10 Disadvantages of biomass

Disadvantages of biomass.To maximize the advantages and reduce the impact of the disadvantages of biomass, it is essential that there is a correct management of organic waste. This work contributes to prolonging the life of sanitary landfills and giving the waste an environmentally correct destination.

The management of organic waste is nothing more than the adoption of a set of well-planned actions for the collection, storage, transport, treatment, destination and disposal of material. It consists of thinking through all the steps according to what is best for the environment.

Disadvantages of biomass

Check out the main disadvantages of biomass below:

  • In comparison with other fuels, it has a lower calorific value;
  • Offers greater difficulty for transport and storage (solid biomass);
  • It has reduced efficiency;
  • Contribute to the increase in acid rain.
  • Among all the disadvantages, three stand out:
    • Ashes are generated. If you bet on biomass, it should be noted that burning waste generates ashes, something that increases operational costs. In addition, the safety measures in incineration must be high, both due to the temperature and the emission of gases.
    • A storage area is required. The space occupied by biomass is high. Not only because of the volume of the boiler, but also because of the waste that must be used to generate energy. Many organizations must allocate a single space for waste and, on the other hand, for the boiler.
    • Specific maintenance. As they are not so widespread, the maintenance of these boilers is unique, requiring specific companies that are specialized in maintaining biomass facilities in good condition.

    Biomass energy is increasingly widespread in Spain, although it has not yet reached a significant market share. Betting on this source of energy entails being able to enjoy a series of benefits, but also disadvantages that must be known before betting on biomass.

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