What is the difference between the symptoms of corona virus and Diarrhea

The World Health Organization reports the difference between the symptoms of the nozzle and the Corona virus.

Some of the symptoms are similar:

  1. You may have both illnesses from those affected. Touching your face after shaking hands with an infected person is like inviting illness. (Covid-19 can also be spread by coughing or sneezing of an infected person).
  2. The symptoms of both are quite similar: Both diseases affect the respiratory system and both symptoms include fever, fatigue, and cough. Severe pneumonia can also occur in severe cases.

However, there are six basic ways to distinguish between a nozzle and a corona virus:

  1. The flu spreads quickly: the most important difference between the two diseases is this. The duration of the nozzle incubation (ie, how long it takes for symptoms to occur) and the serial period (ie, how long it can take to get recovered) are less than viruses. According to the World Health Organization, the serial duration of the Corona virus is five to six days and three days to nozzle. That is why the stream can spread more quickly.

This condition is called viral shedding, when a virus is infected with a host and produces other viruses of its own. Due to this shedding, viral diseases can spread from person to person. The shedding of the Corona virus begins within two days before the symptoms appear, but the World Health Organization says the disease is spreading in other ways (though according to an article in Corona virus victims) Shading can begin even before symptoms appear in the early stages). The shedding of the nozzle virus begins within two days of symptoms appearing and usually lasts up to a week. However, according to a study done on Chinese patients, the shedding of the Corona virus (or until the death of the patient) continued for 20 days. In one case, shading of 37 days was observed while the minimum shedding period was eight days. to her

  1. Other Related Diseases: The Corona virus causes on average two more infections. On the contrary, pneumonia may occur after some time, but the chances of another infection are very low. According to the World Health Organization, it is very important for doctors to examine patients’ histories, as other diseases may already be present in the victims of the Corona virus.
  2. The Corona virus spreads to children more than adults: The biggest cause of the outbreak is babies, but the Corona virus is spread by adults. This means that most of the virus-infected patients are older and more vulnerable to the disease. According to a Washington Post report, experts have not yet understood why the disease is affecting more children than children. Some people think that due to recurrent seizures, children have developed immunity to the Crohn’s virus, while others believe that children’s immune system is usually better than older ones.
  3. The Corona virus is more dangerous: So far the death rate due to the Corona virus (ie the number of deaths in cases) is three to four percent. However, many cases may not have been reported so far and the actual mortality rate may be lower. In contrast, mortality due to nozzles is only 0.1%.
  4. No cure for the Corona virus has been discovered so far: Vaccines for the Corona virus have not been developed so far, but work is ongoing. However vaccines are available for doses and we advise you not to delay them so that the burden on the medical facilities can be reduced to some extent.


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