What Are Different Parts Of Newspapers For Readers

You must know the Parts Of Newspapers For Readers.The average daily newspaper includes a larger amount and variety of reading matter than most readers realize. In one issue of a large daily paper, which contains from 60,000 to 80,000 words exclusive of advertising, are usually to be found examples of practically every type of literary composition. The contents range from news of accidents and crime to humorous and serious verse, from market reports to a short story or a chapter of a novel, from dramatic and musical criticism to cooking recipes and cosmetic formulas, from argumentative editorials to reports of boxing matches and baseball games.

Parts Of Newspapers For Readers

The news, in a specific way, has a clear, precise and objective language, since it is information and, therefore, everything that is reported needs to be clear, so that the message is conveyed properly. . How about we now know a little more about the parts that make up this genre?

Parts Of Newspapers For Readers

* The headline or main title –

It is usually made up of short, catchy phrases, and reveals the main subject that will be pictured below.

* Auxiliary Title –

Its function is to complement the main title by adding just a few more information. 

* The cope (this term derives from an English word – lead ) – I

n this part we need to find all the necessary information to answer the following questions: Where did the fact happen? With whom?What happened? When? As? Because? What was the subject? 

* Body of the news –

In it, there is a greater detail of the facts, in order to highlight the most important details, fundamental to the understanding of the interlocutor. 

Classification of contents. Diversified as are the contents of a typical daily paper, they may be grouped in seven classes: (1) news stories; (2) special feature articles; (3) editorials; (4) dramatic, musical, and literary criticism; (5) practical advice and useful information; (6) humorous matter; (7) fiction. Of these seven classes, the first four news stories, special feature articles, editorials, and dramatic, musical, and literary criticism are generally considered to be the distinctly journalistic types of writing.

The news section

The news section is  found when opening a newspaper. Its main purpose is to present the current news to the public.The first page is one of the most significant parts of a newspaper. In it you can see a summary of the most important news, some stories related to the local community, the state or national and international events.

Photo Reports

You can find photo reports in the news section. These are responsible for creating images that can support the development of an event. In the case of newspapers, photographic reports are composed of still images.Photos included in any news story must have a caption at the bottom.

The entertainment section

The entertainment section of a newspaper includes information and articles focused on different cultural aspects. You can find reports related to stories of human interest, in which social interaction between individuals is discussed from an emotional perspective.In this section, current cultural events are presented, people’s social problems, concerns and achievements are dealt with in a way that attracts readers’ interest and sympathy.This is where you will find information related to famous people or popular culture. You can see the billboard of theaters, find the horoscope, advice columns or different games like crossword puzzles or soups.

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