Digital menus and menus, keys to reopening restaurants

The world has changed. The coronavirus crisis has caused a change in trends and consumption habits to which the hospitality sector will have to adapt. Bars and restaurants will be able to open terraces in phase 1 and the interior of their premises from phase 2 of de-climbing, but for this they will have to adopt changes and introduce hygienic and gauging measures.

Temperature controls when entering, eating between partitions, face masks and gloves required by staff or the disappearance of the physical card are some of the measures that the sector will have to face. In this sense, a group of entrepreneurs have created ‘ ‘ , an online platform aimed at the hospitality sector to help them display their menu / menu without the need for a physical menu through QR codes .

“With the Covid-19 the world has changed, and consequently, customers too. From now on, consumers will opt for sites that adapt and take measures regarding prevention, “explains Gustavo Revelles, CEO of , who notes that” technology in QR codes will prevent customers from entering physical contact with the cards . It is the most hygienic solution ”.

The solution allows bars, restaurants (or any other business that may have a menu) to keep all their dishes up to date , adjust prices and offer information. In addition, customers will be able to consult the information about the restaurant, which will make the process faster and more effective; as well as they will capture the menu from the outside for later orders at home.

“Through this platform , stores will have within 48/72 hours the poster kit and personalized stickers with the QR code at a price of 29.90 euros per month , so they can get up and running quickly and provide service with maximum security for its clients, ”says Revelles, adding that the new digital menu option is a boost for the more than 300,000 hospitality establishments that Spain has today, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE).

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