Dhuniwale Dadaji: How did this great saint name Dhuni Dadaji, read where is his tomb?

Dhuniwale Dadaji (Dadaji Dhuniwale) is counted among the great saints of India. Grandpa Dhuniwale has the same place among his devotees as Sai Baba of Shirdi. His mausoleum is in Khandwa city.

Dadaji (Swami Kesavanandji Maharaj) was a very saint and used to roam constantly. Everyday Dadaji used to sit in meditation before the holy fire (Dhuni), so people started remembering him in the name of Dadaji Dhuniwale.

Grandfather Dhuniwale is worshiped as an incarnation of Shiva and it is said that his visit to the court also fulfills the unspoken prayers.


Grandfather’s account of life is not authentically available, but there are many stories that praise his glory. Grandfather’s court is built at his tomb.

Dadaji has innumerable devotees in the country and abroad. Twenty-seven dhams exist in India and abroad in the name of grandfather. Fumigation has been burning continuously at these places since the time of grandfather. In 1930, on the day of Margashirsha month (Margashirsha Sudi 13), Dadaji took samadhi in Khandwa city. It is 3 km from the Samadhi railway station.


Bhanwarlal, a member of a rich family, came to meet Dadaji in Didwana village, Rajasthan. After the meeting, Bhanwarlal dedicated himself at the feet of Dhuniwale Dadaji. Bhanwarlal was of a calm temperament and engaged in grandfather’s service. Dadaji accepted him as his disciple and named him Hariharananda.


Devotees called Hariharanandaji as Chhota Dadaji. Hariharanandji was considered his successor after the tomb of Dadaji Dhuniwale. Hariharanandji attained Mahanirvan in 1942 after an illness. The tomb of the younger grandfather was established near the tomb of the elder grandfather.

How to reach:


Rail route- Khandwa is a major station of Central and Western Railway by rail route to reach here and trains are available to reach here from every part of India.


Airport- The nearest airport from here is Devi Ahilya Airport, Indore at a distance of 140 km.


By Road – Along with 135 km from Indore, Bhopal 175 km, you can reach Khandwa by rail and road.


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