Diablo 2 Resurrected Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of all Diablo 2 story levels: all five acts, boss fights, tips, strategy and tactics

Below is a walkthrough of the four acts of the Diablo 2 Resurrected base game and the fifth act added as part of the Lord of Destruction DLC.

Act 1

Lair of evil

Chat with Akara to learn about the monsters living in the nearby cave. If not dealt with, they can destroy the camp. Leave the camp and find yourself in the Blood Swamp location. Finish off all opponents located nearby and look for a passage inside the cave. Go inside and finish off every enemy. As soon as there are less than five enemies left, the target will refresh, and you will see the number of enemies remaining. Often, one enemy is hiding in some corner and you have to run around the whole cave to find him. Once you kill everyone, head back to Akara.

Reward : 1 skill point.

Cemetery of sisters

Chat with Keshia, who will issue a new mission dedicated to the elimination of the Blood Raven. Travel through the Blood Swamp to the Cold Plains. There is a teleport near the entrance to this location, which should be activated immediately. Kill all enemies in this area. Leave the Cold Plains. At the same time, the location has two exit points and one cave. First, exit the location through the cave entrance and kill all opponents. Here you can thoroughly level up. On the second floor of these caves, you can find a gorgeous gift – a golden chest. After the showdown in the cave, move towards the Burial Grounds. Kill the zombies and skeletons to find the archer, who is just called the Blood Raven. Finish off your target, you don’t even need to be distracted by zombies and skeletons. Visit the mausoleum and crypt if you wish, to clear small areas and slightly pump the character. In both locations, you will find a gold chest. When you’re ready, return to Keshiya for your reward.

Reward : A new assistant will appear, but you will be able to recruit new ones, so it is best to choose a more experienced one who can use ice arrows. In the event that you have already hired a mercenary, the reward will not be credited.

Search for Cain

Chat with Akara, who will tell the story of the ruined city of Tristram. The woman will ask to save a certain Deckard Kain. Leave the Cold Plains through another exit point to reach a location called “Rocky Field”. Just after entering, look for a small pile of stones, which you can’t do anything about yet. Next, you need to get to the Underground Passage cave. From there you should go through the point “Dark Forest” to get to the second level. If you want to go directly to the storyline, stomp into the Dark Forest. If you want to pump, then go to the second level of the cave and find a golden chest. Then there will be nothing to do, so head to the Dark Forest. Look for the Inifus Tree there. Click on it to drop the “Scroll of Inifus”. Pick up the item and run back to Akara to complete part of the quest.

Return back to the Rocky Field and find the very stones mentioned earlier. click on the stones in the correct order, according to the entries on the scroll. This will open the portal leading to Tristram. Go there and look for Deckard Kine, who is locked up in a cage. Free the man, kill the resurrected blacksmith Griswold – a rather dangerous enemy. Search the area, examine Wirth’s corpse to get a man’s leg and money. Return back to Akara’s camp, chat with her and Deckard Kine, who will help identify the items. For free!

Reward : Deckard Kayn will perform free object recognition for you. You will also receive a ring from Akara.

Abandoned tower

Explore the Rocky Field, you should have found a stone stand with a book called The Moldy Tome. Study this book for detailed information on the Dark Decanter. This character is in the ruins of a certain tower, which is located at the location of the Black Swamp. You can get there through the Dark Forest. The Countess herself is on the fifth level of the same tower. After destroying it, you can search the chest filled with gold.

Reward : gold and other resources that are in the chest.


Return to the Bandit Camp and chat with Charsi. The woman asks to find her hammer called “Horadric Malus”, missing in the barracks of the Monastery. From the Black Swamp, head towards Tamoe Highlands. There is practically nothing on the location itself, but through it you will reach the gate of the Monastery. Kill all the enemies on the outer perimeter of the monastery, and then move inside the barracks. Look for the counter there that contains the Horadric Malus. Be careful as the item is guarded by a blacksmith. Then return back to Charsi.

Reward : you can improve a simple item by making it unique. Do not rush to spend, but best of all save it for a later date, when you come across something of better quality.

Sisters in the slaughter

Finally, Deckard Kain will tell you about Andariel, the Maiden of Torment. To find this character, you will have to cover a long distance through the dungeon. You need to go from the Monastery barracks to the dungeon and get to the Dungeon. This location has three levels. Go through everything and find yourself inside the walls of the Monastery. Finally, from there you can reach the Cathedral, where a serious battle with elite monsters awaits you. Go through three levels of the catacombs and follow to the fourth to fight Andariel, who will be helped by ordinary opponents.

