Diaper rash: baby has red bottom

Irritated, little baby’s buttocks turn red … How to react? What is diaper rash? What are the causes ? How to care for baby? The answers.


  1. What is diaper rash?
  2. What are the causes of diaper rash?
  3. Diaper rash: how to recognize it?
  4. Prevent red buttocks
  5. Treat diaper rash
  6. Red buttocks: when to worry?

Your baby has red and irritated buttocks? It may be a sign of a diaper rash . Do not panic, with the right care you will get there. Explanations.

What is diaper rash?

Diaper rash in infants is dermatitis of the seat due to skin irritation . It can appear from the third week of life and it is between 6 and 12 months that it is most frequent.

Diaper rash occurs when your baby’s skin is irritated  by wet or dirty diapers . The baby’s skin is in fact particularly fragile at this point and the proximity of the natural orifices is a continuous source of irritation and infections.

What are the causes of diaper rash?

Diaper rash can be caused by several factors:

  • The heat, humidity and ammonia in the urine, the hyper acidity of the stools , the rubbing of the diaper can weaken the baby’s epidermis, irritate his buttocks and make them reddish;   
  • The  maceration within the layerspromotes the onset of erythema;
  • The  digestive disordersminor and transient, simple  diarrhea  acid (following a  teething ), a common virus, a  cold  (the swallowing phlegm that borrow the gut accelerating transit) may, among other things, cause such  rash on the buttocks .
  • Certain  toiletries, such as  talc , can also cause  skin sensitization . The wipes impregnated with lotion , the certain layer components (cellulose, rubber), laundry … can irritate  sensitive skin and cause an allergic reaction  ;
  • The lack or excess of local hygiene can accentuate and accelerate the diaper rash.

Diaper rash: how to recognize it?

Diaper rash usually appears on the convex areas of the seat that are in contact with the diapers. It often occurs when the infant acquires the sitting position by increasing friction with the diaper.

It can draw like a “W” which covers the inside of the thighs, buttocks and pubis. Another localization: the erythema can be located in the folds of the groin and on the genitals, drawing a “Y” . When the stools are acidic, in case of diarrhea or taking antibiotics, the erythema appears around the anus and spreads quickly.

Diaper rash  manifests as dry or oozing redness , with or without small pimples (papules). It can progress to raw, painful skin accompanied by cracks or ulcers.

Please note: when there are small flanged lesions on the periphery of the erythema associated with inflammation of the anus, it is probably a yeast infection (i.e. a condition caused by parasitic fungi) and all the more willingly that thrush (a disease of the oral mucosa due to yeast) has appeared.

Prevent red buttocks

To prevent diaper rash, your child should always have their buttocks dry.

  • Change your diapers as often as possibleand never wait for them to cry before doing this.
  • At each change, clean her buttocks welland especially  dry them carefully .
  • The application of a creammay prevent erythema and pain that accompany it.

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Treat diaper rash

If it is not treated, the diaper rash, which draws a Y or a W, can extend to the waist, at the upper limit of the layer, of which it sometimes even matches the shape.

The treatment consists in avoiding the maceration by changing the diapers again as often as possible or better, if the weather permits, leaving the baby’s buttocks in the air …

At each change, the buttocks should be washed with an antiseptic soap and dried in a hair dryer on low heat then colored with a solution of aqueous eosin or potassium permanganate and finally covered with a healing antiseptic ointment .

Thanks to this hygienic care, diaper rash generally heals in a few days.

Red buttocks: when to worry?

Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if the rash is severe or worsens when you treat it. But also if the rash forms blisters or boils, pus or a discharge .

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