Destiny 2 Achievements

List of all Destiny 2 achievements (achievements, trophies)

  • Traveler’s Chosen

Collect all Trophies in Destiny 2

  • Long and Winding Road

Reach level 20

  • Zavala’s Lieutenant

Obtain all Titan Subclasses

  • Cayde’s Pathfinder

Get all subclasses of hunters

  • Ikora’s Protege

Get all Warlock subclasses

  • Show Me What You Got

Complete Shaxx’s Call to Arms

  • In hot pursuit / In A Flash

Complete the quests of one hotspot

  • The People’s Hero

Finish an open heroic event.

  • Heart of Darkness

Complete Nightfall

  • The Life Exotic

Collect 15 Exotic Weapons or Armor Items

  • Challenge Accepted

Complete 30 challenges.

  • Belly Of The Beast

Complete the Leviathan raid.

  • The Prestige

Complete the Leviathan or Nightfall Raid on Prestige Difficulty

  • Lest Ye Be Judged

Find a Messenger from another world

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