Dental Care Tips for yellowing of teeth, follow these easy steps

Does your teeth also have a yellowing problem, which causes a loss of confidence while talking to someone? If yes, it is necessary to get rid of this problem. We have brought you an effective recipe to get rid of yellowing of teeth. Let’s know –


You must have heard about apple vinegar. Although it has many amazing benefits, but at the moment let’s talk about how it can remove the yellowing of your teeth .


* Apple vinegar is capable of internal cleansing of your teeth with depth and softness.

* This maintains the pH similarity even when you are acidic, and the teeth appear much cleaner, white and shiny than before.

* Not only this, it also helps in keeping your gums healthy.


* You don’t have to do much to brighten your teeth with this vinegar. Just take half a teaspoon of apple vinegar in about a cup of water and brush it on the teeth with the help of your toothbrush until your teeth are completely clean. With the removal of tooth stains, it will gradually shine on your teeth.


But before using it, you have to take special care of some things. Know which are those things

While using 1 apple vinegar, stir the bottle well, use only then.


2 It can be harmful to use without mixing in water, because it is a natural acid.


3 Avoid excessive use of it, as well as do not use it more than once a day. Otherwise it can damage the surface of your teeth.


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