How to defeat Andariel ? During the battle, Andariel uses poison-nova. Also, the boss has a powerful poisonous attack that can destroy a large supply of health points at once, so ideally you need to stand as far from the enemy as possible. An archer will definitely help you in battle. Just in case, take with you potions that remove poisoning, so you can save on health potions. Before the battle, open the teleport at the beginning of the location or on the third floor of the catacombs, since you will probably lose the first couple of times, and due to this you can significantly reduce the distance to the boss.

Reward : The path to the second act is unlocked.

Act 2

Radament’s Lair

Chat with Atma to get the next assignment. She wants to avenge her lost family, but she also worries about the safety of local residents. That is why he asks the main character to deal with a monster called Radamant. Talk to Graze to hire a new assistant who will be much stronger than those with whom you met earlier. Yes, and there is nothing special to do with a bow. Now go down the drain. The first entrance to the location is located near Graze, and the second can be found from the side of the pier. Select the second one and follow there. Unlike previous zombies, these will emit poisonous gas after death. On the third level of the sewers, you will find Radament, who is assisted by ordinary enemies. Radament himself now and then resurrects his comrades-in-arms. Kill the enemy and pick up the mastery book. After reading it, you will get one skill points. Inside the gold chest is a Horadric scroll that should be shown to Deckard Kain. Do not forget to run to Atma to complete the task.

How to defeat Radament ? You will encounter a huge mummy capable of attacking you with long claws in close combat, spitting poison and lifting dead skeletons. And the enemy is also very mobile. Finish off each skeleton, then focus on Radam. Or you can ignore the skeletons and immediately attack Radament, but in this case, you can be significantly hindered. However, after Radament’s death, all normal skeletons will be automatically destroyed.

Reward : constant discounts on products from different sellers.

Staff of the Horadric

This is going to be a lengthy assignment, but you will definitely love it. Give the Horadric Scroll to Deckard Kain to decipher. As a result, you will learn that you have to go in search of the Horadric cube. Leave the city through the main gate to get to the Rocky Wasteland location. On the way there, you can search the Stone Tomb. From the Rocky Wasteland, move to the Dry Hills location, where the Hall of the Dead dungeon is located. Go there and get to the third level to find a chest with a Horadric Cube. Return back to Kain Deckard, who will tell you what to do next.

And then you must find the staff of the Kings. To do this, leave the Dry Hills and travel to the Distant Oasis. Find a dungeon called Lair of Worms. By the way, this is a good place to level up, besides there are quite a lot of loot chests. Go to the third level of the dungeon and kill the Maggot Mother. This is the biggest enemy in the game. Inside the golden chest near the Queen lies the staff of the Kings.

Visit Kain again, who will say that you need to find the Serpent amulet, which is installed on the top of the staff of the Kings. Leave the Distant Oasis to reach the Lost City. After a few seconds, he will be shrouded in darkness, and the third task will automatically begin. However, let’s wrap up the current one. Search the ruins and kill all enemies in order to thoroughly pump the hero. There are even more opponents in the dungeon under the city. Get to the Valley of Serpents and go to the Temple of the Clawed Vipers location. Get to the second level and find the altar. Destroy it to collect the Serpent amulet. Return back to Kain Deckard, who will say that you must combine the staff with the amulet. You can do nothing and keep a good amulet for yourself, or combine the items and get an equally beautiful staff. You will not be able to complete the task now,

Reward : the ability to get to the boss of the second act.

Stained Sun

When you get to the Lost City and darkness envelops it, the current task will begin. Travel to Drognan and smash the altar of the sun located in the Temple of the Clawed Vipers. This can be done in parallel with the completion of the last part of the “Horadrim Staff” quest. The sun will rise over the city again and illuminate its streets. Complete the mission by talking to Drognan.

Reward : The sun will shine again.

Secret Sanctuary

Go to the character named Jerin. Chat with him and find out that monsters torture the girls in his harem. Go to the palace. The road is simple and safe. Go to the harem, go through a couple of levels and get to the Basement of the Palace. Follow inland and in the central part of the third tier you will find a teleport. Enter it to enter the Secret Sanctuary. From here you can go in four different directions. In three you will find loot chests, and in another you will find the ultimate goal. You can stay and pump. Once you reach Horazon’s journal, you will complete the mission and start a new mission.

