What is the difference between buyer persona and target audience?

Do you know what are the differences between buyer persona and target audience? Stay with us to know everything about this subject!

Within a group of consumers there will always be individual preferences and tastes. Currently, one of the biggest challenges for companies is to find their consumer niche.

Understanding which customer profile is interested in what the company sells increases the chances of a product or service being recognized by them.

However, this only occurs when a message is directed to recipients who are prepared or interested , since the likelihood of them being attracted is very high.

Marketing has proven to be a powerful tool in recent years due to its ability to build consumer purchase profile strategies , two of which are used en masse within companies in the most diverse sectors: target audience and buyer persona.

What is the difference between buyer persona and target audience?

What does my consumer eat? Where he lives? How much does he earn? What is your marital status?

Questions like these are guiding threads for understanding how consumers behave and, in this way, understanding their buying habits .

As already mentioned, there are two concepts within marketing that seek to understand this behavior: target audience and buyer persona.

“But what would each of them be?”

Starting with the most “old” and practical model: the target audience is the way to understand your consumer based on socioeconomic data , that is, more general and superficial aspects.

In this strategy, the most relevant data are:

  • Geographic location;
  • Educational background;
  • Monthly income;
  • Genre;
  • Age;
  • Marital status.

These data are extremely important markers, since through them it is possible to set a pattern and then develop strategies aimed at this audience that tends to consume the product or service.

The definition of target audience can be achieved through market research, conversation with consumers, data from a crm and persona (let’s talk about it).

“Okay, but, and in practice, how does it really work?”

So that there is no doubt about how the target audience works, it is possible to use a very simple example:

A lingerie company located on Rua Oscar Freire, in the city of São Paulo, defined that its target audience are women aged 22 to 66 with higher education and an income above 8 minimum wages, residing in São Paulo or in surroundings.

This assessment does not take into account anything other than socioeconomic data, unlike how the buyer persona works .

While the target audience is based only on more general aspects, the buyer persona thoroughly investigates the most different factors in the consumer’s life .

Despite also using data, the buyer persona works similar to government companies when they draw a psychological profile of suspects.

Therefore, the buyer persona is more focused on psychological aspects than socioeconomic data.

So, what to take into account when building a buyer persona?

  • Hobbies;
  • Profession;
  • Communication channels in which she finds herself;
  • Ideological positions;
  • Economic situation;
  • Passions;
  • Personality (Introvert or Extrovert);
  • Brand image;
  • Goals;
  • Age;
  • Location;
  • Name.

These are just some of the data that can be taken into account in the construction of the persona, because the deeper this study is, the more detailed and realistic it becomes.

Another important element – and one that complements this strategy – is storytelling , since one of the great “charms” is exactly telling the story of this consumer.

Let’s see how this works in practice?

Delia Miranda is a 35 year old female entrepreneur working in the automotive industry. Single and with no intention of marriage or children. Despite being very successful and economically independent, she continues to live with her parents in a luxury condominium located in a privileged region of Belo Horizonte.

An only child, Delia is very attached to her parents. Part of this attachment is due to being very introverted and a little reclusive. From an early age his education was the key point of his life. Fluent in three languages ​​- Portuguese, English and French – Delia is also a graduate in Business Administration, with a Master’s and Doctorate focused on the management of multinational companies.

Extremely dependent on her cell phone, Delia doesn’t get out of bed before checking out all her social media. The chains are even her favorite place to shop, since she doesn’t enjoy exposing herself. But some points are taken into account, such as the company’s reputation, political positions and level of exclusivity.

Do you understand how it works?

The deeper this study is, the easier it becomes to identify what the consumer would or would not do. Delia, for example, would rarely consume products from popular, low-priced children’s stores.

This kind of consumer perception says everything about the strategy that should be used.

What to use in my company: target audience or buyer persona?


The truth is that at one time or another your company will need both Marketing strategies to get to know the public.

This happens, because while the target audience is focused on common aspects within a group of consumers , the buyer persona seeks to create the representation of a consumer and, from it, to mirror itself.

The target audience is a great option for getting started! And it is almost impossible for a company to get off the ground without having it well defined. Some companies that have been in the market for some time and have several data about their consumers, can also benefit, working also for managers who are rethinking the price and need a guide.

The buyer persona uses in- depth research to build an ideal consumer. It allows marketing actions to be more niche , that is, it facilitates communication between company and consumer.

But be aware, it is impossible to build one strategy while ignoring the other.

There is no ideal strategy, everything goes from the feeling and need of the moment.

Before deciding, you need to know a tool capable of assisting you in generating data

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And the best part: it still gives you a hand when it comes to getting that important information to define your target audience and create your buyer persona.

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