Did you just buy a Nintendo Switch? 10 tips for mastering the console

It may be that even before buying a Nintendo Switch you already know the hybrid console from cable to tail. But here we have gathered some tips for you to stay on top of the features care , the game store and make the most of the Nintendo platform.

The Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017, succeeding the Nintendo Wii U (from 2012). It was the fastest selling console in US history , with 4.8 million units sold in 10 months.

In 2019, Nintendo introduced the Switch Lite , a smaller version without the removable Joy-Cons and the new Nintendo Switch. Both 2019 models had an update to the processor to have more energy efficiency, only.

Considering the long life of consoles that are on the market, it is possible to say that these two will last a long time, especially considering the record sales they had.

If you’re thinking about buying the Nintendo Switch, check out our tips:

1. The Nintendo Switch game catalog

One of the first things we do when turning on the Nintendo Switch is to create a Nintendo account to register the console and start using from a gamer profile. At this point it is worth thinking about creating an account in a country other than Brazil.

For three reasons:

  1. Games: not all titles available for Nintendo Switch are in the Brazilian catalog ( Fortniteis one of them );
  2. eShop: exploring the Nintendo game store on the console is not yet possible. With that, searches should be done only on the site, generating a code to be inserted into the Switch and download the game;
  3. Price: in many cases, international stores offer more attractive prices and promotions.

Still, creating a Brazilian account is not a permanent action, check out:

  • How to change the Nintendo Switch country [change eShop region]
  • How to buy cheaper Nintendo Switch games in other regions

Remember: shopping at international stores requires an international credit card.

2. Expand storage with a memory card

The Nintendo Switch comes with 32 GB of internal storage. That is very little considering that most games purchased for it will be digital (even more if they are from international stores).

Thus, it is worth thinking about buying together a microSD card of at least 64 GB to expand the storage of the video game. I bought a 128 GB one and I don’t think I will need a new one anytime soon.

Even more if you consider that you can delete the games already played that you will not lose the progress saved locally or in the cloud.

3. Watch out! It’s tough, but not bulletproof

Nintendo’s footprint has always been something more familiar and in some cases, more childlike. This requires the console to be “child proof”.

An example of this are the game cartridges, submitted to a chemical solution that is bitter in the mouth, to make the children expel the card from the games as soon as they put the material in their mouth.

But as much as the Nintendo Switch is a sturdy console it is good to take some precautions.

The plastic screen: this material is more resistant to falls than glass (mine has been on the floor twice and goes well), but it scratches more easily.

I recommend putting a film on the screen, as it will be exposed to scratches every time you put it in and out of the dock to load it or play it on TV.

Joy-Cons: make sure to press the button to remove the controls before leaving by pulling them out of the console body. This prevents damage to the Joy-Cons fastening components on the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch passed the durability test of youtuber Zack Nelson, known for the channel JerryRigEverything.  They are quite extreme, but you can get an idea of ​​the strength of the console. V EJA:

4. Update

If you follow Tecnoblog , it is likely that you will be aware of a future update on the console. Many of them come more to fix problems and bugs than to add functionality. Do this before downloading any games as soon as you buy the Nintendo Switch.

To update:

  1. On the home screen, access the settings through the gear icon;
  2. Scroll to System and select System Update (first option).

5. Dark theme

Just as it is a trend in mobile operating systems ( Android and iOS ) to adopt night mode on cell phones, the Nintendo Switch already brings this feature from the beginning. With it, the home and menu screens replace the white background with dark gray.

Just access the settings and search for “Themes” on the left side panel.

6. Quick menu

What if you were in a game and needed to change the screen brightness or activate airplane mode , for example? Instead of minimizing, accessing the settings and then making adjustments, use the quick menu.

To do this, just hold the home button. The panel with the settings will appear on the right side of the screen.

7. Nintendo Switch Online

Just as PS4 is for PlayStation Plus and Xbox One is for Xbox Live Gold, the Switch features Nintendo Switch Online. In the service you don’t have free popular games every month, but you can count on:

  • Online matches with other players. Remembering that not all games require the service;
  • Backup of cloud saves: If something happens to your console or you intend to buy another Nintendo Switch, the data will be synchronized;
  • Access to the mobile application: This is a negative point, since the competitors integrate the resource to the console, instead of having to use a cell phone to chat with friends;
  • NES Games: Access to a catalog of more than 40 Nintendinho games (Nintendo Entertainment System). New classic games are added monthly to the catalog and there are indications that Super Nintendo games also arrive on the Switch.

The subscription price is lower than that of competitors: R $ 14.80 in the monthly plan; R $ 74.25 if paid annually.

8. YouTube

An app that is already present on the Nintendo Switch is YouTube . You may not see sense in watching videos on YouTube through that screen while you have your phone. But what about when on TV? It’s an easy way to pass content on to it if you don’t have a Smart TV or Chromecast, for example.

Having YouTube on the Nintendo Switch also makes me believe that other media apps like Netflix and Prime Video can also get there. With that I can replace the need to change that older TV just to consume these contents in another room in the house.

9. News, releases

The Nintendo Switch has an area for news about the console and the games you have installed. When you download a new game or application, it automatically starts to follow that provider’s feed.

The section serves to stay on top of new game releases, promotions, updates and news from the ecosystem in general. It’s a good idea to take a look over there from time to time.

However, as you have new games, your feed starts to become polluted by titles that you are no longer interested in.

To stop following any of these channels:

  1. Access the news section;
  2. Press Y to access the channel list;
  3. Scroll to the bottom of a channel’s feed and select “See all available articles”;
  4. Then tap the “Following” button to stop following.

10. The Master Sword… I mean, the Pro Controller

Using the Switch connected to the TV can be very convenient if you prefer to play on a larger screen and enjoy, for example, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in all its splendor.

The only annoyance is that Joy-Cons are not a better example of comfort in the form of control. Even with the support that comes in the box, the buttons and the footprint can be annoying over time.

Of course, Nintendo already has a solution, sold separately (obviously): the Pro Controller. Visually speaking, the joypad looks like a hybrid of the PS4 and Xbox One controls – only a lot lighter than both and with a great grip (own experience), even for small hands ( Vivi’s ).

It is undoubtedly an excellent accessory and worth investing in one. Some even say that the Pro Controller is superior to controls from Sony and Microsoft . His only problem is the price, averaging R $ 400 in retail.


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