Reward : None.

The keeper

Horazon’s journal will be guarded by a powerful caste spellcaster. On the other hand, he doesn’t have that many health points. The enemy will attack powerfully, but from a distance. Examine Horazon’s journal to activate the Tomb of Tal Rush quest and receive the sign of the desired tomb. Mission accomplished.

Reward : None.

Tal Rush’s grave

After that, the teleportation leading to the Mage’s Canyon will become available. Follow there and note that there is a great place to level up here. If you don’t want to linger, search the graves and find the one you need. There are signs on the posts, and you need to find one specific one. Kill all the enemies and find the hole where you need to install the Horadric Staff. Once you do this, the second mission will be completely completed (Staff of the Horadric). An unknown force will fly out of the staff, which in one moment will destroy the wall. You will need to finish off the lord of pain Duriel. He is well defended and uses freeze attacks. Relying on thawing potions is not an option, as the freeze will appear after each turn. Great tactic – you heal yourself while your comrade kills the boss. This is the case

How to defeat Duriel ? This enemy has powerful melee attacks. He is able to repel heroes, freezes everything that is around him, using the powerful aura of cold, which the Paladin also has. Also, you cannot leave this room until you kill the boss. And there is not much room here. Before the battle, it is advisable to stock up on a large amount of health and defrost potions. Bring your mercenary and summoned creatures with you. If using ranged attacks, shoot the demon while it is distracted by your summoned creatures. The mercenary will be killed after two or three hits, the creatures of the call are able to withstand one or two of the force. In close combat, fighting a demon is very difficult, which is associated with freezing.

After the victory, you will find an opened passage. Follow through it to face the archangel Tyrael. This will open the teleporter, which will allow you to go to Lut Golain. Chat with different characters. Jerin will tell you that Meshif will help you get to the temple city of Kurast. Geglash will agree that you are a more worthy warrior than himself.

Reward : admission to the third act.

Act 3

Jade figurine

Leave the city to meet the Dark Wanderer, who will instantly disappear. Follow through the location until you find a group of opponents. Their leader will drop a Jade Figurine, which will start the current quest. Move to the docks, show this figure to Deckard Kain and he will tell the story of Meshif. Follow the character collecting jade figurines. In exchange for that same figurine, you will receive the Golden Bird. Return to Kain to tell him about Alcor. Go there and talk to the character to get a potion that will permanently increase the total HP supply.

Reward : healing potion, which will permanently give 20 additional HP.

Blade of the Old Religion

To get the task, you need to meet with Hratly in Flayer’s Jungle. Moving around this location, look for a pedestal with a dagger called Gidbinn. Try to pick up the item, as a result of which an enemy group will appear, and the pedestal will catch fire. Kill every foe to get the Gidbinn Blade. Follow along with him to Ormus at the docks of Kurast, talk to Ashera and receive a companion as a reward (if you have no other). Re-chat with Ormus to get the ring.

Reward : a unique ring and a new partner. If you have a mercenary, then nothing will change.

Halim’s Will

This quest is similar to the second quest from the previous act, where you collected a few items to obtain the Horadric Staff. This time, you need to look for human organs, called the relics of Halim – the eye, brain, heart and flail. Halim’s Eye can be found in the Spider Cave, which is located in the Spider Forest. Do not confuse this location with the Lair of the Arachnids! Travel through the Great Swamp to the Flayer’s Jungle and look for the Flayer’s Dungeon. Search this location and get Halim’s Brain. Go outside, follow through Nizhniy Kurast and find a market. Go down the drain, where you can get through the Upper Kurast. Examine the huge first floor, but the second tier will be much smaller. Find the gold chest on the second level and take out the heart of Halim. Finally, it remains to find Halim’s flail. Go to Travinkal, where you can get through the Dam location. Fight with ordinary warriors and magicians. The Supreme Council is located in the temple in the central part of Travinkala. These dangerous foes use hydras in battle. In general, this area is excellent for pumping, and good loot drops out of the members of the High Council. Pick up Halim’s flail, combine everything into one item and get Halim’s Will. The quest will be completed. Take Halim’s Will in your hands and destroy the sphere inside the temple.

Reward : None.

Lama Esen’s book

Talk to Alcor to receive the quest. He asks to find the book Lama Esen, written by the author of the same name. There is a book inside the temple, but which one? In each location, at the Kurast bazaar, Upper Kurast and the Dam, there are two temples. We’ll have to search everyone. Once you find the book, take it to Alcor.

