Diablo 3: with a trick you can get rid of annoying delays in season 23

In Diablo 3 Season 23, some players with patch 2.7.0 have short lags that occur frequently. You could get rid of these idiots with a trick.

What kind of problems is it? In Diablo 3, the new patch 2.7.0 plays an important role. That hit the server just a few days ago and prompted a major peer review. But in addition to the positive changes, problems also came into play.

Micro-jerks, which freeze the image for about a second, annoy players in the new season 23. With a sound setting you can probably fix this kind of lag.

Sound settings to fix lags in Diablo 3

Here’s what the players explain: Since the patch has been on live servers, players have complained of noticeable stuttering. These are often reported in relation to the “Sorceress” class. The Sorceress is on the tier list for Season 23 in Diablo 3 with two builds at tier S. The class is equally popular right now and that’s why the issues become apparent.

Players report that

  • conjuring up the mirror images of the sorceress that triggered the delay
  • vortexes of energy emanating from the etched seal mark (via diablo3.com) lag behind the trigger

In rare cases, other classes and abilities are said to be affected by this problem.

This might help you: If you are also affected by this issue and have noticed these lags since patch 2.7.0, then a sound setting can help. The issue was discussed on the official Diablo 3 forum and user 雜草 (via forums.blizzard.com) submitted a solution there. He writes:

“If you have set your sound source / channels to 128, lower it to 16. And then increase it again. 32 works for me right now. It offers more acoustic feedback than 16 and so far doesn’t stutter. ”

You can find the settings here

Use this option: Start a game in Diablo 3 and then use the Escape key to access the options. Now switch to the “Sound” tab on the left.

In this window you can see the “Hardware” area on the right side. The first option is to configure the sound channels.

Here you can find the sound option mentioned in Diablo 3

If you change the settings, the sound quality changes automatically. There is an audible difference with compressed audio feedback. Players who listen to music or watch series / broadcasts on the side should hardly notice this.

And does that work? On the Diablo forum, this approach was rated as a working solution. Players write that this attitude helped them against lags. Some report that the delays are still noticeable, but not that strong.

Reddit players also thank you for this solution (via reddit.com) and report that it helped them a lot.

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So if you’ve been struggling with such shake issues since the 2.7.0 patch release, you may be able to counter it with these sound settings. As a workaround until the Blizzard team publishes a fix, the new season may be more playable for you.


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