Digital ownership certificate: how it works

The term certificate of ownership means a document that is delivered by the Public Automobile Registry . This sheet is not necessary to be able to walk on the road but it is of fundamental importance to know the condition of the car from a legal point of view as well as to be sure of the actual ownership of the vehicle.

This document contains a series of information such as the plate , the chassis , the number of horses , the date on which the first registration took place. However, the ownership certificate in digital form has recently been introduced so that it does not have to be kept by the driver, but can be easily read online on the dedicated website.

This novelty was introduced at the end of 2015 and responds to continuous requests to abandon paper in favor of digital when first. Obviously it is also undeniable a benefit for the citizen himself who in this way does not have to fear of losing the document (a situation not very rare since in one year the PRA has registered almost 300,000 lost ownership certificates). In fact, in recent years, when the ownership certificate was lost or stolen, a copy had to be requested at the ACI counter. This operation obviously cost about 14 euros to collect the document and about 50 euros for the stamp duty.

Another advantage of this choice arises when we want to sell our car or give it in exchange to get a new one. In fact, in such a situation it would be necessary to go and look among the many sheets and documents preserved, that of the certificate of ownership while with the introduction of the digital form being able to obtain this kind of information is quick and fast. Obviously, the replacement of the paper form in the digital one does not take place automatically but is carried out only when the citizen himself makes an explicit request.

Digital ownership certificate: how to consult it and how to access the site

When the digital ownership certificate is issued , the citizen is also given a sheet on which an access code is indicated in the form of a QR-code. This series of numbers is the object of the scan that is carried out through the use of an application (installed on your mobile phone) which connects directly to the page where you can view the ownership certificate.

In addition to the method described above, there is the possibility of directly entering the website , which is mentioned in the issued sheet, and consult your data. For all those who wish to inquire about their certificate of ownershipto find out if this is present in digital form or still in paper form, the ACI provides a free site that can be easily viewed. To do this, however, it is necessary to be aware of some personal data such as the type of vehicle and the plate number. We also remind you that the certificate of ownership, although considered a document, can only be used by the owner of the vehicle to which the certificate refers. The procedure for contacting the PRA requires that you first contact the driver’s cash dispenser and to do this it is not enough to have the document with you, but the holder must be the holder. In cases where any request is submitted by third parties, it is mandatory to have a proxy with you.

How to read the certificate of ownership

On the digital ownership certificate it is possible to observe the same data and information that were present in the paper form, that is:

  • car data;
  • data of the person to whom the car is registered;
  • notes on possible crimes committed with the use of the car and information regarding the possibility that the car has been mortgaged or not.

Advantages and Benefits

While on the one hand the introduction of the digital ownership certificate made everyone who lost patience looking for the document among the many others stored on the desk smile, all those who have lost or whose certificate has been stolen, it is also true that has made the consultation of this problematic for all those who are not very skilled in the use of tablets, computers, phones and more generally recent electronic devices.


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