Reward : 5 points of characteristics.

Blackened Temple

The next task is to kill the Zakarum High Council. Take Halim’s Will in your hands and break the sphere located inside the temple in Travinkal. This will show you where to go next.

Reward : Pass to Mephisto.


You will find yourself in the Dungeons of Hate. When you overcome two levels, you will face Mephisto, Diablo’s older brother. This is the Lord of Hate. A boss fight will begin. At the same level, you will encounter the High Council and lichs more than once. In the old version of the game, you could hide behind a wall while your partner kills Mephisto. After the victory, inspect all the chests and go through the red teleporter to find yourself in hell and start the fourth act.

How to defeat Mephisto ? Mephisto is the weakest of the brothers of hell, but a lot will depend on your particular build. He uses powerful poisoning and lightning spells in battle. In close combat, it can inflict significant damage. However, even compared to the battle from the second act, you will find yourself in a spacious location where there is a lot of room for maneuvers. In battle, Mephisto uses the spells of lightning, poison star, charged bolt, ice nova, blizzard and bone homing spirit. Not as scary as it sounds. It is enough to stock up on good resistance to elemental damage. He is also vulnerable to all types of spells. Gains 33%, 50% and 75% resistance to any damage on normal, nightmare and hellish difficulty levels, respectively.

Reward : Pass to the fourth act.

Act 4

Fallen Angel

From Tyrael, you will learn about the fallen angel Izual. You need to free his soul. Travel to the Plains of Despair, which can be reached through the Outer Barrens. Look for the demon with Izual in his body. Kill an enemy to reveal the spirit of Izual. During the war between heaven and hell, Izual was considered one of Tyrael’s best generals, but due to a violation of the order and defeat, he became a fallen angel that neither side needed. Return to Tyrael for your reward.

How to defeat Izual ? Quite a weak enemy. However, he has a colossal amount of health, and will withstand a lot of hits. Probably because of the thick demonic shell. He weakly and slowly attacks in melee (by the way, it freezes), and of the spells he has only frost-nova. The result is a meager opponent. It is worth mentioning that at all difficulty levels Izual has 75% resistance to cold, and only 30% to fire, lightning and poison.

Reward : 2 skill points.

Forge of Hell

You need to destroy the Soul Stone to get rid of Mephisto forever. Go to the forge of hell and destroy it. The quest can be taken from Deckard Kine. Travel through the Plains of Despair to the City of the Damned, from where you descend to the River of Flame. Here is the Forge of Hell, which is guarded by Gefasto the Armourer. You will have to kill him, since it is this enemy who has a hammer that allows you to break the Soul Stone. Finish off Gefasto and pick up the weapon. Place it on the anvil and destroy the Soul Stone.

How to defeat Gefasto ? The boss has an aura of suppression, a spectral strike that is resistant to magic. This is a very agile opponent. In the first versions of the game, he was strong, used a curse and literally destroyed any character with one blow. Then Gefasto was changed, so the fight became much easier. He has negative poison resistance on normal and nightmarish difficulties, so use this affect.

Reward : gems, runes and other resources.

The end of the horror

From the River of Flame, move to the Sanctuary of Chaos, where Diablo himself is located. On the way there, you will meet Gadriel, who is guarding the monster’s abode on the orders of Tariel. To get inside, you have to open five seals. They are all hidden in the corridors of the fortress. However, the location is relatively small, although the monsters you meet will offer serious resistance. When you open several seals, even more enemies will appear. The quest can be taken from Tariel himself. Diablo is in the center of the fortress and will appear after you finish off all other opponents. In the original game, you had to finish off the boss in one minute. In the remaster you will have an unlimited amount of time, especially since the game will not end there. The fifth act is waiting for you, connected with the plot addition of the game. Return to Tyrael’s Keep and go through the teleporter he will open for you.

How to defeat Diablo? Similar to the fight with Duriel from the second act, bring a mercenary and several summoning creatures with you. The latter will be used as human shields. Diablo is dangerous in melee, so it’s best to focus on ranged. The situation is aggravated by the high-level block. If the likelihood of defeat is high, do not shy away from running into the city. Do not leave the area through the teleporter, otherwise the boss will use a special spell. It is perhaps easiest for the Amazon to kill Diablo from a safe distance. The necromancer will be able to endlessly summon skeletons with golems and use the “Bone Spirit” skill. The Assassin can set traps and lure the demon into them. A paladin can slow an enemy with holy cold. Barbarian can use “Berserker” or “Dance of Death”, but good pumping is required. Besides, this character can throw spears and axes at the enemy. The druid must use the spell “Armageddon” and so on, as well as summon forest creatures. The sorceress may well use the Meteor, although the Frozen Ball is the ideal solution.

