Definitive guide The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Tips and Tricks

Our guide to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will take you through the entire Gearlt journey from Rivia. The white wolf, Blaviken’s butcher, Gwynnbleidd, returns north. Something is waiting … or rather something was waiting for his return. Will he be able to face his last great adventure and get out of it alive? Find out with our guide, valid for Xbox One, PS4, PC and, soon, Nintendo Switch .


  1. Main story
  2. Decisions of The Witcher 2: Assassin of kings
  3. Endings and epilogue
  4. Side missions
  5. Warlock Contracts
  6. Warlock’s Team
  7. Romance and sex
  8. Hearts of stone and Blood & Wine DLCs
  9. Tricks and commands
  10. Others: minimum requirements, Gwynt, Alchemy …

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Main story

Years ago, Ciri, the adoptive daughter of Geral and Yennefer, left. Where … there are many theories and possibilities. However, the reality is that it is back. And he has brought something with him, chasing her. The Wild Hunt led by Eredin, the King of the Alders, has come to our world.

In this section we will give you guidelines to complete all the main missions and we will warn you of key decisions that you will have to make and that will affect subsequent events. We’ll also give you notices when appropriate about the best times to complete side quests :


  • Prologue:in White Garden we will have to complete the missions Lilacs and Currants , The Beast of White Garden and The Incident of White Garden .
  • Act I :Ciri’s trail leads Geralt to Novigrad, Oxenfurt, Velen and the No Man’s Land.
  • Act II :Geralt returns to the Crow’s Nest with a guest who might have the answers we are looking for.
  • Act III :The battle for the survival of all kingdoms is about to begin.

The Witcher 2: Assassin of kings decisions

Several of the events in the game, and even whether some NPCs appear or not , depend on the decisions you made in The Witcher 3: Assassin of Kings . It doesn’t matter if you didn’t play the game for whatever reasons: The Witcher 3 allows, through a series of questions and answers, to carry out a simulation to make those decisions . These decisions are made after the incident Huerto White and before the Act I .

The destiny of these characters depends on your answers, which you may or may not meet and, logically, they will have an effect on the availability or not of certain secondary missions . Clearly, if the NPC related to a mission is dead, you won’t be able to do that mission:

  • Aryan LaValette(depending on your decision, slightly modify conversations).
  • Roche / Iorveth(depending on your decision, slightly modify conversations).
  • Shealla de Tancarville(if you decide that she died, you will not be able to see certain sequences).
  • Letho(if you decide that he died, you will not be able to do some secondaries or watch certain sequences).

Endings and epilogue

After three games, it is time for the final outcome. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has three types of endings .

  • Playable Epilogues :There are up to three different epilogues, which serve as the final mission before reaching the postgame.
  • End of the game :depending on the decisions we make at certain key moments, there will be geopolitical changes in the region that will have their consequences.
  • Specialendings : some mission chains have special endings in which a short sequence shows us the fate of their protagonists.

Side quests

Of course, as a good RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has tons of side quests to complete. It is very important to understand that side missions are divided into three blocks . We have “normal” side quests, Warlock Contracts, and Treasure Hunts .

Many missions require certain requirements to be met in order to complete a point in the story, complete missions sooner, etc. In those cases we will duly indicate it to you.

  • White Garden Side Quests :There are a small handful of side quests to do during the prologue.
  • Novigrad Side Quests :The largest city in the Northern Kingdoms holds around forty additional assignments for us.
  • Velen Side Quests :South of No Man’s Land we have nearly thirty missions to complete.
  • Secondary missions Skellige Islands :thirty additional missions await us when we have access to the archipelago governed pro Crach an Craite.
  • Kaer Morhen Side Quests :There aren’t exactly side quests in this region, but we have something to explain to you about it.

Warlock Contracts

In the game we have to clearly differentiate the secondary from the Warlock Contracts . The contracts Brujo are professional Geralt accepts orders for special monsters to kill . These are special confrontations, which have requirements that we will indicate in each section .

The Warlock Contracts are one of the main sources of income for the game until you make good progress. The process of each Contract is simple: you find out that there is an order, you talk to the client, you negotiate the price, you kill the monster and collect the reward .

Please note that if you know where to look, it is possible to kill the monster in question without speaking to the client. However, if you do so, you will lose some plot details and the possibility of negotiating the price.

