;
  • Find unnecessary processes and close them.

Important! Sometimes Discord crashes when sharing a screen due to technical issues on the developer’s side. There’s nothing you can do except wait until the problem is resolved by technical specialists.

Antivirus and firewall

Sometimes Discord crashes when sharing a screen due to a conflict of special software – the firewall and antivirus protecting the device can block harmless programs. This is easy to deal with – just disable the software for a while. The second option is to add the messenger to the list of exceptions, the white list.

Sometimes the conflict is caused by viruses – in this case, the antivirus will become our ally. It is necessary to run a full system scan, clean the device from the viruses that have penetrated it and try to return to work in the application.

You will no longer be able to say that the application crashes when you turn on screen sharing in Discord – we have found effective ways to solve the problem! Now you can independently cope with unpleasant breakdowns and return to full-fledged communication.


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