Reward : access to the fifth act. If you do not have an add-on, then the game will end there. You destroyed Diablo.

Act 5

Siege of Harrogate

Chat with the blacksmith Larzuk, who needs help. He wants to find a way to deal with the siege of the city, and for this you are asked to finish off General Baal Shenk the Overseer. The general is located at the first location outside the besieged city. This is a huge territory, and the enemy is at the very end, not far from the camp with tents. He is surrounded by a rather impressive retinue, and the enemy himself is from the “very strong” category. Return to Larzuk after the victory.

How to defeat Shenk the Taskmaster ? The boss, as it happens, will not be alone, but with a pack of ghouls, which you need to deal with first, and then take on Shenk. By itself, the “puppy” is not scary and not particularly strong. On normal and nightmares, he has zero resistance indicators, and in hell he has the greatest resistance to cold than to other elements. Always strong.

Reward : Larzuk will make one of your items a socket (the number of holes is random, and depends on the item).

Salvation on Mount Arreat

The next quest will be given by Kual-Kek, who asks to save the prisoners of the barbarians. Move to the location of the Cold Highlands and find three cells, each of which contains 5 prisoners. Approach the cells, after which the prisoners will hide through the teleport. After freeing everyone, return to Kual-Kek.

Reward : you will be able to hire barbarians, and you will also receive three runes.

Ice dungeon

Malakh asks you to find the daughter of one of the lost leaders. The last time Ani argued with Nihlathak. Travel to the Crystal Passage and go to the Frozen River. You will find Anya who is exhausted and frozen. She needs a potion that can be obtained from Malach. Go back, take the potion and take it to Ana, who will move back to the city. Anya will become a valuable alchemist. You will be able to trade with the girl and she will appear instead of Nihlatak.

Reward : a valuable scroll that will increase each resistance by 10 points. Permanently.

Harrogate’s Betrayal

Anya will issue the next task, in which she asks to destroy the plans of Nihlatak, who made a deal with Baal. Anya will open a teleporter leading to the Temple of Nihlathak, where you will be ambushed. Skeletons lying on the floor will rise. Move through several corridors until you find a traitor (in the third), surrounded by a powerful retinue. The corpses will explode. Finish Nihlatak and return to Ana. Unfortunately, Baal already has the relic.

Reward : you can make a personalized item. Select an item and the name of the main character will be added to its name.

Rite of transformation

Kual-Kek will tell you that you need to pass a test on Mount Arreat. This is what you need to do. Follow the Path of the Ancients and reach the Arreata Plateau. Study the instructions on the altar and then defeat the three Ancients. If you escape to the city in the heat of battle, you will have to start all over again. After the victory, you will open access to the interior of Mount Arreat.

Reward : experience points.

Eve of destruction

The last quest of the add-on is given out by Kual-Kek. Walk through three levels of the Stone of Peace. Locations are pretty simple and not confusing. Eventually, you will reach the Throne of Destruction. Go to Baal, and then win five battles. In the first battle you will face the Fallen from the first act, in the second – the spears of Radament and skeletons, in the third – the Zakarum of the High Council from the third act, in the fourth – the winged demons from the fourth act, and in the fifth – the monsters that resemble dinosaurs (you even did not see).

Follow Baal through the teleporter to begin the final battle. After defeating the monster, go through the teleport to a safe place to end the game.

How to defeat Baal ? Baal is a very powerful magician with terrible spells. He knows how to: demolish with a powerful ice wave, which pushes back very far and freezes; knows how to summon its tentacles, although they do not pose a particular danger; sometimes casts a burning nova – cold nova on almost the entire map: the demon can inflict a strong cold blow in close combat; burns mana (50%); creates a powerful clone / illusion – deals half damage, impossible to distinguish by eye. Baal has a colossal amount of health, sometimes you have to beat him for a long time. Try not to retreat from it, defending yourself with powerful counterattacks.

Reward : you destroyed three brothers, completely completed the game, and now you can repeat, but on a higher level of difficulty.


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