  • The Devil of the well :we show you how to eliminate the spirit that has settled in Huerto Blanco.
  • The beast of the forest –find out what is attacking Radovid’s carriages.
  • The Missing Patrol :Hunt down a flying beast.
  • Squeaky Monster :Learn how to kill the Gallotriz that annoys our client.
  • The Merry Widow :Another ghostly apparition ravages the fields.
  • Jenny of the woods :another vengeful spirit we teach you how to destroy.
  • The swamp thing :when you have the necessary objects, we can tell you where the Boiras are.
  • An Elusive Thief :Geralt meets the past in Novigrad.
  • The Beekeeper Ghost :A Wild Hunt dog is bothering dwarves.
  • Deadly Pleasures :Find the creature that is killing lustful men.
  • The White Lady :Another ghost has settled in the fields of the Kingdom.
  • Mysterious footprints :we discovered the way to locate the Chort and attract it in order to kill it.
  • The mystery of the Paths murders :Finding a superior vampire is risky, but less so if you know what to do.
  • Doors slamming doors :The knocks from a newly inherited mansion reveal the presence of something very powerful in the basement.
  • The lord of the forest :nature has its own rules, laws and gods.
  • The ghost of the trade route :there is something that flies, has teeth like daggers and is killing merchants. We tell you how to solve the problem.
  • The Oxenfurt Drunk :Drunks are under attack by a vampire … and Geralt will take this threat very seriously.
  • In the heart of the forest :a Skellige village has different ideas on how to solve a problem with a Leshen.
  • A strange beast :a nekker attacks merchants in the swamp.
  • Here comes the groom :mermaids are more terrible than you think. We will explain how to find and eliminate them.
  • Eldberg’s ghost :a lighthouse keeper is being harassed by a spirit.
  • Muire d’yaeblen :On the lake shore there are some Submerged, but we will teach you to locate the one who really controls them.
  • Dragon :on the Holopole pastures … sorry. Find out how to kill the Skellige Dragon.
  • Missing Son :A villager from the islands has lost his son … we’ll show you how to complete his assignment.

Warlock Team

To get the best weapons and armor, you will have to complete some special Treasure Hunts . These are missions that, for the most part, will only be activated upon fulfilling certain requirements and will allow us to access the sets of the Schools of the Griffin, Cat, Bear, Wolf, Viper and Manticore.

Keep in mind that it will take a long time to gather the materials and level necessary to get all the pieces of equipment , but it is worth getting these pieces:

  • Viper School :A special set of swords and unique armor.
  • Griffin School :This set is designed for those who prioritize the power of Signals.
  • Bear School :the equipment for those seeking the best protection.
  • Wolf School :A special Warlock set designed specifically for Vesemir’s apprentices.
  • Manticore School :a special combination of pieces to improve our alchemical skills.

Romance and sex

Geralt has a reputation for being a conqueror and that is reflected in this adventure. In addition to … certain dabbling with professionals of the guild, we have at our disposal some romances that can end with an erotic result. We are talking about the possibilities of linking with:

  • Keira Metz :The sorceress who lives in Velen can yield to Geralt’s charms. Or something like that…
  • Triss Merigold :one of Geralt’s former allies and lovers.
  • Yennefer de Vengerberg :Geralt’s authentic and fireproof love.
  • Jutta :a warrior from the Skellige Islands with particular tastes.
  • Sasha :a woman with a rather complicated past that we will meet on an advanced mission.
  • Trio with Yennefer and Triss : itis possible to try … something special with the enchantresses.

Hearts of stone and Blood & Wine DLCs

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has two gigantic paid expansions called Hearts of stone and Blood & Wine . It is quite possible that you already have them, since the game has several reissues that include both expansions:

Hearts of stone

Everything you need to know about the Hearts of stone DLC :

  • How to start the Hearts of stone DLC :There is not much you should know about it, but better explain it.
  • Story :all Olgierd story missions, possible rewards, how to complete them …
  • Side missions :There are a small handful of side missions that we can complete in the first expansion.
  • All Hearts of stone endings –We have more than one end for this expansion … each with their own scenes, rewards, and consequences.

Blood & Wine

Blood & Wine is the second and gigantic expansion ofThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . This DLC offers much more content than the first and does not recycle scenes:

  • How to start the DLC :we show you how to get to Toussaint.
  • History :Discover the problems that afflict Armiño and his county.
  • Secondary missions :new orders between the vineyards.
  • Romance and sex with Syanna :there is a new possibility to become intimate with a female character.
  • Warlock Contracts :There are 5 additional monsters to hunt in this expansion.

Tricks and Commands

PC gamers have at their disposal many tricks of a lifetime. These cheats allow things like activating God Mode, getting any piece of equipment, etc. So that you have no problems we want to explain everything related to the tricks of the game:

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  • How to use the command console :from here all the tricks are introduced.
  • Player commands :God mode, level up, alter the weather, play as Ciri …
  • Map Commands –Commands to teleport or discover all points of interest on the map.
  • Gwynt Commands :Tricks to get all the cards in the board game.
  • Inventory Commands :Allows you to get any item into inventory.
  • Commands to make NPCs and enemies appear :here we don’t need to explain anything.

Others: minimum requirements, Gwynt, Alchemy …

  • Huerto Blanco :a small survival guide for those who want some basic tips to get started and then go it alone.
  • Minimum requirements :the minimum you need to make your PC game decent.
  • Gwynt :how the card game works, what are the improvements, how to improve your deck …
  • Alchemy :all the potions, materials and ingredients that can make fighting easier for you.
  • Bestiary :If you have a problem with a creature, maybe we can help you.
  • Achievements and Trophies :what you need to know to get Platinum or 1,000 G.


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