Demon’s Souls Remake Old Monk Boss Guide

In this guide, we will tell you exactly how to defeat Demon’s Souls Remake Old Monk Boss and reap the valuable rewards you get by killing him.

Demon’s Souls Remake Old Monk Boss

In Demon’s Souls, there are many different bosses that you will have to face as you travel through different Arcies and Palaces.

One of the bosses is the old monk, who is at Maneater Archstone 3-3. Bosses are special fights that take place in their arena.

Bosses have large health bars and various different moves, and defeating them will reveal an Archstone.

In this guide we will explain how to defeat the old boss monk in Demon’s Souls Remake.

How to Defeat Using Melee
There are various types of strategies that can be used using melee weapons. One of the strategies is to use melee weapons with a shield.

At the start of the fight, if you are not called by the Old Monk, you will be attacked by a Black Ghost instead.

The old boss Monk has Claw weapons, which can only be used in the immediate vicinity.

The Black Phantom is also equipped with the Gloom Armor set and will use quick attacks to damage you.

If you use ranged weapons or spam your melee weapon, it will start rolling towards you.

To counter these moves, use your shield to lure him close, block his attack, and then attack him while he is recovering from his attack.

When you damage it, it will start using the Homing Soul arrows, starting with 2 and going up to 5 as it gets weaker.

Make sure you dodge these arrows to avoid taking severe damage. If you don’t stick it long enough, it will start healing using healing herbs.

Try throwing attacks when not using Homing arrows and then keep using lure and switch techniques to finish him off.

Another melee strategy is using Knockdown. In this strategy, equip a large two-handed weapon like Dragon Bone Smasher or Meat Cleaver.

In this strategy, start hitting him as soon as you enter the arena. The two-handed weapon will knock it back every time you hit them.

Keep hitting him until he’s out of health. His searching soul arrows will also be dodged as he will be away from you whenever you push him back.

This strategy is great and also easy to execute.

The final melee strategy is to equip light armor, which doesn’t give you a movement speed penalty, and the Cleaver.

In this strategy, roll towards the boss and use the cleaver to knock him to the ground.

Keep pulling yourself out of his attacks and hitting him when he’s vulnerable. When he uses the oriented arrows, roll away and then hit him until he’s done.

How to Defeat Using Magic
There are also several strategies if you want to defeat the old boss monk using Magic. The first is to use the Homing Soul Arrows against the Ghost.

To accomplish this, equip a shield and use it to constantly flank and avoid taking a lot of damage from the monk’s soul arrows.

Then shoot the soul searching arrow at him. He will try to play the role and escape, but when the spell is triggered, he will take 5 hits of damage.

The next strategy is to use Poison Cloud. Equip the Graverobber ring and the Dragon Bone Smasher.

When you enter the arena, hit the boss using the Dragon Bone Smasher to fly him back. Then run to one end of the room to make him lose sight.

Once he loses you, walk close to him and lock onto the target towards him. Then use the Poison Cloud spell on him to defeat him.

The next strategy uses the Firestorm spell. Firestorm is a very powerful spell, but the main drawback is that if you take damage while casting it, the spell will be canceled.

As the old monk keeps running towards you with his claws, you will need to urge him to attack him first and then dodge him and then cast the spell.

This way, you can deal a high amount of damage to it when it is vulnerable to taking damage.

Same melee strategy when using his soul searching arrows, move away from the attack zone and then continue casting the Firestorm spell until he’s dead.

The latest magical strategy is the Blue Phantom spell. You can spawn a Blue Phantom before the boss fight.

During the fight, the Old Monk boss will focus his attention on the player, leaving him vulnerable to the Blue Phantom’s high-damage attacks.

The Blue Phantom will easily deplete the boss’s health, so you can finish it yourself.


Once the leader of the old monk is defeated, he will drop “Soul of the Yellow Demon”. An “Old Monk’s Trophy” trophy is also unlocked after successfully defeating.


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